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salty meat daily quest from murkmire prolog

there is no mammoth steak in mammoth loot. i've killed five of them (all in the quest zone) and only one of them drops red meat, and no that quest item.
  • Tasear
    Hmm...let me just pass this along.
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  • Mix
    The Eastern quest circle - near Riften - works for me. There is also sometime meat on the ground lol.

    The Western quest circle seems bugged :( I reported in-game. It would be faster to use the western mammoths after all!
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Thanks for the report, @Sercisil. We have this noted and will work on getting it fixed.
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  • CrazySonoran
    Still having issues with this quest. I've killed 12 mammoths and have had zero drops of the steaks. Yes, NONE!! I've seen one ground spawn in the western circle... heading to the Riften circle now see if its any better.
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