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Husband/Wife Duo seeking Active guild

Soul Shriven
My husband and I are seeking an active guild that likes grouping up, chatting sometimes, etc. We are EST time zone and we are normally on in the evenings/weekends due to RL.

GTs: sweetest85 and NerdDotCom
  • SJD_Phoenix
    Get the App BAND on your phone and look for the Minstrel Cramps. Probably the best social guild on the server with quite a few existing couples :)
  • mast023
    Soul Shriven
    Wolves of the shadow is recruiting, we are a new play and vet player friendly guild aimed at building a good community for all aspects of eso life. Recruitments are 18+ and at our members use the line app. If you guys are interested message on xbox gt:Mast 023 or on the line app at mast03
  • rlynnarch
    Soul Shriven
    Obsidian Guard sounds like a good fit for you both. We are a social laid back guild. We have nightly events, social trials once a week, and have a vet trial team looking for members as well. Most of us are on EST. We use Discord for our of game chat. I will send invites to you both. Hope you decide to join.

    GT: PreciousWife
  • Ammogirl1119
    I sent y’all invites just in case. We are a small but friendly guild with active players. My husband and I play and we have another husband and wife who are also members. Hope to see you around!
  • luthrower66
    If you're still looking for a guild OrangeCoast Trading Co would love to have you! Please check us out at the link below and let us know if you're interested.
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