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New Guild: The Lonely Adventurers; a place for comfort, empathy, and companionship.

  • CowNRB
    I would love to join if there is still room @king1Cow
  • ElegantlyDamaged
    Soul Shriven
    Any of you guys know if someone is still monitoring this? I haven't gotten an invite. :-/
  • Vinterskald
    @ElegantlyDamaged I think the officers do occasionally check the forums, but if all else fails and you still haven't gotten an invite, I'd recommend talking to @ShadowProject (one of the officers who also does most of the recruiting) ingame. :)
    Barra agea ry sou karan.


    Manerion - AD - Altmer Sorcerer Healer || Eldhraun Gwernydd - DC - Breton Vampire Nightblade DD
    Sirrush Zainsubani - EP - Ashlander Dunmer Dragonknight Tank || Zanrhuni-ko - AD - Khajiit Templar Healer
  • enoreg
    Soul Shriven
    add please @enoreg
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