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Joy’s advice for Midyear Mayhem Event

PvP is fun and the people who play it are just like yourself, we are out there to have a good time. You can easily contribute to your alliance’s cause, get all the achievements, and see that Cyrodiil is not this scary place full of people who worship Molag Bal! This biggest “barriers” are (mis)perception and inexperience, not skill level or enthusiasm.

If you are good at ESO, even as a full time “PvEer,” you absolutely have the potential to be a good at PvP. A quick anecdote. One of my best ESO friends was strictly a PvE endgame player and a very good one. One day she asked me to do a “secret” PvP mission for her, which amounted to her killing me while standing on a resource so she could get enough AP to get vigor; she was that unsettled that her PvE skills would not translate into PvP. I declined – as I hope all people would – and told her what I am telling you right now: given skill and enthusiasm a good “PvEer” can quickly become a force in PvP. So she did what I advised and went out an earned the AP. Here we are, 6 months later, and she’s very competent and now I am actually having to turn down some Battleground invitations because she asks so much. Point: do not be intimated by Cyrodiil (or the people there … we don’t bite!)

CP or No CP?
It’s going to depend. There are pros and cons to both and which is “better” or more suitable is going to be entirely based on the eye of the beholder. In no CP, you have less margin for error because blocking, CC breaking, dodging, and your skills are relatively more expensive and things like siege and proc sets are going to hit you harder. It requires a specific build and if you are used to say running Maelstrom arena or doing a Trial with your 500+ CPs or so the difference can be quite jarring. In CP, it is possible to have more diverse builds so you are going to come across opponents that can do good damage and be quite tanky at the same time, which also can be jarring. I would recommend if you do not have very many CPs, you do no CP because that is what you are already accustomed to. If you have a fair amount of CPs (by no means do you need to be maxed), check out the CP. Actually everybody should try both since what’s better is subjective.

PC NA Vivek is the most popular campaign and will be pop locked by prime time. If you do not play on prime time, that’s your best bet for fights and to start working on those achievements! If you do play prime time and just want fights with shorter or no ques, Shor for CP, Sotha Sil for no CP.

Note: ZoS’s queues are acting funny. For the past 3 nights I have had 60+ que pop immediately. More folks will probably be entering queues so these numbers are going to look huge. I wouldn’t be discouraged and I wouldn’t stray too far AFK.

Note 2: You can get into any campaign even if you aren’t homed or guested and the AP you get, the kills, the resource captures, etc., all will count. Don’t feel compelled to play in a campaign you do not find enjoyable simply because you are “locked” in because you aren’t. If you group with a friend or guildmate, you can get into any campaign (you used to be able just to teleport to that player if they were on the same alliance, I don’t know if this is still the case).

I have my CPs and want to use them. Do I need to change them for PvP?
Yes and no : Yes as in you probably do if all you did before was purely PvE. No as in once you do adjust your CPs, you will not have to keep changing them every time you enter or leave Cyrodiil. I PvP and PvE and do not change my points and do just fine. If you are super mix-maxer, a perfectionist, or are competing for the world’s #1 trial score, then maybe you might feel compelled to change, but the diminishing returns system Zos implemented makes any such change have a minimal and almost imperceptible benefit.

As for what PvP stars you need:
  • From the “red” trees, you should already have: Expert Defender, Hardy, Thick-Skinned, Elemental Defender, and Ironclad. You need some in Resilient. If you are a sorcerer, then Bastion is a good idea. I would recommend against putting too many into Quick Recovery because while it has a nice benefit, it scales terribly. Instead place points in the other stars so you don’t take damage that you have to heal in the first place.
  • From the Blue trees, you probably don’t need to change at all because damage is damage. So Thumaturge and Master at Arms for everyone. Precise, Piercing, and Mighty for “stamina” characters and Spell Erosion, Elfborn, and Elemental Expert for “magicka.” Blessed is like quick Recovery, the benefits are nice but scales terribly.
  • The Green Trees are probably what you need to change most. Arcanist / Mooncalf you already have these, but I bet too much. Diminishing returns are a real thing. I invest 49. You need Shadow Ward (everyone must block), Tumbling (everyone has to dodge roll), Warlord is absolutely essential. I personally put some into Bashing Focus - YES! - ZoS intended bash to be an important counter in PvE (Do Hel Ra and go upstairs, laugh at the Twins fight in Maw, etc.). I put a few points into Sprinter because you do that a lot. Siphon sounds good, but is too inefficient for my blood.

