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The Diary of Slytha'ryn

I grew up on a farm outside of Shornhelm. At the time, I lived with my mother. She's a Breton by the name of Lukromaar. I call her mother, even though I'm an Argonian. As a child, mother would read stories to me at night. My favorite was of the dragons in Skyrim. I always wanted to be a dragon when I got older, so much so that I would play with war paint to make myself look like one. And when mother and I would go to the Shornhelm market, I found myself intrigued by the Covenant guards. Their dragon knight abilities seemed very special to me. It inspired me to develope these abilities myself.

Mother always encouraged my adventurous side. She told me that she herself had been an adventurer in the past before I came along. She would share tales of her exploits. She had lived in the city of Daggerfall in her youth but decided to take her talents as a sorcerer to the other main cities of the Daggerfall Covenant, helping those who needed her. But the day she found me, that all ended. She gave up her adventurous life to become the mother I desperately needed.

And when I had grown, I helped around the house and on the farm. I made the trips to the market and occassionally practiced with my dragon knight abilities. But everything seemed to change the day my mother told me a story of the day she found me. During her travels, she came across a dark elf with an Argonian egg that didn't belong to him. He had stolen it from the hatching pools in Shadowfen as well as several others. But he sold the others to wealthy families as pets and only had the one left. Mother killed him and took me home with her to raise me as her own daughter.

I took some time to myself to process what was told to me, but before I knew it, our farm was under attack! There were bloodfiends everywhere! I tried to get to my mother but when I found her, it was too late. She had been infected. She told me to leave her and find my real family. And, reluctantly, I did. I began my journey to the only place I could think to go. I headed to Shornhelm and paid for a caravan to take me to Shadowfen.

I'd like to say that I made it there with no issues, that I found my family and lived a long happy life with only the memory of Lukromaar to hold on to. But it didn't happen that way. Well on our way, our caravan was attacked by cultists and we were taken to a man named Mannimarco. Everything that happened next was a blur, but the next thing I know, I'm waking up in a cell in Molag Bal's realm and there's a woman staring at me from the other side of my chamber door.

That was so long ago. Lyris saved many that day, including me and my now closest allies. We escaped Coldharbour together and met up in Davon's Watch. Ert is a half Nord from Cyrodiil. He had been infected with Lycanthropy and he honed his skills to master his gift. He even shared Hircine's Gift with me. The more we learned about each other the closer we grew. And eventually, we took the pledge of Mara. The two of us formed a guild to help others receive the gift of lycanthropy and to give other werewolves a safe haven. And over the years, our pack has grown to 200. We have other allies as well, Bosolk and Ramco to name a few. Bosolk is a fellow Argonian. He is a nightblade, specializing in stealth, evasion, and alchemy. Ramco is an Orc healer. Clad in heavy armor, he always had an unusual style of battle. But he always got the job done.

We've been on many adventures together, braving dungeons, arenas, even the alliance war in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. And we have explored all the lands in Tamriel. I finally did arrive in Shadowfen, the land of my birth. I had learned of my hometown, a mining village just north of the hatching pools. But it never really felt like home to me. My husband Ert and I made a home for ourselves in the Rift and continued to travel the world. I even made it back to Rivenspire and solved the bloodfiend crisis there. But Lukromaar was already long gone. I never saw her again. I can only imagine she returned to her life of adventure in search of a cure for her vampirism. I may never know. But I can say that I have the craziest life with some of the best folks in all of Tamriel. I have my pack and I have my husband. Who could ask for more?

Until next time,
Ryn Wolf
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  • Ertthewolf
    Great read :)<3
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  • Tito86
    Awesome! :o
    I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.
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