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[The Mistwalkers - EU | PC] New! PvX | SOCIAL | RAIDING | COMMUNITY

Hi everyone.

Let me start off by excusing myself in advance due to the fact I will probably end up writing a wall of text as I think I really need to carry over my point.

I'm Don. Long time ESO player, former elitist pr***, and a person who values the social aspect of MMO's above all else.

I'm the former founder and GM of the Daggerfall Sentinels which I've lead for quite some time until I saw that the day has too few hours in it for me to continue it properly.

After I've gotten my life sorted, organised and well prepared I'm looking to rekindle and re-create that same type of a community. Place where quality is valued over quantity. Where we are not just a zerg fest but a tight knit group of friends, a family rather.
We are <The Mistwalkers >, an EU/International based guild.
Currently we are recruiting everyone!

But what makes <The Mistwalkers >, so different from all the other guilds? Let us explain.

Who we are and who are we looking for?

We are a guild with a certain goal. That goal is to achieve a community. A community of friends where you not just come to play a game, but where you can have a chat and a laugh. We're like a warband: brothers by goal, rather than blood.

There are a lot of guilds which are mass-recruiting, going for the numbers but missing the social part of what makes MMO’s that much more fun. We will provide you with a close-knit community to let you experience the way we think an MMO should be.

As every guild thrives to assemble the best of the best members, so do we. We are not trying to form a group of a hundreds of players who just log on without greeting the other guild members. Those guilds don’t work in the way a community of friends would. The goal of the social aspects of MMO's is to bind certain people with similar goals, hobbies and things they like, into communities we call guilds.
We will do our utmost best to try to bring you that experience.

I personally have a long experience in MMO's and like-minded games and the management positions also. I have a specific vision of what I want to achieve, and I am looking for like minded people to help me achieve that goal.I am not trying to form a group of a hundreds of players who just log on without greeting the other guild members. The goal of the social aspects of MMO's is to bind certain people with similar goals, hobbies and things they like, into communities we call guilds. The entire point of our community is to have a place where you can log on, have a chat, play and relax from a hard day's work.

We take pride in our approach in trying to help every new and veteran member of the game. We are creating our own project of individual 1 v 1 advice sessions. As there is a huge influx of newcomers to the game and of course to the guild we take our time helping everyone think about what they want to do in the end-game and how to approach it. Be it crafting requests, build helps or parsing that next milestone on the dummy we are here for you. Our goal is to help each other be better, grow together and make friends together.

  • Trial runs ( They occur a number of times per week, ranging from normal to veteran )
  • Map runs ( Guild members vote on a map they would like to complete 100%. When the map is decided we all gather up, clear the map of skyshards, books, delves and everything while we enjoy a pint, a smoke and the banter between friends.)
  • PvP Runs ( BG's, Cyro,... )
  • Crafting days, Fashion events, raffles and whatever we think of!

What am I doing here just spamming off the wall and why am I not in-game spamming the zones around like a bozo? Because I believe in getting through to the right group of people, and I want to get in touch with anyone who is interested.

Our ranking system:
  • High Councillor - Leader
  • Council – High Officer, Event Organiser,
  • Elder - Low level Officer
  • Hero – Veteran member
  • Sentinel – Full Member
  • Initiate – Newcomer
As always, in the growing phase of the guild we will come to a lot of griefers, thieves and flamers. I'd like to limit that by putting up the 18+ age limit and the requirement of a short yet chatty interview with potential recruits. I really dislike when people just mass invite me to guilds without asking me for a basic question to determine if I am even a right fit for them.

Anyone who feels that they want to join such a community, such a guild as only a member or even better if they have aspirations to help shape it through the Managemement positions I would urge you to contact me so we can talk it through.

Where to find us?

If you want to read more about my vision you can check it out here. That is the original post of how I imagined I would steer the Sentinels.

Website :

Discord link to meet up :

Anyone who is remotely interested can join there to have a chat with me. Feel free to either contact me in-game ( @DonTywin ) or leave your names here and I will contact you.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day!
Edited by DonTywin on July 9, 2018 7:11AM
  • Nervani
    I can strongly recommend joining any guilds that @DonTywin is leading as I was part of the Daggerfall Sentinels when he lead it (and for awhile after)
    My main accounts guildspots are full but I would happily join with one of my alts :)
    Just need to check with which :P I msg you ingame later Don :kissing_heart:
  • DonTywin
    I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and applicants we have received.

    In the first three days there has been almost a 100 applicants through in-game and on the forums, but as we are filtering out the proper people we want to invite, only some have received invites.

    There is currently 60+ of us in the guild, and this growth has been amazing. I'm also amazed at the amount of camaraderie and companionship in the people that are just getting to know one another.

    Our Discord and chat is lively, and I can't wait what's in store in the future.

