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Your Favorite Daedric Prince

  • lnsane
    Sheogorath- Madness (HAHAHAHA!)
    Uncle Sheo, hands down. :smile:
    @lnsane (lowercase L) | PC / EU

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    "Ha! I do love it when the mortals know they're being manipulated. Makes things infinitely more interesting."
                                      - Sheogorath
  • Cyn_v84
    Hermaeus Mora- Knowlege (Hentai Tenticle dude)
    Knowledge is power after all, yes?
    This one also likes Noctural and Sanguine very much!
  • Motherball
    Mephala- plots (The Spider)
    My favorite is Sanguine but not on the list, so went w second favorite.
  • Dystopia2020
    Azura- Dawn/Dusk (Lady who holds the moon and sun)
    Azura and Mephala.
    Apotheosis Priori~ EP Altmer Healplar
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  • Cadbury
    The Orc dude and the one that looks like Cthulhu
    Edited by Cadbury on October 17, 2017 3:26AM
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
  • Uzmati
    Boethia- Treason (sacrifice dude)
    Voted treason because it's a treason that my beloved Hircine isn't one option on this poll
    Jeeraxith, Argonian Sorcerer - Priest of the Dead, Healer and Thunder-Caller
    Olor-a-Sangre-y-Pino, Nord Warden - Ice-Caller, Nature-Brother and Werebear
    Ja'Goru, Khajiit Templar - Apparently fat, harmless, and carefree trader
  • ak_pvp
    Molag Bal- Spiritual Enslavement (Bad dude)
    Molag bal best voice ESO.
    MagDK main. PC/EU @AK-ESO

    Bring back stand your ground. More power to individual characters.
    Reduce effectiveness of ball groups, the only benefit should be more people, less free heals, less ability to 20man sload stacks.
  • Jaimeh
    Meridia- Energy of the living (The Glowy lady)
    Meridia, because of the end of the main quest :) I have a shrine of sorts at my house with the Light of Meridia decoration, as a commemoration of that significant event in my main character's life.

    PC/NA CP780

    AD Nefelyn - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Master Angler ǀ Hero of all the things (fine, some of the things)
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    AD Niobeh - Dunmer Nightblade - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror ǀ Master Thief ǀ Silencer (but we don’t talk about that)
    AD Ashayam - Khajiit Sorcerer - DD ǀ Stormproof
    DC Sydhe Narjes - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ Stormproof
    DC Eva Saint Claire - Breton Warden - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    EP Rruns-With-Scissors ­- Argonian Dragoknight - Tank ǀ He’s a good boy, Bront, OK?
    EP Moiranni Deyr - Dunmer Dragonknight - Healer ǀ The Flawless Conqueror
    DC Anur Imagua - Redguard Templar - DD ǀ Stormproof
    AD Azoke Sen - Imperial Sorcerer - Tank ǀ The Flawless Conqueror

    PC/EU CP420

    AD Ariadne Nearil - Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ The Flawless Conqueror

    vSO HM · vAA HM · vHRC HM · vMOL · vAS · vDSA · vMA

    It's not zerging if we are all solo and just happen to go to the same place independently xD
  • TheTwistedRune
    Namira- Repulsiveness (The Cannibal)
    Namira. The Lady of Decay. She is the dark horse of the elder scrolls pantheon. Very little is known about her or her realm, but what I know of her I like.

  • Danikat
    Azura- Dawn/Dusk (Lady who holds the moon and sun)
    Azura. My main character's last name is Aurorel, which means 'dawn star' so it was a natural choice.

    I actually invented that name for Neverwinter Nights, which I played before Morrowind (my first TES game), but I liked it and it stuck and now I use it in everything. Weirdly I also tend to pick The Ritual as my characters birth sign in most the games, which I've recently learned is associated with the month called Morning Star.
    tplink3r1 wrote: »
    I don't worship any kind of demon, but Meridia is not that bad.

    Daedra aren't neccesarily demons. In contrast to aedra (our ancestors, as the chimer saw it) daedra have nothing to do with the creation of tamrielic peoples (except Azura in dunmer people). True, lots of daedra are evil, but not all of them.

