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Resources are impossible to take

I am a PVE player. I just want the stupid gladiator helmet (you're free to think what you want about me), so I try to do the supposedly easy daily quest to capture 9 resources.
I have no idea what's wrong, but the NPCs at the resources pretty much instakill me no matter what character I try to do it with. My decently geared mag warden dies within two seconds or so - sometimes I don't even make it inside the tower. My sturdiest char, stamplar, has no chance to survive the NPCs at the flag. Even a single mender nukes me to quarter health in one or two hits.
What's going on? Aren't people supposed to solo this? Or at least be able to?
What's worse, NOONE, and I mean NOONE gives a rat's ass about these. Apparently the changes in the last update were useless, and resources still don't mean anything.
I've been trying to complete this quest for three days, and I am at 5/9 resources. I tried asking in zone chat, and I never got a single response.
What's going on? How am I supposed to do this?
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PC - EU player
  • umagon
    Mount up and use raids into the tower take out the mage in the tower first; los the flag guards by backing up a bit while fighting the mage. Then take out the two guards that follow you fighting them on the 2nd floor. While still in the tower on the 2nd floor use the scatter shot catapult to nuke the guards on the flag.
  • Talcyndl
    Siege makes it a lot easier.

    Try and find resources that aren't level 5 (click on resource on map to see).

    Also make sure you are on CP enable campaign. Non-CP NPCs are much tougher.
    Tal'gro Bol
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  • Elsterchen
    Sounds like you are on the wrong campaign... or on the right campaign at the wrong time. Try a more populated campaign and join a group, if you can't solo atm. Maybe try with a guest account first, changing home campaign is pretty expensive for beginners.

    Generally I still would advice anyone new to PVP to go check the campaigns WITH CP, first. Simply because you always play with CP and probably build your char with CP in mind. So its the easier transition from PVE to PVP (i.e. you only have to take care to get your defence/selfheal right, and not worry much about what else (regeneration, reduced cost, buffed damage of specific type) may get lost when playing non-CP). Yet, please note you can't just start PVP with your PVE gear and build, this will most likely fail. While more experienced player do it all the time (me included) its just to much for a beginner, so get PVP gear, more specifically Cyrodiil PVP gear (bc battlegrounds are different, too). Its ok to trade damage for survivablity in Cyro-PVP... after all there is no pocket healer keeping you alive when soloing. Yet, refrain from stacking health... its the least favourable attribute as its only purpose is to be taken, mag and stam both provide access to heals, defence and damage and are more favourable.

    Lately guards in PVP got buffed. For normal guards I feel this buff is neglegtable... but be aware of honor guards at ressources that rarely change ownership, they hit pretty hard. For practice on how to takkle guards, you may use town guards. Usually you will be able to take them one by one (if you stay away from flags) and can play with skills and strategies on each type of guard. For my stamplar (medium armor, DD) I prefer to take out sorcs first, healers next and then go to the warrior type of guards. I usually use structures (towers) to get breaks for healing and buffing up before I return to fighting for the flag. (My general attempt will be to sneak near the tower and enter it as soon as I get detected. I usually pull 2 guards with me, a healer or sorc and a melee type guard, both I kill inside the tower. Next its the sorc upstairs (just hate him ;) ). When done I turn towards the 4 guards on flag... mostly using aoe type damage to burn healers/sorcs down fast. If I have been lucky and a honour guard is present, I will have to return to the tower for buffing up again, for normal guards its not needed).

    Its not that difficult, but I do remember preparing and training soloing ressources myself. Its some time ago, but I maged to kill guards (single ones) with vet 2 and soloing ressources (without honour guards) at vet 5... so I really would advice to have something between CP160 - CP300 before trying to solo them. (I might be wrong and other classes, builds can do this earlier, but yeah, I think going to solo ressources before CP160 is quite nuts/insane but if succeeding surely awesome. :D

    Hope this helps.
  • Sparr0w
    Slot a self heal? Tends to do the trick.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Joy_Division
    Class Representative
    You need to do this 20 times.