    Currently we have re-instated the Guild Events as of this week. Last week we have organised our first Guild Event ( Map run @ Alik'R Desert ) and around 94% of people who were online, joined the event. It was a huge success!

    Our Guild Events ( for now ) are looking like this :smile:

    - Map Run on Tuesday ( Evenings )
    - Two Guild Trials on Thursday ( Evenings )
    - Map Run on Sunday ( Afternoon )

    We are starting off with normal mode of Trials due to the number of newcomers to the end-game in our Guild. We have some amazingly experienced people who will be raid leading, so there should be no fear!

    For now we do not aim to grow above 100 members so we still have SOME spots avaliable. The goal of the guild is to remain a tight-knit group, a community, but still have enough members in-game to cover ALL of the game's content. Our goal is to have an active core of 20-30 people online at most given times, and we're really close to that number. We don't want to turn this into a no-chat zerg ghost guild, we want to remain a group of friends.

    All in all, we still have SOME spots open, come get it while it's hot!

    Also, friends of current members are always welcome, even if we are not recruiting at the time.

  • DonTywin
    Hello everyone :)

    Another quick update.

    We have ramped up our events to 4 per week where we do two Map runs and two days of Trials. Current aim is to do a day of harder progression and a day of easier but multiple trials.

    Currently we have cleared:
    - nSO
    - nAA
    - nHRC
    - nCR

    Next week we aim to do AS and CR runs before we delve into the MoL/HoF content :)

    Our map runs now have a voting system enabled, which means everyone can vote on the maps they want completed and then we clear the map that won by popular vote :hushed:

    We still have some spots open for people as we're still actively building our core membership.

    Come be a part of something, a part of a community!
    Edited by DonTywin on May 24, 2018 7:55AM
  • DonTywin
    Quickest update of them all!

    We have ramped up our events to have even more content!

    Currently we are doing:

    - Two days of map runs depending on the votes carried by guildies
    - Two Trial days of normal progression
    - One Trial day of veteran Trial progression

    Our current goal, concerning the progression side of the guild, is to help our guildies gear up, get advice for their builds and try to see how much we can progress in the Trials :) We have quite a lot of experienced people that help out everyone new in bringing them into the raiding scene.

    Furthermore we have vet dungeon days, crafting requests for Master Crafters, a VERY active Discord that's our main social hub and more!

    Still working on that PvP event however.

    Looking for a home? Got a sense of humor? Wanna jibber jabber ?

    Come and be a part of something more, be a part of the Mistwalker family :)
  • DonTywin
    Quick update!

    Due to us clearing quite a few map runs, and our guildies seem to be lacking interest in those events we are looking to turn more into organising PvP runs and retiring the map runs for now.

    Currently, we have delved into veteran trials and are looking forward to get into the even harder content as we go.

    Other than our main community focus and socialising we are looking to put an even more foothold into raiding ( clearning more veterans than we have ) and getting more PvP-ers.

    We are still recruiting, still looking for quality people.

    Come and form a home with us :)
  • NaughtyPanda
    Soul Shriven
    hi this sounds like the perfect guild for anyone, I am very interested in joining so please contact me in-game if you have available space ID - @guruxjosh
  • DonTywin
    Quick update!

    We are still recruiting!


    However, we have started to prune our recruitment a bit nowadays, as we are looking for more experienced people eager to progress in normal and veteran Trials and also PvP-ers to join our ranks.

    As we evolve we are trying to balance between being social and a progression PvP/E guild.

    We still welcome newcomers to the game and socials only, but we do put an emphasis on building our own raid and PvP teams even more!

    New events such as raffles, fashion shows and veteran Trials are a weekly thing now.

    Be a part of something bigger, be a part of the Mistwalker family.
  • DonTywin
    Another quick update emerges!

    We're still going quite strong :)

    Looking for players to fill our core raiding and pvp team, so there's a slot for all of you number chasing maniacs :D

    We still have spots for social of course!

    So come on down, be a part of the Mistwalker family.
  • AH93

    I would be interested in joining, initially more of the social aspect, I'm a returning players, started a new character (Templar) wanting to do some healing, since I've never done it before.
    Looking for a decent bunch to do some dungeons with, this sounds good!

    my game name is @AH93.


  • DonTywin
    Quick update!


    We have invited and welcomed AH93 in our family and we still have spots open for more !

    Currently we are running multiple veteran and normal trials per week, we still have map runs, fashion events, housing events and more!

    Aiming to buy the Psijic Villa when the Wolfhunter DLC drops to make a new awesome Guild House.

    We're still looking for raiders, pvp-ers and social to join our guild. We do a bit of everything, be it progression runs or chill relaxed ramblings on Discord. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

    Scared of the end-game? Wanna dip your toe into it?

