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New soul looking for company

Hey there folks,

I'm an utter and complete newb to this amazing game and am on a lookout for some like-minded people to enjoy the experience with.

I am absolutely in love with ESO so far and recently started levelling a stamblade (main char, thief, explorer etc.) and a magblade (for now the resident crafter). Both are DC chars by the way. I'm exploring Tamriel at my own pace and figuring out all the nooks and crannies of the game. I play mostly in the evenings (GMT 7:00 PM the earliest), sometimes an hour, sometimes four. I'm 34 and a father of an 18 months old, so I'm trying to squeeze as much time as possible to spend with my family. I think that gives a huge hint as to what kind of guild I'm looking for. ;)

I'm new to ESO but no stranger to MMOs and games in general. I'm by no means a hardcore gamer but I can pull my weight and always try stay up-to-date with game info. My earliest MMO memories are raiding MC and BWL in WoW, something like 10? 12 years ago? Right now I'm focused on levelling my nightblades, exploring the game world and mechanics, slowly levelling crafting. I'm now actually exploring Cyrodiil to rank up Assault Skills and get all the Skyshards, books, dolmens and whatever else I might find there. No idea what I will focus on later on but not really fussed about this right now. Will probably want to try some group content like dungeons, not really sure about Cyrodiil (already kinda tired of WvWvW in GW2).

I'm looking for a group of laid-back people that are in no rush to clear all the endgame content or become the masters of PvP but at the same time I'd like the guild to actually play the game and not just be an extended facebook messenger. I'm all for communicating on Discord when it's absolutely necessary but I'm not a fan of voicechats being a replacement of guild chat. Generally I'm on the lookout for a place "inhabited" by people with real life obligations that understand that it's just a game but are still trying their best to enjoy everything and anything the game has to offer.

Myself I'm pretty chilled and likeable. Enjoy a good laugh or two, not allergic to swearing or non-PC jokes. I enjoy MMOs for the random element they bring in by social interaction. I ask a lot of stupid questions and do a lot of stupid things. If you feel like you'd like to have me on board or have any questions hit me up.

Good luck and have fun :)
  • Gelmir
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  • Jiandao
    Hail to thee,

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. We're laid back and chilled, but also like to actually complete the content too. I also have three max level nightblades so may be able to help you with any questions you have.

    Contact us in game if you're interested.

    Good hunting!

  • Zunkis
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  • Trikfut
    Hi there :)

    You sound very much just like myself.
    I'd like to extend an invitation to you to check out our gaming community here

    We just started a guild in ESO so we don't have a huge group of members, but we are doing well. We have gamers of all kinds and we play many games together, but at the moment ESO is our main focus.

    I know you said you are not a fan of voice chat replacing guild chat and I do agree, but we do use Discord for keeping everything organized and it's more text than anything else at this time. Voice is mainly used when we do dungoens and stuff together for quick communication.
    Our in game guild chat is still the main way to community for just general chit cat when you are in game.

    We are extremely chill and judge no one on how they want to play the game.
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