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OrangeCoast Trading Co - NO DUES - Weekly guild trader

Greetings fellow ESO lovers! OrangeCoast Trading Co is a social/trading guild looking to expand our ranks. Players of all level, skill & experience are welcome! We maintain a weekly guild trader with NO DUES!!!! We hold a bi-weekly lottery and Donation Saturday which fund the trader. We are Military Veteran friendly and have a number of active and former military members. We have a number of Master Crafters and working on a Guild Hall. We also have our own Discord.

We have a set schedule of daily events around 8PM ET in which all players are welcome to join
Skyshard Monday
Imperial Sewers Tuesday - Most of our members have characters in all 3 alliances, but we are currently running as Ebonheart Pact since it has the highest number of players in our guild.
World Boss Wednesday
Gear Grind Thursdays
Friday Night Trials - We are currently running trials on normal to build up member experience and gear. Once we get enough members geared up and hitting DPS requirements we will run Veteran trials as a guild. If you are already Vet Trial ready, we do have a squad that joins up with a sister guild on Fridays and Saturdays.
Donation Day Saturday - While we do not require dues, we do use Saturday as a donation day where any items / monetary amounts are accepted in the guild bank. All proceeds go directly toward securing the weekly guild trader.
Sunday Funday - We'll do whatever anyone wants to do.

If you would like more information or an invite please reply here or message us in game! Thank you for your time and we look forward to you joining our ranks! Officers are available at all times to assist in getting gear, grinding experience, giving advice, showing players how to make money, etc.
Guild Master GT: Drift Edition 2
Senior Officer GT: D Wag1122; LU THROWER 66; JimiBoy420
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  • West1389
    Do you have a trader?
  • luthrower66
    West1389 wrote: »
    Do you have a trader?

    We are currently in Bal Foyen, and are looking to move into better territory in the coming weeks. Hence the reason we're actively recruiting new members who are interested in trading.
  • West1389
    cool can you send me invite



  • luthrower66
    I sent an invite to you, it looks like your friend is already in 5 guilds so the invite wouldn't go through.
  • suliabryon
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a new player, still leveling, but I love the game and would love to join. GT: sulia bryon
  • Jack_Of_Shades
    I'm definitely interested in helping elevate your traders position in eso! This guild sounds pretty good, and military friendly which is nice. Sign me up!
    Gamertag: Jack Of Shades
  • luthrower66
    Invites sent to Sulia & Jack. Thanks for joining!
  • Whit3W0lf
    I would love to join let me GT:DaemonicAngl666
  • Bizzman710
    Soul Shriven
    LF a trading guild!

    GT: CalmRobin822676

  • Ninja_Echo
    GT: II Xcstasy II
  • rottingprimate
    Doctor Mogwai
  • PicklePants
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join

    GT: CptPicklePants8
  • sariagray
    Soul Shriven
    I’d like an invite, please! GT: Saria Gray
  • Dissolution_Reborn
    Invite plz.

    Dissolution II (Roman numeral 2)
  • IceColdBleach
    Soul Shriven
    Gt: Ice Cold Bleach
  • mikemacon
    GT: mikemacon
  • DevilishMercy
    Soul Shriven
    My gt is Devilish Mercy
  • luthrower66
    Invites sent! Thank you all for joining!
  • luthrower66
    mikemacon wrote: »
    GT: mikemacon

    It says you need to leave a guild first. If you're still interested let me know once you free up a spot.
  • Growlspirit
    I'm interested. GT: gsmith1247
  • Docmalone74
    Love to.

    GT: Docmalone74
  • luthrower66
    Invites have been sent! Welcome to OrangeCoast!
  • Therepoman87
    Invite please GT: Therepoman87
  • shawn191
    Soul Shriven
    invite please GT: CursedLizard577
  • luthrower66
    Invite please GT: Therepoman87

    We tried inviting, but are unable to locate that GT. Is there any spaces in it?
  • scottmillis
    Soul Shriven
    New to ESO (played the XBOX versions of ES). Looking for friendly, casual PvE group that doesn't mind dragging a newb around :)

    GT: Wizhockey

    Thanks in advance for inviting me!
  • Jabbs_Giggity
    Would like an invite
  • Fiveboro
    Would appreciate an invite

    GT: Washmyheights
  • luthrower66
    Invites have been sent. Thanks for joining!
  • Starcat731
    Soul Shriven
    Hey can I have an invite
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