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Watched quakecon on twitch, but I think I'm hosed on the content giveaway

I saw the in game notification about watching on twitch to get a free mount and crates. I got on and watched it, not knowing how it all worked, though maybe you and twitch shared info or something. Come to find out you needed to link your accounts. Didn't know that was a thing and the message in game said NOTHING about that. Is there anyway to get the free content now or am I screwed out of it?
  • redspecter23
    I get that it's disappointing that you missed out, but they tell you about linking your accounts nearly every time they mention twitch drops.
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  • Aeslief
    If you watched the Twitch stream, even during the stream you would have seen a little box that said FAQ. This tells you everything you need to know about drops and how to get them.
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