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[The Mistwalkers - EU | PC] New! PvX | SOCIAL | RAIDING | COMMUNITY

  • Wsciekly
    Soul Shriven
    If you still have some room, i'd like to join you :)
  • DonTywin
    Invite sorted! :)

    Quick update regarding some of the changes.

    We have a new type of event that we've put into rotation as of this week. It is called the Miswalkers Fight Club.

    It is a duelling tournament in our Guild house based on the rules of Best of 3. We require a signup fee and the top three positioned players share in the spoils :D

    A knockout tournament, glory is there for the taking!

    Also due to popular demand for trials and overall PvE end-game we are opening up our very own Core Raid Team which will have the sole purpose of progression raiding. Even though we cleared a LOT of content ( both vet and normal ) we are making this Raid Team for the purpose of achievement hunting and pure enjoyment!

    This does not mean we will be an elitist group within The Mistwalkers, even though we organise our gaming time a bit more towards completing PvE content does not mean we lose sight of real life and reality. In turn, a degree of motivation and self improvement is encouraged. Relatively new players are more than welcome. Fun is the end, progression is the means to it.

    We still have open spots for any new members .

    Mistwalkers are waiting for YOU!
  • Ocein
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Don,

    I just wanted to say I'm very interested in joining your guild and I've completed and been accepted via the website. My in game handle is @Ocein

    I would be more than happy to give you any more information you require.


  • DonTywin

    Already sent!

    Enjoy your stay with us :)
  • Ocein
    Soul Shriven
    That's wonderful, thank you :)
  • DonTywin
    Quick update!

    We have grown and we have cleansed a part of our roster but we are still going very strong :)

    We are planning new events as of now which include even an Auctioning Event !

    We still have some spots open for all you awesome people around.

    Give us a poke, be it in-game or on our social hub ( Discord )
  • DoTHurts
    Sounds good to me, although I'm Aus based - @DoTHurts if you have the space.
  • DonTywin
    Hey there @DoTHurts !

    We actually have 3,4 Aussies in our guild , although they tend to be very sleepy during our raiding haha !

    Come on over, we'll send you an invite in-game, just be sure to join our Discord too ^^
    Edited by DonTywin on September 13, 2018 8:17AM
  • abakzn
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join this guild but is a bit clumsy on how to communicate on-line (EU-PC), still trying to learn, playing with controller. :)
  • DonTywin
    abakzn wrote: »
    I would love to join this guild but is a bit clumsy on how to communicate on-line (EU-PC), still trying to learn, playing with controller. :)

    That's all fine, just leave me your IGN so we can invite you. Don't be shy to join our Discord too :D
  • DonTywin
    Quick update again! :)

    We're still looking for newcomers into our ranks.

    The static progression raiding group has a few more spots open even, so we have a bit for everyone from the hardcore raider to a casual social cheeky sod who likes to drink and talk about his day on Discord !

    Come and join, we have plenty of spots open for all you lovely people =)
  • DonTywin
    Another fast and furious update :)

    We're still looking for more people, and we' have had a feedback 'round to see how we can even further improve our own ranks.
    Next friday we have the opening of our new fancy Guild House, a bit of a social mild RP event for everyone!

    Some of the events we've decided to put into a weekly rotation of events are these :
    • Raffles
    • Auctioning Monthly Event
    • Fashion Scrolls Event
    • Fishing Extravaganza
    • Achievement hunting runs
    • Lottery
    • PvP Events ( Event lead per Faction will be appointed )

    We're working on implementing dedicated Community Managers too so we can ease in all of our new members into the core group as much as possible.

    Our progression group is still going strong and is currently having an open spot per role ;D

    Mistwalkers are waiting for YOU.
  • DonTywin
    Quick bump!

    We are still looking for more players to join us, be it socials, raiders or ASMR fiends.

    It's the person we're aimed at :)

    Just a sneak peek of how our guild events look like :smile:
    Edited by DonTywin on October 16, 2018 5:54AM
  • Navi1325
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to join.
    ID: @Navi1325
  • Aenthel

    I figured I might as well join after enduring a drunk trials with you people.
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