    Just buy it. If you are on PC NA, I just collected a helmet and was going to put in a guild store. If you're interested let me know.

    If you want to complete the quest yourself, as other people have said, go into the tower first and kill the mage guard and any that follow you. Then take out the ones on the flag.
  • Reverb
    No, people aren't really supposed to solo resources. We do it all the time, but that's not what Zeni intended. To take a group objective solo, you need to be smart about it.

    Make sure you have enough damage mitigation and self heals. You will need spell and physical mitigation, since resource guards do both types of damage.

    As said above, start in the tower. Take out the mage guard and whoever followed you in. Stay out of range of the flag guards. Then look out to see if there are wandering guards nearby to pull into the tower to kill. Then take the flag guards last with aoe.
    Armitas wrote: »
    This game is so broken I don't even know how people distinguish CE from negligent development.
  • Elsterchen
    @Octopuss please refrain from naming and shaming. (I.e. hide the players name in that pic pls)

    While I do understand your disappointment beeing adressed like this, you did get pretty good and helpfull advice in the thread (even an invitation for trading your desired item). Leaving this pic as it is will get this thread closed and no-one else will profit from the answers.

    Adding to it I believe everyone has met jerks ingame. I met some in PVP as well as PVE and derailing this thread to a "where-can-you-find-more-jerks"-thread isn't quite what you had in mind when writing your opening post, right? ;)
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  • Enslaved
    In Cyrodiil everyone is an enemy
    Against Aldmeri Doorminion
  • aetherial_heavenn
    If you want to do the quests you are not alone.

    If you read zone chat you will sometimes see people calling out rss. If you go there, other soloers will be there too. Or a guild zerg. Just stand on the flag and block heal. Or form a pug for the quests. Lots of players do that. And swap rss so everyone gets nine. If you are in NA pc vivec on DC hit me up! Game tag is same.

    Otherwise the tips here are good. It takes practice. NPCs have been buffed. The guards can negate and chain these days. They are multi skilled.

  • GimpyPorcupine
    Corrupting Pollen will help a lot, because even with the healers down, the flag guards can pop back to full.

    But there are a couple of hard truths here. 1) As others have said, you need 20 of the gladiator things to get the helmet. 2) Capture 9 resources is only one of the quests, there's also Capture all 3 towns, capture 3 keeps, kill 40 enemy players. I don't really anticipate your being successful in any of those solo.

    Either buy the thing, or embrace the world of PVP. Not everyone is a d-bag in there, although you will run into a few. Just type "LFG" into zone chat, and when you get picked up, stay on crown. You may find you like it.
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  • Beardimus
    A PvE build is perfect for resources. You just need to refine your tactic. Charging tower is one, picking off the stragglers/healers is another.

    Are you in Sotha or where?
    What's your setup? Whats you current approach? Charge in to flag 4 pulling side ones and tower mage bombing you is not the one.
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  • danno8
    Mount your horse and sprint into the tower (assuming you have some stamina upgrades on the thing).

    Kill any followers.

    Kill the tower mage.

    Tag and kill any wandering guards by getting them to follow you into the tower.

    Finally, kill the 4 on the flag, starting with the menders.

    Use a vMSA-ready build if necessary.

