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Lots of bugs in trials since Wolfhunter.

So we all know vAS is locked. MoL also bug at Twins. When 3 people on each side have the circles under their feet that tell them to swap, those circles are supposed to be the same color, 3 people on light side will get 3 dark circles and 3 people on dark side get 3 light circles. But today it bugged. Light side get 2 light and 1 dark circle, so when they rotate, the 2 light blow up the other side they swap to, or blow up the 1 dark while they're rotating. It's possible to avoid if you just stay away from others when you have circle and take a few sec to think if you should stay or swap, but still this is a bug.
From what I heard people in guilds: HoF also bug. The giant spider won't drop its shield. VAA also bug: can't active HM. Battleground Chaos Ball, if the ball keeper die points still ticking for his team, and if he just stay in base after he died, it's auto win. But if he go out and die again, then the ball is lost.
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  • Stroggnonimus
    vHoF is bugged, you get only 2 buttons for 3rd boss.
    vAS closed
    vAA can't activate HM
    vMoL bugged as reported by OP
    vHRC right side mage boss bugging out too - keeps reseting when his clones spawn
    vCR seems to work but addons for it are broken

    So 5/7 trials are bugged, 1 semi fuctional. GG ZoS

    That leaves Sanctum. Is this a plan to force people run it, or did no one find bug in it yet, because no one does it ?
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  • code65536
    vMoL seems fine. We completed one vMoL HM and one vMoL non-HM last night and had zero issues on twins (or any other fight). We haven't heard of issues from other groups that completed vMoL this week either.
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