    We welcome all new players and ones that want to get into the end-game with the appropriate guiding hand.

    We have a crafting requests channel, build advice channels, even events for Tank advice and much much more.

    We still have people that we'd love to welcome in our humble family, come be a part of something bigger, join the Walkers.
  • ally3169
    Soul Shriven
    I would be interested in joining, initially more of the social aspect, I'm a returning player looking do some raiding.

  • DonTywin
    No worries @ally3169 !

    You're free to join in any capacity you see fit, and we're always here for you to get you into some raids to wipe the rust off your raid mechanics :D

    I'll contact you in game with the name "zneff" what you've put there, you're also very welcome to join our Discord.
  • SirTitania
    Soul Shriven

    i'm interested in your guild. i'm a fairly new stamblade player, cp 230ish. i haven't done trials yet and honestly i'm still experimenting with skills and rotations. i'd also like to participate in some pvp. i've tried cyrodiil (Sotha Sil campaign, AD side), but not BGs. while i may not be a particularly skilled player and don't care too much about scores and such, i'm willing to learn.

    as for the social side - if accepted, i'll probably be more on the quiet side first, but be more engaged as i get comfortable and knowledgable about the game. currently i log on and play daily. while i do enjoy solo play, i would like to experience a more social side of the game and your guild caught my eye. oh, i'm 32 years old, so over the age limit (maybe a bit too over...)

    thank you and best regards
  • evilste
    Soul Shriven
    i am a new player too, i have been playing for 2 months. mostly solo and pug while trying to find the right guild for me, i.e. a guild where i can get better as a player (learning mechanichs, engaging the harder content of the game in a social and relaxed environment). Im definitely a 18+ player (like ++ :D). I'm currently CP 470 i think (can't check becuase of the mantainance) can play sorc and magicka nightblade.
    As the poster above me, i might be on the shy side of the spectrum at first but things will probably change fast if the fit is right.

    If you think i might be a good addition to the guild, or wan to talk about it, pls get in touch, @evilste

    Thank you
  • DonTywin
    Hi @SirTitania and @evilste :)

    We'd be delighted to have you both, and don't you worry about the shyness.

    Everyone is a bit shy until they get to know the others :)

    Also we'd be happy to help you out with whatever you need, as I've said we have crafting requests channels, advice zones, learning raids and much more.

    We'll be in touch!
    Sounds like a decent guild, I would like to join.

    Been playing since launch, experienced in pvp and pve and tired of the drama and politics in big guilds.

    I use discord too.
    Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then the wolves came. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a different universe.

    Been taking heads since TeS 3 Morrowind..

    Been enjoying PvP tears since 2014

    LvL 50 - Dragon Knight EP [PC-EU] = Illuvutar = Ex The Wabbajack = (Stam DK)
    LvL 50 - Night Blade DC [PC-EU] = Legendary Blades = Evil Ninja/Dueller = (StamBlade)
    LvL 50 - Sorcerer DC [PC-EU] = Daemon Lord = (Mag Sorc)
    LvL 50 - Dragon Knight DC [PC-EU] = Khal-Bladez = (Mag DK)
    LvL 50 - Dragon Knight DC [PC-EU] = Tenakha Khan = (Stam DK)
    LvL 50 - Templar DC [PC-EU]] = Blades The Disgruntled = (Stamplar)
    LvL 50 - Night Blade DC [PC-EU] = Ghost Blades = (Assassin)
    LvL 50 - Night Blade DC [PC-EU] = Malekith The Shadow = (Mag NB)
    LvL 50 - Warden DC [PC-EU] = Crimson Blades = (Stamden)

    Guild Master of The Bringers Of The Storm.

    Member Of The Old Guard
    PC Closed Betas 2013

    PC Mastah Race

    Anook Page

    Been playing since Beta and Early Access

  • Jena
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, would love to join, if you guys are still looking for people. I'm not new to the game but have been away for nearly two years, so some re-learning to do, as well as learning and having laughs and conversations whilst doing so would be great.
  • DonTywin
    Hey @Jena!

    We're still open for recruits :)

    Everyone above have been invites and we still have spots open, please Jena leave your gamertag here or join our Discord to meet up and get invites :D
  • Sockie82
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Don, do you still have places available? If so I would like to chat to you about my wife and myself, maybe joining you guys.
    I'm @Sockie82 in game, or hit me up here when you're available for a chat.
  • DonTywin
    Hey there @Sockie82 ! Im currently away on a holiday with my better half so Im not around for a chat sadly. Ill give your details to Officers so they can get in touch :) Also Discord is always active!
    Edited by DonTywin on August 11, 2018 8:44AM
  • Marslakoo
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Don,