    edit: also, if you get a black bubble around you, break free or you will kill yourself.
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  • GimpyPorcupine
    danno8 wrote: »
    also, if you get a black bubble around you, break free or you will kill yourself.
    Good advice. But birds, force shock, fetchers, deep fissure, and winter's revenge all ignore the eclipse, if you don't have stamina, but don't light attack with your staff, and only heavy attack with resto or shock.
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  • Enkil
    Meatbag catapults. Kill the immobile flag guards from far enough they can’t hit you back, then clean up the rest afterward.
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  • JackAshes
    Do it the easy way. Check your map for enemy keeps being sieged by your faction. Port to closest keep. Ride and Zerg surf until the keep is taken. The resources are usually zerged after the Keep has been taken. Follow the Zerg around to resources. Should be able to complete it in about an couple hours on a busy server.
  • J18696
    Yeah you might be geared wrong for pvp because you can solo them easily
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  • MaximillianDiE
    Honestly you just need to practice and perhaps a gear rethink. I can solo resources on all of my characters with relative ease, even though its a little trickier this patch - you as a warden shouldn't have too much trouble once you get the hang of it.
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  • IZZEFlameLash
    It's impossible to take when you are solo and 10 and more people come at you from the keep. If you still haven't downed the guards then maybe 4~6 players will do the trick.
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  • Theignson
    Its not hard to solo them if you follow the advice given here, but its tedious. Alternately, Go to the most populated campaign on your server (eg Vivec in PC NA), and get the addon Cyrhud (that tells you right away when resources or keeps are under attack) and/or watch your map for keep activity. When a keep is being taken, join your zerg and follow people to the resources. Often after a keep defense, the successful defenders will ride out and flip all the resources.

    Another thing to watch for is a keep where one or two resources flip. You port to that keep, and wait for other players to arrive and ride to the resource. Then you have a group doing it.
  • Feanor
    The easiest way to do it: Get a Meatbag Catapult for 1,200 AP at a siege vendor. Place it so you can shoot at the flag. The flag guards will melt after 3 or 4 shots. Then pack up the catapult and kill the remaining mage and the other leftovers, if any. Easy.
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  • DirkRavenclaw
    1) A PVE Build that is Top in PVE is nothing in PVP. You need a lot of Gear with the Impenetrable Trait.
    2) My Trick of taking a Resource solo is: You have to put a Scattershot down without beeing noticed and shoot 2 to 3 times at the pin, then rush in, especially the Mage on the Tower shoots you in 3 to 4 hits on a PVP Build, and i have 2.5k critresist, my physical and spellresictance is by 19k each
    3) Wear a minimum of 5 piece heavy Armour in PVP
    All this said, if the Enemy notices that you take the Ressource, he will swarm you. Also, thankfully since the first update this Year, they changed the difficulty of the Guards. It is a proper Challenge. PVP, even the PVE Components are pretty hardhitting now, it was far to easy before.The best is to find a decent PVP Guild and begin enjoying yourself.If you are AD, Im in DIG(Dominion Imperial Guard)Also, have a look at Alcast. His PVP Builds. And, my PVP Toon needed a Month to get the Gladiator Helmet. PVP is all about not getting frustated at dying and getting better in the process. Its not a script like PVE, you never know what another player tries to kill you.
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  • DirkRavenclaw
    Talcyndl wrote: »
    Siege makes it a lot easier.

    Try and find resources that aren't level 5 (click on resource on map to see).

    Also make sure you are on CP enable campaign. Non-CP NPCs are much tougher.

    Since the latest update, there are only 2 levels now, lvl1 and lvl2. They changed a lot in Cyro
    Council Member of AtWritsEnd, Member of LoneWolfeHelp, Donor of GhostSeaTradingCO., Factor of EastEmpireTradingCO.,HonourGuard of ´DominionImperialGuard(DIG/PVP)

    Master Crafter including Jewelry, i craft for Mats and Donation, always happy to help, if Im not in the Middle of PVP, i play since around 14 Months
  • Spartabunny08
    I have another method. I use a NB 5 med 1 light 1 heavy. Fortified brass, Night mothers embrace and bloodspawn. I have resistances at and over cap through CP and healing up in CP. I use dual bow 1 nirnhoned 1 defensive with health drain poisons. Next I just cloak up the stairs gank the mage guard, done. Next any that follow if they do end them. Next I single target the menders first, spam lethal arrow till dead. Next the other two. Your done. In between each one reset back to hidden for max damage on first hit. I have found this method easier than tanking a resource with 3 people. Hope you get your helmet.
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  • Talcyndl
    danno8 wrote: »
    edit: also, if you get a black bubble around you, break free or you will kill yourself.

    Pretty sure you can't break free from it anymore. You can time your block to mitigate the explosion at the end though.
    Tal'gro Bol
    PvP Vice Officer [Retired] and Huscarl of Vokundein
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