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Anyone have a clue on amount of AP and time it takes to get to level 50 alliance PvP rank

  • Anotherone773
    In BGs its reasonable to make 40k an hour even for a casual player on a crappy team. If you did 4 hours worth of battlegrounds a week it would take you a bit over 7.5 years.
  • ak_pvp
    Lord that is depressing. I need about 30m AP for the dye I want, but I play solo... And not even an NB/warden/sorc... It'd take months of nolifing it.
    MagDK main. PC/EU @AK-ESO
    Best houseknight EU.
  • Devil_Keyz
    Damn I’m only at alliance rank 24 lmfao imma give up once I hit 30 😂😂 I didn’t realize i was going to have to grind for years lol already been playing for 8 months on Xbox
  • Davadin
    obscure7 wrote: »
    I made this a year ago just to convince myself to give up on the AP grind. Enjoy!


    how is 500k ap per hour even theoretically possible???????
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  • Iskiab
    I get around a million AP a week, I started playing with summerset and am PvP tank 40. It takes a long time.
    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
  • Xarc
    Alliance rank 41 is only the half you know.
    Breton / Bosmer
    For the Reach.
  • Theignson
    I've PvP'ed virtually every day for 18 months since I started to PvP.

    I just reached Grand Overlord (level 49) on my main, Stam DK. To get to level 50 it says something like another 3,8 million AP.

    It was too boring to play just my Stam DK main, so I also have a stam warden (AR 40), a stam NB (AR 24) , and a stam Necro (AR 18).

    It would probably take just as long to get my warden from 40 to 50 as it did to get to level 40.
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    Trackrsen, Stam Warden, Grand Warlord (EP/ PC NA)
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    Farfarel, Stam Necro, Brigadier (EP/ PC NA)
  • BaiterOfZergs
    It’s not that hard to get anymore, Zos basically started handing out ap for doing nothing. Missed when ranks could give an idea of how experienced someone was but now a 5 star can play like they just stepped into Cyrodiil a month ago.
    Edited by BaiterOfZergs on August 11, 2019 8:58PM
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  • Lord-Otto
    It's good that AP grind has been reduced. People get to enjoy the scroll furnitures, let them!
    The people to remember in your campaign... Well, you'll know their names. And when you do, you're not surprised by their caoabilities on a low-rank alt.
  • Kartalin
    Earning PVP is more a question of dedication to a character than anything else. Having friends to hang out with along the way makes it easier too.

    I actually have videos documenting the beginning of my pvp career on my templar to the point I reached GO (and beyond of course).

    The first video is from January 14th, 2016 when I was making a troll video trying to convince people that the guild all played in first person and used an addon to show a helmet silhouette on the screen. (To be fair, I did in fact play in first person at the time -- sans helmet addon -- but none of the rest of the guild did) This was at veteran rank 4

    The later video is from June 25th, 2018.

    Overall, that's about 2.5 years playing. I was somewhat dedicated to this character during that time but I played multiple others now and again as well. A good guess would be 3-4 hours per session, 4-5 days per week, at about 50-75k AP/hr.
    Karllotta, AD Magplar, AR 50
    Kharllotta, AD Magden, AR 42
    Kartalin, AD Stamblade, AR 35
    Milthalas, AD Magblade, AR 33
    Tertiary Meat - Lemon-Party - NA/PC - @ Kartalin - Youtube
  • Xarc
    playing "normally" my dk, it took to me 2years to reach grand overlord. But i know if i only played this char and not my 155746548545458678 rerolls, it would have been faster, maybe some months. I mean, it's not hard to get millions AP if you play everyday. Of course, you need some knowledges about pvp and the AP gain system / tics.

    But it mainly depends how much you play in cyrodiil.
    Breton / Bosmer
    For the Reach.
  • J18696
    They did increase ap gained from how the game launched but it's still 64 million ap to ar 50 casual player won't hit alliance rank 50 for easily over a year and they would still need to play everyday
    Edited by J18696 on August 12, 2019 7:56PM
    PC NA Server
    Fairweather Friends

  • exeeter702
    I did that grind when i moved to console on its release. I have no desire to do it again having recently moved back to PC this past year.

    Its a badge of displaying time spent mostly in cyrodill and amounts to very little outside of ones tolerance for low stakes pvp nonsense and RPing as cyrodil carpenter / stone mason repair man.

    They can have the dye and title.
    Edited by exeeter702 on August 12, 2019 8:42PM
  • frozywozy
    It does not only depend on the amount of time you invest and your level of experience of the game mechanics. It also depends on the class you play and the playstyle you adopt.
    Frozn - Stamdk - AR50
    Frosted - Magplar - AR50
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    Necrozn - Magcro - AR32
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    • Fix streak bug
    • Fix server lag
  • Steel_Heart777
    My first character starting at launch, after about a year of completing PVE game took almost 2 years of daily pvp to hit it. My 2nd GO my Warden took a bit less time, having learned the tricks like timed oil dumps, ult dumps, zerg mentality. Once I learned the flow of the borg\zergmind it was a lot more fun.
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