Cannot access my account through the web browser

Soul Shriven
Good day
When I open and enter my details and click on sign in button nothing happen, same issue with forgot userid or forgot password button they just refresh the page. But If I use I can access my account easily.
please Help!!
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  • Taleof2Cities
    Have you tried a different browser other than your default browser?

    Is your browser up to date with the most current version (e.g. you're not using Netscape)?

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  • Quelina
    Soul Shriven
    I'm using google chrome and its updated, I tried edge and internet explorer
  • ZOS_BillE

    Are you getting any specific error message in any of the web browsers?

    The next thing you can check is any add-ons or third party programs that would affect web browsing. Try disabling these and see if you can access the account page. You should also check your anti-virus settings and make sure the correct exceptions are setup.
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  • Quelina
    Soul Shriven
    No specific error, The page just reload every time. I have checked various web browsers and setting, but still no change. even through my android I cannot access my account.
  • Quelina
    Soul Shriven
    I solved the problem, it appears my ISP was blocking the website for some reason.
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