    I'm thinking about joining your guild. I am very new to the game (started 2 months ago). I've been looking for a Guild for the last 2 weeks or so. You have a nice vision how a guild should work, I'm not 100% sure if this the right guild for me - I mean I'm up to a certain amount of socialization and would be fun to participate in social events or make new friends within the game but I usually just mind mine own business (partly because I'm still very new and have tons of PVE contents ahead of me.) And I am more of a casual gamer - family, job and training are taking up a lot of my time. Anyway if you'd like we can have a chat if I'm a good candidate to your guild. :smile: ID - @Marslakoo
  • DonTywin
    Hey there @Marslakoo !
    People most tend to be a bit more reserved until they get to meet the rest of the crowd :smiley: But you can be a part of it as much as you want to. Some people only join our end game events when we do vet or norm runs and dont socialize as much as some others so Id say we have all kinds of players here.
    Our goal is to have a proper community as we feel the game has its limit in the content to be has, so the guild should enhance that content and provide an extension of the fun to be had.

    If you wish to give us a try you can join in on the Discord for a chit chat. As I am on holiday I gave your info to the Officers :)

    Hope to see you around!
  • Marslakoo
    Soul Shriven
    Hi @DonTywin,

    Thanks. :) Sorry I went on a holiday since then, and haven't had the opportunity to chat on Discord, well okay, I was rather playing the game when I had a little free time before the holiday. :# I hoped for a bit more internet access here, so this thing have to wait a bit until I'm back at home.
  • Taataru
    Soul Shriven
    Hello! I play ESO since 2017, but not on a regular basis because I always end up playing in solo. That's why I'm searching for a good guild and this one looks like a good fit :)
    I love doing quests and roleplaying, since I'm very passionate with The Elder Scrolls' lore, and I'm willing to learn every other aspect of the game, like crafting, dungeon crawling, etc.
    I have just started a new character: it's an altmer called Anarnil Tyrell (an altmer) and my name id is @Taataru .
    If you're still open for recruits, I would love to join the Mistwalkers!
  • DonTywin
    Hey @Taataru !

    We still have spots open as we are always almost looking for quality applicants to bolster our ranks :)

    As I ve said before Im on island hopping vacation but I gave your info to the Officers.

    Dont be shy and join Discord!
  • Rivvqah
    Soul Shriven
    Hello! I was thinking if I could possibly fit in here. I'm not too experienced with the game itself--I had an account since 2015, but honestly haven't been playing too much until recently--but I'm extremely passionate about the whole Elder Scrolls series in general. I'm currently levelling a Bosmeri Warden (lvl 35 at the moment), but I'm quite the altoholic, so chances are I'm gonna end up with a full-fledged character in every alliance at some point (in fact, I do have a lvl 50 Imperial Nightblade in DC, but I never really went any further with her, and I'm much more into my Warden right now). I probably won't be doing any serious group activities like raiding too often, since my work schedule tends to be quite nasty tbh, so I'm looking for a guild where I could just hang out with people and maybe join up with them when I can. And I'm much more shy than it may look. Honestly.
    My ingame ID is @Rivvqah, just like here. Cheers!
  • DonTywin
    Hey there @Rivvqah

    We like to think we have a place for everyone in our guild so why wouls you not fit the bill :)

    You can participate as much as you are able/want to as we usually post our weekly event schedules every sunday beforehand so peple know when stuff is happening. And we use our website for signups for events.

    Concerninf the shyness, we have had our fair share of shy people but with a bit of encouragement and an extendned hand people tend to join in more and more :)

    Concerning the game experience, not ro worry! We have slme very knowledgeable people around.

    I will extend your info to the Officers :)
  • DonTywin
    Hello everyone!

    Quick update :)

    We're still going strong and also looking for more players to bolster our ranks. We are of need of people wanting to raid especially also as we want to run even more PvE end-game events !

    If you're a newcomer to the end-game and need help to approach the raids, worry not we have you covered. From advice zones, training runs and crafting request channels we provide you the best mentorship and help in approaching your first raid :)

    If you're a seasoned vet who wants to contribute, help out and join in the fun in our community yet continue to raid we also have a spot waiting for you.

    We still have around 4-7 events per every week, and we'll continue to put an emphasis on our events as always.

    The game has limited content, it's up to the guild to enhance that content and make it's own fun.

    Mistwalkers are waiting for YOU!
  • SlissBeats
    Sounds really awesome!
    I mostly play solo so making new friends who are as passionate about about the game as I sounds really nice!

    I'm CP 400 looking for experienced players for organized pvp battlegrounds and maybe nocp cyro.
    I'd like to train together with people and maybe duel?
    I'd like to start doing trails and vDSA and would love some guidance!

    Would love an invite @SlissBeats
  • DonTywin
    Hey @SlissBeats

    We've tried inviting you but it says you are already in a maximum number of guilds :)

    Tell us when, and we will re-send the invite !
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