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Mirkwood Forest || Community Guild || All Levels Welcome || PVX - NA - PC/MAC


Guild Name: Mirkwood Forest
Style: Community/Casual/Laidback/Social/PVE/PVP/PVX/Everything
Languages: English
Location: United States
Website: Click here to visit our website!
Discord: Click here to join our Discord!
Members: ~ 500 (last updated February 2021)
Leaders: @Zicarius; @Allythesons; @Frostmuffin; @Grasshopper2; @GrizzVonDoom
Recruitment: Actively recruiting all players wanting to join a great community where we value, support and have a great time with each other above anything!
Timezone: All
Level requirements: All levels welcome! Our members are always willing to assist and group up with others of any rank!
Server: NA -PC/Mac

Welcome to the Mirkwood Forest recruitment thread! Please read more about us below!

About Us:

~ Mirkwood Forest is a community guild full of great players who want nothing more than to have a great time, help one another and enjoy the game! Our members are patient and helpful, and we have a very friendly atmosphere. Check us out, we would love to meet you!

~ We started as close group of friends, but last year we decided to expand and invite others to join us. Our members are always available for chatting, dungeons, group activities, anything and everything.

~ Regardless of our members experience or inexperience our members are always willing to help with whatever our members need. On our discord you will always find someone willing to help you and encourage you!

~ We have weekly events and are always adding more! These include going pvp in Cyrodiil, hunting world bosses, Pledges, Trials, Dungeons, scavenger hunts, gold raffles and much more!

~ Our Officers even created a discord bot only for our Guild that make things very easy and provides our members with many features and benefits!

How to join:

~ Visit our website [link above], register and apply!

~ Join our Discord [[link above] and send us a message!

~ Post a reply here, including your ESO id (e.g. @username), tell us a bit about yourself and what you're looking for in a guild!

Member Information:

~ We currently have around 500 members (last updated February 2021)

~ Our members levels range from 3-810. Anyone and everyone is welcome and people are always willing to help out others!

~ We remove members inactive for over 3 months in order to ensure there is enough space for new people to join and to insure an active guild.

Guild Benefits:

~ We boast a few master crafters, and many of our member's homes have crafting stations. Our guild leader and others have homes with all the crafting stations, a transmute station, a merchant, a banker, and a fence. It's decked out and looks amazing! Join the guild and set their home as a quick key teleport!

~ Weekly events as well as groups that are always forming for PVE, PVP and PVX!

~ Helpful members who care about others regardless of experience or level and always willing to help!

~ Very active Discord where you will alway find someone to chat with or help you with. We value that we are very friendly and welcoming so if you are looking for community where you feel comfortable we are the guild for you!

~ Guild Store for inner guild trade and occasionally public trading!

~ Officers who put members above themselves in order to strive for the betterment of all Mirkwood Forest members.

More Information:

~ If you have any questions or want to know more, let us know!

Thank you for visiting the recruitment thread for Mirkwood Forest!
We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community!

Edited by Zicarius on February 23, 2021 2:57AM


Mirkwood Forest is a social guild that welcomes anyone regardless of level or experience! Find out more!

Mirkwood Forest's Recruitment Forum: Click here to visit our Recruitment Forum!
Mirkwood Forest's Website: Click here to visit our website!
Mirkwood Forest's Discord: Click here to join our Discord!
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