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I just solo'd Angarvunde in the Rift, and that boss was rough for an adventurer character with no real specialization. I'm pretty damn proud of that. Made me think of other moments I was proud of completing, like soloing Rkhardahrk in Craglorn (also rough as hell). I'm curious about what moments other people have as their proudest in ESO, either because of determination or skill.

Try to stay away from luck-based things, like finding a rare drop first try. And remember that these things are subjective. I have no doubt that for some of you, the two examples I gave would be nothing, but it was hard for me and it made me feel good, so be nice.
  • Tasear
    Class Representative
    First vDSA run two years ago as Sorc Healer...I didn't know what I know now and we barely got out of there alive. Also it's where meet one of my closest friends.

    My First veteran trial...oh god did I die. Though only improved from there.

    First Guildrun in vAA :D few people will ever see 9 axes and live tell tale. (Uoullsw is god tank)

    Things are far better now, but can never forget those impossible and tough times. They are my pride
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  • LadyLethalla
    Clearing two Wrothgar WBs solo... clearing VMA the first time. Clearing DS1 vet solo. And getting Empress, which was 4 days with 4 hours' sleep - and with that, the Platinum Platinum PS4 trophy.

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  • DeadlyPhoenix
    Finishing VMSA after 4-5hr on last boss and i had around 1 or 2 k health left when he died, man did i scream with excitement.

    This is why i love VMSA it really dose make you a better player when you finish it.

    Same exact thing happened to me my first vMA clear haha :smiley: only it was about a 6-8 hour period over two days :tongue:

    Another time was soloing my first vet dungeon. Vaults of Madness. Love that dungeon. Solo'd almost every non-DLC dungeon since then, but this one was the most exciting and fun for me personally.

    Then there was the time I duo'd Molag Bal in the sewers and got ran up on by 6 EP when he was about 10% life. We killed those 6 only to have a group of 7-8 DC run up on us. Thankfully a group of AD showed up and we dropped all the DC right before the boss died. That was one of the toughest, roughest, exhilarating and fun experiences I've had. (In ESO anyway, UO will probably always hold the title for the most fun in an MMO I've ever had.) Even though the most exciting parts happened in t the last minute and a half or so.
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  • Pink_Violinz
    Probably still my first vMoL complete. My guild back then did a progression group for weeks before finally getting a complete. So many nights just getting stuck on the first boss, thinking it was impossible that anyone could complete this cleanly. Twins was a nightmare for a beginner healer; trying to keep track of the other healer (since he wouldn't call it) and keep both groups alive was a Herculean task back then. Skipping Lunar was unheard of.

    Now, my guild is angry if a run takes more than 35 minutes. It's incredible comparing the two runs to each other.
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  • Guffel001
    For me definetly when i got flawless conquerer . Was dancing in Deshaan for like an hour ;)
  • FloppyTouch
    The first time I took down 3 players in pvp at the same time, was such a rush. It's when I started to think maybe I'm not as trash as I thought.

    Also playing a mdk when everyone gave up on them in pvp
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  • Zerowaffles
    When the Imperial City dlc came out I formed a group for vICP(hardmode). I was running a dps magicka templar build and during the final fight all 3 of my group members died to the boss at the same time from the one shot mechanic except me.
    The boss was almost at execute phase so I went all in and started soloing it by self healing and damaging it.
    I was nearly dead and out of recources but I managed to kill him with jesus beam!(I had epic music playing in the background so it made this moment even better for me)

    I've had a lot better in game achievements through out the years like flawless conqueror and skin achievements but this one in particular really stuck with me for some reason!
    Soloing vBanished Cells I
  • Chrysa1is
    I solo'd Vet Arx Corinium and got the Arx Corinium Assassin achievement for completing it in under 30mins.
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  • Nobeey126
    Getting my Quadruple Kill achievement and title in Battlegrounds. The Merciless.
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  • swippy
    Thannazzar wrote: »
    Having a chest thief trying to access a chest while I was fighting the mob guarding it, then luring a nearby world boss onto the thief's clanfear which agrod. I stealthed and watched him get massacred. Then looted the chest while he rezzed.

    He was apaplectic!

    that's pretty funny. i hope it was all over a training Trainer of Training, too; i think that'd put a fine point on the drama :)

    whoops i forgot to go. one thing that stands out was when i first pushed to level a character. i was mostly in Auridon, but i didn't see much of the dolmen-train that i hear about. i was playing mostly in off-hours and i was pushing to get some of the dolmen achievements.

    in the very same fight, i soloed my first no-death dolmen, killed the last General for the achievement, and hit level 50 for the first time. i made a noise out loud.
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  • lardvader
    First vMA clear felt awesome. Also got the no death in vCoA solo on the first try. Easy enough dungeon but hard to do no death in groups due to the number of people falling to death :)
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  • PhantomOcelot
    Finally clearing vMoL after countless attempts with many different groups. Sadly the skin doesn't look so great on any of my chars.
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  • Keldheir
    Probably soloing my first group dungeons. Sure, I didn't choose the hardest ones but I had no idea what I'm doing. I felt so good to be able to hang those trophies on my wall.

    Another moment would be when I healed my group in pvp on a bosmer nightblade healer and made sure we conquer that keep. We actually made it. We got destroyed right after but before that I felt mighty good.

    Nothing else comes to mind.
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  • Zodiac_
    First flawless run in vma pve wise

    Duo capping a keep in lowbie campaign (BwB) pvp wise
  • ResTandRespeC
    Oh man, there's so many of them! It's really that felling that keeps me coming back to the game. The beauty of this game is that there are different things to be "proud of" or get hyped about depending on type of content the person enjoys and current skill lvl which allows the game to cater to so many different types of people!

    Off the top of my head i can still remember the feeling of my first vMA clear and later my first flawless run. By the end i was probably shaking like i just drank a 12 pack of redbull! A few others were my first vet trial clear, my first vMoL clear and just recently my first vCR clear.

    There is something really satisfying to me about putting in a bunch of effort, with 11 other awesome people who are doing the same, and to finally have everything click in to place for all of us at the same time. I honestly think all the failing and wiping leading up to it just makes the end result even better!
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  • xxthir13enxx
    I got out of bed this morning...wasn’t easy...let me tell you....but I did it.....Finally!
  • ResTandRespeC
    Almost forgot one really awesome one! I was looking to get undaunted up on my new magdk a few weeks ago so I qued for normal ruins of mazz and ended up getting put into a vRoM run instead (might of messed up on my end or a glitch). Didn't even notice it was vet until the 2nd boss, when the tank says "no-death speed run". We ended up doing just that! No one had a mic and everyone worked together flawlessly. On a character I had not really worked much on no less! Ended up doing the hard mode right after to get my skin. ----The reason I like this one the most though is that its one of the experiences i've had that keeps me pugging even though things can go badly sometimes, as you really can find some wonderful people
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  • Radox0
    vMSA arena then flawless conqueror few runs later. Was such an epic feeling. Was at it for weeks with that last boss and so many death's and gold to repair, it all just worked. Its also amazing how after that fist run, subsequent runs became so much smoother that 8 runs later I got Flawless.

    One of those occasions when I look back and realise I did actually improve considerably (I like to think) as a player overall.
  • Jerkling
    Chrysa1is wrote: »
    I solo'd Vet Arx Corinium and got the Arx Corinium Assassin achievement for completing it in under 30mins.
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  • Zacuel
    It was master angler for me.
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