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Battlegrounds Available to All...Great Idea on Paper, Bad Idea in Practice

  • Cryptical
    Thinking about it further, the attacked bot does NOT need to initiate the scan for the attacking player, they can do it individually.

    They are grouped. Track group health. When one member of the group takes damage, scan for enemies. This will mouse over any unstealthed player within rendering range. Immediately use a stun attack and pass enemy data to the rest of the bot group through a channel outside the game, so all rooms are fully updated. In the time it takes a player’s human brain to react and activate the break free, all bots have been able to calculate each enemy’s health remaining and resistance to damage and have been prioritized on a scale of deadliness. First target gets the concerted blast of the three standing bots as the player is beginning the attack after breaking free. Second player has that amount of time for their human brain and slow human reactions to either down a bot or escape the speedy actions of the machines when they have killed target one.

    Yes. It is entirely within the realm of technological possibility to make a group of bots that are no more than a series of triggered chain macros, and for that series of macros to react to threats a thousand times faster than a hunan could, and to concentrate those reactions in a more coordinated fashion than a human could manage. Perfect animation cancelling every time. Perfect timing with the global cool down. Snap to target.

    It’s not hard to imagine.
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  • TequilaFire
    Turelus wrote: »
    Turelus wrote: »
    I'm going to remain sceptical until I see some kind of screenshot or video.

    I can't imagine people could lose to bot train there are too many way to counter a dumb AI even as a bad player. Also as others have said once they bots get broken up or a single one is killed the train would be over.

    In multi-boxing multiple characters are controlled by a human with one controller/keyboard in real time not AI, they are not bots.
    While without a video there is no proof, why is so everyone so quick to discount the possibility just because it is ESO?
    Many a game has been plagued with multi-boxing.
    Because anyone caught doing it would get all four accounts banned in ESO. ZOS doesn't allow it where's other game have.

    No games allow it as far as I know, it depends on how good enforcement is and whether Game Masters observe it if they exist.
    Accounts are a dime a dozen and easy to set up again, and with multiboxing you level several at once.
    Farming bots are bannable as well but we still have the same bots farming the same locations on PS4.
    I have reported a group after which they disappeared for a day or so but are right back at it with a slight variation in name at the same location.
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    My Imgakin beta monkey got lost in a load screen.
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  • Aurielle
    raasdal wrote: »

    You LOST to that 4 man team, and then think they are bots?

    IF they did indeed walk exactly the same, as you explain, there is NO way, they would win. And in no way would they be able to get 0 deaths.

    I could cope with the idea of BOT going in there, just to rund around mindlessly and get killed, just to get the free AP or something. But come on? I honestly think you just ran into a premade group, wiping everybody. That is pretty much how BG's are 50% of the time. Eventually you learn the names of the worst/best groups, and can steer clear of them.

    So just to sum up; If the "bots" won the match with 0 deaths, i would give it 0,000001 % chance they are bots. UNLESS they were CE Engine boosted bots, who also became selfaware and conscious. In which case we are all f****

    There’s a difference between multiboxing and botting. With multiboxing, there is one player controlling multiple accounts using 3rd party software.


    Multiboxers are usually trash, but a multiboxer that knows what they’re doing could easily survive an entire BG with no deaths if up against randoms/uncoordinated groups.
  • SouthernSoldjer
    Lol is this really a post.
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