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I built a dwemer ship/boat! (Pics included)

Hey everyone! After receiving some pretty awesome feedback from players & friends imploring me to post this latest creation, I've finally decided to share it with you all in hopes that it will inspire some creativity for all of the homestead lovers out there like myself! In total, the ship Centuria Nautica took me about two week with a rough estimate cost of ~1.5mil. No homestead add-ons were used but certainly has been in my latest projects. If you would like to view it in game (NA server), shoot a mail to @slicksteezin Without further ado, here it is!

((Edited Update)) The great @Ninjamonkey0169 was awesome enough to do a video showcase of the boat and I thought i'd share it here for you all to enjoy. Big thanks to Ninja and i would highly recommend you all to check out his other showcasing videos - he does great work! :)


Main dining/lounge area



Engine Room
Engine Room #2
Captain's Quarters
Lower Deck Pipe
Lower Deck Holding Cells

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy! :)
Edited by slicksteezin on March 26, 2018 5:54AM
  • slicksteezin
    Thank you! Yeah I had to strip the rest of the house to make room for the item slots. All 600 went into the ship - wish we had more!
  • NolaArch
    I am absolutely visiting!! Amazing!
    Ardat-Yakshii EP Stam NB
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    Mash the buttons, hope for the best!
  • slicksteezin
    Please do!! :)
  • MilwaukeeScott

    All I see is hate and rage from people who don't understand how to.....
  • Rainraven
    Well that's pretty damn cool B)
  • code65536
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  • Inhuman003
    I want to be the first to say thank you for making this happen because I remember doing a post almost a year ago boats as homes thanks for the help for making this happen.
    I'm speechless! Brilliant!
    PC ign OLYKOS
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  • slicksteezin
    Thank you all!!
  • DieAlteHexe
    This is mindbogglingly awesome. Incredibly well done!

    Dirty, filthy casual aka Nancy, the Wallet Warrior Carebear Potato Whale Snowflake
  • ChimeraDeux
    Wow. That's impressive!
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  • slicksteezin
    Thanks! Again if you’d like to visit just shoot me a PM. I have other houses for touring as well!
  • Kharnis
    That is simply awesome, mate! Very well done.
    "Technology today is a race between engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof devices, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning."

    - Rich Cook
  • Wintergreen
    Desire is not an occupation. --KMFDM
  • fastolfv_ESO
    great job, the clockwork city building stuff really expanded our options for building structures etc
    Wow you must try Minecraft next, if you can make that on here. :0
    Make ESO Great Again!
  • Gilvoth
    Love it!
    Very realistic. and definitely looks Dwemer crafted.
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  • slicksteezin
    great job, the clockwork city building stuff really expanded our options for building structures etc

    So true! The CWC furnishing has really expanded what players can build/construct. I really hope they introduce more structural furnishing. As fun as decorating is, I get the most satisfaction from building and seeing what other players are able to come up with :)

  • Marabornwingrion
    Damn, I wish you were on PC EU, so I could visit you... :cry:
  • Nyghthowler
    I take my proverbial hat off to you! The amount of time and patience to do that .... Just, WoW!
    I'm not prejudiced; I hate everyone equally !
  • Belegnole
    Very Nice! thanks for sharing.
  • MrGarlic
    Stunning, positively stunning. Far beyond awesome :)
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  • Waffennacht
    Soo cool, I wish I could give more than one awesome!

    Simply amazing
    Gamer tag: ShenronNacht NA Xbox One
    1100+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er
  • Lyserus
    This is sooooo awesome
  • dsalter
    now we need a 3k housing slot underground area with outdoor lake section for said boat to travel to...
    ok i can dream cant i? ;)
    PLEASE REPLY TO ME WITH @dsalter otherwise i'm likely to miss the reply if its not my own thread

    EU - [Arch Mage Dave] Altmer Sorcerer
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  • monktoasty
    Nice job that's awesome
  • slicksteezin
    Wow! thank you all so much.
  • AlienSlof
    That is made of so much awesome! I made a new character who is a sort of Dwemer, and he'd love this! :)

    I love seeing how creative people can be!
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  • Izaki
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