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How to hang Banners?

Anyone know a good way to hang banners? Namely the Daedric ones from Crown crates, looking for something like a lamp post, to hang them outside.
  • Hippie4927
  • Crimsonorion
    That could work, but idk if the top horizontal part is long enough, i will check though. Thanks
  • Marginis
    I usually post them up against environment or a structural furnishing. Think pillars, entryways, ceilings, under bridges, usually that are already in the home. Earthtear cavern has chains hanging from the cieling, you can use the grand stone archways in many orc and nord homes, Linchal Grand Manor is full of pillars, etc. My favorite if I'm not just throwing banners up wherever is making my own flagpole type structure, jutting out from a castle or wall.
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