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i just bought the morrowind dlc but i cant access the warden class

Soul Shriven
i have the morrowind dlc but i dont have the warden class, is this a bug or does the warden class does not come with the morrowind dlc
  • Solariken
    Warden no longer comes with Morrowind, they are separate purchases in the Crown store.
  • VaranisArano
    ZOS split the Morrowind chapter into 3 parts. Battlegrounds became base game. Warden class became a separate upgrade purchasable for crowns. The Vvardenfell zone became the Morrowind DLC, purchasable for crowns or through ESO+.

    If you want the Warden, you only need to buy the Upgrade.
  • Broc
    Good to know, wish I'd realised it *before* I got the DLC, I would have bought the class before the zone... That will teach me to read the fine print in future; forgot that the purchasing process was like the death of a thousand cuts.

    Edit- Scrub that, you need to get the zone to get the class anyway. Guess it's another way of pimping ESO+
    Edited by Broc on September 20, 2018 2:44PM
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