At what level did you first beat Molag Bal?

  • Loc2262
    That was before One Tamriel, when the main quest chapters still unlocked only every 5 levels or so. So must have been between level 40 and 45. I remember becoming champion in some delve in Wrothgar. :) I also remember the Molag Bal fight was a real challenge back then for my stamblade without Vigor. :)

    Nowadays when I level up an alt, going through the main quest is usually the first thing I do. Gives nice XP, skill points, Fighters Guild for doing the dolmens along the way, and discovering regions/wayshrines.
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  • rotaugen454
    I was in the 40s (this was 3 years ago! I can't remember for certain.) and thought it was a far easier fight than the one 10 levels before that. That one gave me fits. Molag was a bit of a letdown compared to that.
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  • Syntse
    I was VR1 when I fought Molag
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  • Glockcoma725
    cp150. Grinded pathfinder and master explorer for all alliance zones and coldharbor before facing him
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  • Mithoron
    I am too *** with quests...I will not move out of a zone until I am 100% complete on quests, skyshards, discoveries, etc....then I'll move on to the next zone.

    I finished Reaper's March (AD) last weekend, so this past weekend I hit Coldharbor. By the time I met up with him I was CP153...granted I've been doing dungeons and whatnot since starting again a month ago, so this is a casual play character....I know I could do it much less...but just was too busy enjoying playing ;)
  • LonePirate
    VR4 back in 2014. I was busy in Cyrodiil and didn't spend much time doing PVE quests back then.
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    July 15, 2014... I think I was Level 46???
    But back then, Molag Bal, Doshia, Manimarco, they were SO hard.. Now they are a push over.. Nerf Hammer Struck!! Lmao!!
    But I did finally find this!! So glad I took this!!
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    It's so long ago I'm not even sure which of my characters was first to defeat Molag Bal. IIRC being level 45 or above was compulsory, so probably somewhere between level 45 and VR1.

    It was certainly a lot harder fight then than it is nowadays.

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  • thatlaurachick
    50/VR1 becuse you really couldn't do it much sooner at launch. ;)

    Alts today still don't face Molag Bal until at least 50 - but then they're MAX.
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  • SirCritical
  • Warraxx
    Molag who?
  • PaixRomanus
    At VR1 with no champion points (I didn't even understand what CP was until VR4), no skills, and no understanding of how to play the game. I was on a DK with all attributes in health wearing a full set of death's wind heavy armor and a sword and shield - it was painful. This was October 23, 2015, thankfully I've grown quite a bit since then.
  • Runschei
    50 I think? Main quest was the absolute last quest I did hahah
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  • FakeFox
    Did it a few month ago on 750cp or so when I realised I never finished the main story for some reason. Had that quest laying around since 2014.
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  • disintegr8
    I have not fought him since 1T, so level 48 or 49 was the earliest you could fight him whenever I did so.

    My first character could not reach him at level 49 - kept getting killed in the final stages of the quest line. This was before CP, I had no crafted armour, did not even have a 5 pc looted set and was on a Breton Stamina NB. In other words I did not know what I was doing.

    Have only completed the main story on about 4 of my 11 max leveled characters - no more incentive to do it.
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  • ProfesseurFreder
    I've been playing this game for three years and still haven't come up against that guy with any of my characters. My highest level character is 45 and they go down in five-level increments from, there. So, my next highest is a forty, then the one I'm playing now is heading for 35. I play them one at a time for five levels each. My level 45 "Fighting Sorcerer" hybrid will likely be the first one to go up against Molag Bal the next time I play him -- which could be a month or more down the line.

    I'm really kind of nervous about it.
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  • MudcrabSammich
    I've been playing for about 4 months and just beat him tonight at CP 280 something. It was cake. I just didn't enjoy the main quest line, had much more fun doing quests and other stuff. One thing i really hated about the main quest was there's really not much in the way of loot and the place is so gloomy, although the skill points kind of make up for that. The thing that really irked me about it was the companions follow you way too close. Like, I'm trying to see what's in that urn and suddenly I'm talking to Lyris. So annoying.
  • Shawn_PT
  • SirAndy
    Yoma73 wrote: »
    The only outside help was a set of crafted level 20 Julianos gear (in blue) and some blue food i got from a fellow guild member.
    Glad i could help, i knew you'd be able to kick his butt!
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  • jlboozer
    I beat him in his mind when I escaped coldharbour at level 3....then I came back at level 48 and took body and spirit!
  • Tasear
    45 to 47, it was a bit hard. I died a few times during the quest.
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  • Edd1eV3DD3R
    There was about fifty of us, during the tel var event. I had never been in IC before then. CP 450ish IIRC.
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  • Karmanorway
    Lvl 48 , 2 years ago :)
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  • MissBizz
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    VR1? Just barely into veteran ranks I believe.

    But yeah, he got nerfed a few times... Plus now you get scaled. Back in the day you weren't scaled up
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  • SilverIce58
    I was at or around 48, and I was a Breton Vamp pet Sorc, using 2 pets. And back then b4 1T, I died like 3 times. Doshia was even harder tho bc i was just getting used to the controls and skills lol. Good times...good times.
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