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A magicka version of forward momentum

  • rfennell_ESO
    Sheuib wrote: »
    If you want to put magicka and stamina on equal footing for movement they need to have a magicka version of forward momentum. I suggest changing the psijic order spell accelerate morph, channeled acceleration, to an instant cast spell that gives the same morph bonus of forward momentum. This would put magicka at least close to stamina when it comes to pvp mobility.

    Where is the heavy armor forward momentum moving at super speed orc equivalent of Major Teleportation to nearest keep?

    They have to ride instead of getting an instant teleport to their keep or outpost of choosing.
  • Sheuib
    Ok I get people want to have diversity in their builds. But, like the when sorcs could endlessly streak out of danger and medium armor builds could endlessly roll dodge out of danger. The 100% speed cap with forward momentum can endlessly sprint out of danger.

    Now I would hate to see an increasing cost to sprint the longer you use it because that would just end up being more of a detriment to magicka builds just like the roll dodge increase did. And, I really don't want to see a change to forward momentum either. So, that just leaves either making it so other builds can keep up or everyone runs a 100% speed cap with forward momentum.
  • Illuvatarr
    High mobility is unique to stamina players. No.

    Yes, and what a way to show your ass dude. Do you have any official statement from ZOS corroborating this nonsense?

    You dont get to farm light armor players with impunity much longer. Learn to adapt or play a mag toon in pvp. Watch yourself die over and over again and literally be able to do nothing to the stam player (with constant cc immunity) spamming dawnbreaker/steel tornado/sub assault over and over again and instakilling you before you can react. You cant escape them. You cant mitigate their damage and you have no way to keep them off you.

    Trust me its bs and it isnt fun.

    You may find that fun. I don't and I know for a fact other magicka players don't either.

  • kaithuzar
    Magic players use forward momentum too. I use it in pvp on live pc na magblade.

    There is basically no difference between 2h & dual wield, so might as well use it & benefit
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