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Can Warden Tanks be just as effective as DK tanks in vet trials?

Seems like a lot of trials guilds are hesitant on running a warden tank, even for an off tank. I'm not experienced in running trials so I'm not gonna pretend I know what I'm talking about but I've tanked vet bloodroot forge on my warden tank and feel like that's a decent measure of ability. I frankly find warden tanking much more engaging and fun so it is kinda disheartening when I hear guildmates/leader say they wouldn't plan on bringing a warden tank into a vet trial.

Should I just switch over to my DK tank? Or can wardens be just as good and I may just need to "prove" myself?
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  • kadar
    People are always resistant to anything that is not meta. They don't have anything to measure you by-- right now you're the mystery guy who's a warden tank.

    If I were you I wouldn't switch. I'd do research, practice. If you clear the content and are successful it 100% doesn't matter what class you're playing on. The exception is score pushing the hardest content in the game in the top tier guilds in the game. This isn't a realistic thing to plan for (unless that's your goal) cause 99.9% of the population will never be in that situation.
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  • dtsharples
    Wardens make fantastic Off-Tanks.
    The buffs and defences they provide are pretty insane.
    And they can manage their resources as well as a DK in the right hands.
    A competent Warden can use the rune to pull a target to them, as successfully as a DK can chain.

  • Streega
    Here is your answer:
    TL;DR: Yes, Wardens can be excellent end-game tanks, as good as DKs.
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  • ReverseVenom
    Streega wrote: »
    Here is your answer:
    TL;DR: Yes, Wardens can be excellent end-game tanks, as good as DKs.

    Thanks I'll check it out
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