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We need a real motivation for the game in the ciro, something more than just a map change.

Soul Shriven
Playing in the cyrro is a long time getting more boring.
Farm ap is a very interesting goal at first, but with time they are accumulating more and more, there is no sense to farm anymore, but what remains?
Gather a small group of people and try to split a part of the zerg that would be at least some sort of fan of pvp.
The last time that it was really interesting to play was the time during the 4 Year Anniversary Event, when we waited for people on quests and did not let them do it, it was really fun, it made sense.
Even BG very quickly turn into a routine with stuffed points for the rank.
We need more motivation and fun in pvp ^_^.
  • AhPook_Is_Here
    Yes, but one day you will become a grand overlord respected by all.
    -Unknown American
  • LarsS
    Balancing the campaigns would help.
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  • idk
    ziliboOba wrote: »
    We need more motivation and fun in pvp ^_^.

    The biggest part of motivation in MMOs is enjoying playing with the group you run with.
  • VaranisArano
    It would be a lot more exciting if there were more players and the less lag & persistent performance issues...

    Nothing "new" is going to help in the long term until the lag and performance gets fixed,
    Edited by VaranisArano on September 30, 2018 6:10PM
  • Biro123
    Yep, it's getting old. Something new is needed, imho.
    Minalan owes me a beer.

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