    Yeah, probably worth dragging out the Monomyth and explaining this one a little more.

    In the Elven creation myths, they're the literal descendants of the gods (hence, aedra). While the human creation myths state that the mortal races were created by the gods.

    The khajiit believe they were created (from the same race as the bosmer) by Azurah, aka Azura. I believe the bosmer have a similar creation myth, but skipping the part where the khajiit claim they were designed to be the smartest, fastest, best climbers etc.

    Whether there's any truth in that is unknown. Some people speculate that the khajiit are descended from some of the first elves to reach Tamriel, and the origin myth does explain the different khajiit furstocks and the bosmer Wild Hunt ability. But the other theory that khajiit evolved from other cats and, along with the argonians, were some of the first inhabitants of Tamriel, before men or mer arrived, also seems to have some basis in fact.
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  • SirAxen
  • Fodore
    Where is Jyggilag?
    Before judging a man walk a mile in his shoes.
    After that who cares?
    They're a mile away and you've got their shoes.
  • Corpier
    Sheogorath- Madness (HAHAHAHA!)
    Poll is pointless. Sheo will win. Its just a competition for second place.
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    A Posteriori: Darkelf - Magicka Dragonknight
    Aedra Spawn: Breton - Magicka Templar
    Bertha Ironsides: Imperial - Dragonknight Tank
    Corpíer: Redguard - Stamina Templar
    CorpÌer: Redguard -Stamina Warden
    Logen'Bloody-Nine'Fingers: Redguard - Stamina Dragonknight
  • Kierro
    Sheogorath- Madness (HAHAHAHA!)
    Out of you list, Lord Sheogorath. But I have to say Lord Hircine, because he really seems to care about his followers. Especially werewolves.
  • TheUndeadAmulet
    Molag Bal- Spiritual Enslavement (Bad dude)
    He has a tail.

    That's all the reasoning I need.
    Edited by TheUndeadAmulet on November 6, 2017 9:45AM
    If ESO had good performance then it would easily be one of the best games on the market, maybe even the best. I'm serious ZO$, fix ya game.
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  • Actually_Goku
    Hermaeus Mora- Knowlege (Hentai Tenticle dude)
    I like Sanguine, too.
  • pepe1337
    Clavicus Vile- Deals (The Guy With the Stupid Dog)
    The dog isn't stupid fyi.
  • Xvorg
    Sheogorath- Madness (HAHAHAHA!)
    Is this even a question? Whoever has played TES at least for 10 years know the answer is Uncle Sheo...

    Cheeeeeeese for everyone
    The biggest problem within this game is the lack imagination on its player base and its developers...
    DragonKNIGHT KNIGHT!!!! not Dragonscoundrel, neither Dragonarcher....
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  • Xvorg
    Sheogorath- Madness (HAHAHAHA!)
    By the way, there are a lot Princes missing here, starting with Nocturnal, Sanguine, Jyggalag (that's the most powerful one, even in PvP... Giga Lag), Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon (a shame he didn't make it into the list) and Periyite,
    The biggest problem within this game is the lack imagination on its player base and its developers...
    DragonKNIGHT KNIGHT!!!! not Dragonscoundrel, neither Dragonarcher....
    ― Our enemy was bold so we were bolder... our enemy was strong so we were stronger...

    ― Then, why did you lose?

    ― Our enemy was stupid...
    Get rid of poison on DKs...
    Meridia- Energy of the living (The Glowy lady)
    My favs are Meridia, Azura and Hircine. I'm not sure why I like Hircine because I'm more of a monster hunter but Hircine has always interested me and of all monsters werewolves are probably the best/coolest.
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  • Dont_do_drugs
    Hermaeus Mora- Knowlege (Hentai Tenticle dude)
    hentai tentacles op.
    No Nocturnal. :( Nuuu.

    worst of all. many people already might click this because of her sexy dress.
    Edited by Dont_do_drugs on November 10, 2017 4:35PM

    Egal, wie gut du Schach spielst, die Taube wird alle Figuren umwerfen, auf das Brett kacken und herumstolzieren, als hätte sie gewonnen.
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