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New Add-on: RockingDice's Auto Category [Inventory Grid View Integrated]

Soul Shriven
Original Link:

RockingDice's Auto Category @ ESOUI

Still worry about cleaning your inventory? Always full with items that you don't know how to deal with?

Having this add-on will make your life easier than ever!

Integrated with great add-on 'Inventory Grid View', also fixed its icon issue!


Original Keyboard Interface:


BetterUI for Gamepad:


  • Pre-defined rules and settings for beginners, download and use with no more settings required. Just that easy!
  • A nice header is added for each custom category. Get a clear view of your inventory.
  • Auto integrate with all interfaces. Keyboard is fully supported. Gamepad with BetterUI is supported.
  • Fully customizable rules based on LUA, for advanced users you can categorize items as the way you want.
  • Use pre-defined or your own rules, applying them to your backpack/bank bag, it will refresh categories immediately without reloading.
  • Complete wiki for learning rules. Need more rules/Have great ideas/Need other add-on integration? Just request a new API!
  • Auto group for your set items without adding rules one by one.

You can find more rule details and examples in:
Auto Category's wiki

If you enjoy this add-on and think my work is really worthy, you can send me in-game coin to:
@RockingDice in NA megaserver
or donate via Paypal :

Any donations will keep me make more good add-on for improving your gaming experience!
  • Feanor
    Very nicely done. I love it!
    Feanor the Believer - AD Altmer mSorc - AR 36 - Stormproof
    Maeglin the Dark Elf - DC Dunmer mDK (relegated to crafting duty)
    Fearscales - AD Argonian Templar - Stormproof (healer)
    Cabed Naearamarth - AD Dunmer mDK (tanking project)
    Valirion Willowthorne - AD Bosmer stamBlade
    Turuna - AD Altmer magBlade (lvl 28)
    Kheled Zaram - AD Redguard stamDK (l2DK PvP project)
    Kibil Nala - AD Redguard stamSorc - Stormproof
    Yavanna Kémentárí - AD Breton magWarden
    Azog gro-Ghâsh - EP Orc stamWarden (lvl 11)

    CP 800+. Playing PvP mostly on EU PC Sotha Sil with a wonderful guild of friends and PvE with 2 awesome German guilds
  • Cherryblossom
    Looks good I will download and check it out tonight.
  • Cherryblossom
    Awesome addon, sadly I'm old and not a tech wizard so I'm not smart enough to use some of the advanced features.

    I would love to be able to filter by Trait, but can't seem to work out how.
  • FoolishHuman
    Did you take over inventory grid view from the original author?
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