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Raz or Naryu?

I have a feeling there could be a choice coming up, where we might have to choose between Raz or Naryu's life. This is seriously going to kill me inside, since I've grown very fond of both characters, and I know each of them wouldn't hold it against you since they always look at the greater good. I'm in this to protect Tamriel, and all of Nirn, so The Three Banner's War means nothing to me. So I ask, given the choice who would you save: Raz or Naryu?
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Raz or Naryu? 192 votes

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  • Jacen_Veron
    I've made this choice before, and I chose to keep Raz alive. But I can't kill Naryu, I just can't. So I would have to off Raz, at least I know he is prepared to die for his queen.

    Honestly, it poses a more interesting conflict for my characters, as one is based in the Dominion, while the other in the Pact. I suppose it would come down to who I'm playing as at the time, but the choice would have severe consequences for my head-canon.

    My Dominion character would accept Raz's death, since he knows that Raz is always ready to die for the Queen, and would probably choose to kill Raz to not make the same mistake twice.

    My Pact character however, would not be so accepting. He would never choose to kill Naryu, as he is too blinded by emotion, and he would ultimately come to blows with whoever condemned her to death.

    Ultimately, Raz will die given the choice, but I doubt such a choice will exist, as it is far to "extreme" for the devs or writers to go through with. And killing a prominent character would just be "immersion"-breaking and confusing for new players, especially since the game can be incredibly confusing when played out of sequence already.

    Personally, I think it would be a great choice to have the players make (despite its flaws), to kill one of the two most prominent characters is incredibly ballsy and respectable. It would also make a great forum poll.
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Naryu. Dunmer are loyal to their own (mostly).
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  • Leandor
    As long as Evelli comes back, I don't care either way >:)
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  • ghastley
    They're not going to, so this is just a hypothetical response.

    It would be too complex to ensure that the dead characters won't appear in an individual player's path through the game. Even if the point in the story line requires completion of Cadwell's Gold, I seem to remember them appearing as "extras" in some other quests. I can handle them popping up all over the place, as the game provides wayshrines to make that possible for them, not to mention mages casting portals, but returning from the dead needs more explanation, especially if they're unaware of having died.
  • Ilsabet
    As a player I prefer Raz, maybe because Naryu's feminine wiles don't work on me. :tongue: But if I had to choose one of them to stay in the game it would definitely be him.

    Ilsabet the character would probably lean that way too, although she'd have to carefully (and probably angstily) consider all of the ramifications of the choice. Going through with it with Raz the first time was very emotionally-charged for her, and there'd be some lingering baggage there. But all other things being equal between the two she's more attached to Raz.
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  • Kierro
    Raz. He's funny, charming, and I got the impression him and Ayrenn fooled around in the sheets. Because they were too embarrassed to admit something, after they said "things" happened after too many drinks. I took this as sex, but that's left to players I guess.

    Naryu is cool, but she keeps making sexual remarks, which is fine, but playing my Argonian a certain way, makes it feel odd.
  • Froil
    Raz. Always and forever. Anyone that says otherwise can burn in the Deadlands for all eternity.
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  • Druachan
    Raz, Naryu is just insufferable.
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  • MythicEmperor
    Naryu. She may be provocative, but she is a Dunmer. Raz just reminds me too much of some of my slaves. They always act so clever until I cut their tongues out.
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  • ArchMikem
    Only choosing Raz because I'm pretty sure Naryu isn't going to be appearing in Summerset. At most we're going to see her "daughter", Veya, because of that prophecy.
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  • BigBadVolk
    Why not both, why are you so cruel? :'(
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  • Chaos2088
    She is an elf......that's all I am going to say..

    *whistles in thalmor*
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  • damdamjel
    Raz of course, that cat has the nicest character development in the story. He will always be your friend. But if there was romance options for npcs, naryu cause damn her voice is too hot.
  • Sigtric
    There are only two NPCs in the game more annoying than Raz. The 'queen' Ayrenn and Stuga.
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  • TelvanniWizard
    She is stupid, but hot. The other is a cat.
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    It depends: Does Naryu look like she does in the base game or does she look like someone messed up her face like in Morrowind?
  • Smaxx
    As much as I love Raz I'm pretty sure you could just drop Raz and he'd still survive. He won't just end like that, as heroic as it might seem.
    End of Dominion storyline confirms it. ;)
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  • rabidrufus64
    raz, cuz he calls me friend and thats how i refer to everyone else i talk too :)
  • HappyLittleTree
    I think Raz is hilarious :D

    I like the flirty thing of naryu but i do prefer Raz ^^
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  • Shanjijri
    RAZ. Period. Just look at him, just listen him. He is perfect.
  • Vanthras79
    <3 Raz
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  • Vanthras79
    Griffe wrote: »
    RAZ. Period. Just look at him, just listen him. He is perfect.

    No he is purrfect ;)
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  • SydneyGrey
    I love both, but Naryu kills people for a living, so ... I'd save fuzzy-faced Raz.
  • BozzyTheDrummer
    I can't vote on this lol. I love both characters equally.
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  • MasterSpatula
    I'd save Raz for one simple reason: Naryu is more of a "reluctant hero" type, so her sacrifice would be more poignant.
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  • JPcrazysquirrel3
    Naryu and Raz are both flirtatious, in their own ways, but one probably wouldn't get with Raz over Naryu, unless that person was a furry.

    But really, if this was like Skyrim and I could have followers, I'd have both Raz and Naryu with me.

    Killing either of them off would be a really low blow on ZOS's part.
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  • Vrienda
    Naryu for sure. Hopefully they’ll let us romance her properly at some point.
    Edited by Vrienda on May 28, 2018 7:22PM
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