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Vet cloudrest +1

I’ve cleared vet cloudrest a few times now on xbox. Which boss is easier for +1 the ice boss, which keeps giving you the ice aoe/ damage for the rest of the trial, or the lightning boss, which I assume only gives you the swap bars overloaded mechanic for the rest of the trial?

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  • commdt
    We now farm +1 with electro boss. Despite occasional swaps/wipes it does nothing, so is definitely the easier
    Flame one is considered the hardest, but it doesnt require new tactics/mechanics. You just need some more HP for your DDs and stack, splitting on 2 groups on execute
    As for ice boss, it does require your party to be careful to drop blizzard outside of your stack and not to jump with it into the portal. It is not that hard, but can be tricky and require maximum attention from everyone

    Personaly I aim for fire and electro one for +2
  • code65536
    Ice is easier. The mechanic is simply not that threatening and is pretty easy to manage. Even ice brought downstairs through the portal is manageable. We've had that happen a few times by accident. Stay calm, don't panic, take turns with it downstairs, and you'll be just fine--the ice mechanic disappears after something like three drops, so it's not going to be there indefinitely.

    This is particularly true for console. The pre-warning before you the lightning curse hits you is not very clear. There's a subtle visual effect that's easy to miss. There's on-screen text that gets overriden if you get a synergy prompt (I really wish ZOS would give in-game cue text their own text area instead of forcing it to be shared with synergies and then giving synergies priority). So the in-game notifications exist, but are not nearly as reliable as the notification from Raid Notifier. Without RN, I'd say that lightning will be harder.

    Also, the lightning rider is a tank killer, since their attacks can stun and stagger tanks even through block. For example, if the lightning rider throws a cone in the MT's direction while the MT is trying to block a Z'Maja heavy, the cone will stagger the tank even if they're blocking, and that stagger causes their block to fall, which lets the Z'Maja heavy kill them. They can avoid the stagger by dodge-rolling the cone, but dodge-rolling when you have a Z'Maja heavy will kill you. You either hope the MT is able to get mist form up in time or is just at the edge of the cone and able to sidestep it.

    Another fun one is if the lightning rider does a heavy attack, releasing the balls of stunning goodness, which hits a nearby tank holding the monstrosity while the monstrosity is charging its heavy attack.

    +3 > +2 Fire/Lightning > +2 Fire/Ice > +2 Ice/Lightning > +1 Fire > +1 Lightning > +1 Ice > + 0
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  • Sparr0w
    Personally found the fire one easiest if your group is semi organised. Then it would be the ice one.
    @Sparr0w so I get the notification
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  • Mureel
    Thanks for this thread, will be watching!
    You know you don't have to be here right?
  • pteam
    Well after doing +1 with all three different bosses I’m not sure which is the easiest. They all have their pros and cons.
    The Flawless Conqueror
    Xbox NA - its pteam

    Completed vDSA - vHRC HM - vAA HM - vSO HM - vMoL - vHoF HM - vCR +1 - vMA Flawless 585k - vAS +2 HM
  • Drummerx04
    I feel like the ice mechanic is probably the easiest to manage. The person with the ice just stands a little bit to the side of the group and hits the synergy when it pops up.

    Lightning can mess up a tank, and fire can be difficult to stack if everyone is off killing targets... obvious answer is to stay mostly stacked for the entire fight, but still.
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