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Wizard Searching For A Guild!

Hey there, my name is Jack Of Shades. I'm currently looking for an active laid back trade/pve/social guild. Preferably merchant-style [With a guild shop], something that won't REQUIRE me to be constantly active as I am not ALWAYS on. Socializing is nice, but not necessary. The more I feel comfortable in a guild, the more I speak.

If there is a required due for the week to the guild bank, I'd happily pay. As long as it's not ABSURD. Mostly, I just wish to trade my goods and accumulate wealth on the game, at the same time also helping the Guild as well. (I sell large quantities of Raw/Materials for crafting or gear) I am a team player [crafter as well] and will help on occasion with a group dungeon/dolmen/public dungeon. I do not enjoy PVP so I won't be going near it really. If you have anything like this, send me a message in-game or on Xbox One: Jack Of Shades

My Main character is in the Daggerfall Covenant NA Megaserver, he is currently level 41 [Sorcerer] doing Skyshard hunting and attempting to reach level 50 before doing the main quests [Not my first toon, or second... Or fifteenth]. I originally started in PS4, but have returned to Xbox and will be redoing everything I did on the previous console. I was a crafter before, and am still training to be one now. If you need anymore information feel free to ask!

-Jack Of Shades

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