The biggest difference between my CP setup and my PvE Trial friends is that they have marginally better resource and damage percentages, but I can dodge, block, break free, bash, sprint, and do other things noticeably more efficiently than they can. Their DPS parses are potentially a little better than mine, but I do not die because I ran out of stamina and I don’t wipe the raid because people are incapable of bashing the channeled attacks in the Twins fight in Maw. So I do not switch out my CPs between PvP and PvE.

What gear should I wear?
You do need different gear. Probably. I mean you could bring your DPS gear and light some opponents up who aren’t very experienced, but you will run out of resources quickly and explode when attacked by players who know what they are doing.

The biggest difference with PvP is that you probably will need almost double the amount of resource recovery/reduction than in PvE. You can’t just heavy attack people in PvP the way you do for a Target Dummy rotation. As a magicka build, my comfort zone is about 1800 regen and that’s using the Channeled Focus skill in a CP campaign.

The easiest thing to do is craft yourself seducer armor; you don’t need to gold it out (or even purple if your cheap, there isn’t much difference from blue quality). Of your 7 armor pieces, as long as you about 5 impen, that will work (I think 1 sturdy is a good choice for all magicka builds). With all that resource management, you can use the thief Mundas (by far the most efficient) and use some spell damage glyphs on your jewelry. It’s not a min-maxed build, but it’s effective and will work.

I would wear a Monster set of choice, and if you don’t have much gear in your bank, 3 willpower jewelry is a very efficient (and by now, cheap) setup. Just craft yourself a sharpened staff with a spell damage glyph and you’re good to go (or use a VMA staff if you are lucky to have a sharpend one). This is an inexpensive and very accessible way to field a decent build for a week of PvP to have some fun and grab those achievements!

I don’t play stamina much so I’m not the best person to ask for advice. Hunding’s rage and Nightmother’s Gaze are solid damage sets, but you got to get resource managements somewhere (recommend the purple Camlorn drink at least). Eternal Hunt is very strong for smaller scale play. I think at least 1 or maybe 2 well-fitted traits is appropriate.

I’m a healer. Any advice?
Yes. Play a hybrid DPS-Healer. I started out PvP as a “healer” and got a little frustrated when I was attacked by other players and realized I could not defend myself very well. So I started adding DPS skills, then eventually made one bar for DPS, and then eventually a solo build that just sort of occasionally heals other people. A hybrid approach will give you more flexibility, and IMHO, is more fun.

Reflective Light, Purifying Light, Haunting Curse, Deep Fissure, Swarm, (procced) Crystal Fragments are all highly effective and efficient and potentially lethal skills “healers” can toss out from range as part of a rotation and without too much sweat get the 50 killing blows you need for one of the achievements. There is zero reason not to use what are some of the absolute best skills in the game, regardless of your “role”. I mean Purifying Light heals, use it! And this isn’t even considering the big two: Jesus Beam and Mage’s Fury.

I’m a tank. Any advice?
Unfortunately, I can’t speak from experience so I’m not the best person to offer guidance. I’d like to say just be a hybrid-DPS, but that’s not as easy as a healer since you are likely going to place yourself in danger and need to devote more gear and resources just for survival. That being said, there’s no reason a sword and shield defensive player can’t add some offense and do stuff other than holding down block. You aren’t going to tank a zerg, but when the enemy weakens or some holes in the line open up, get in there, reverb bash, heroic slash (great skill), throw in some DoTs, and put pressure on opponents you sense are weak. Kills aren’t going to come easy, granted, but you will get some. Tis a thankless job you got and you’re going to die more than ranged players, but a well-played “tank” that actually disrupts and damages enemies has got to be satisfying. You know what you are doing is hard and people are too timid to try it. You and tell by the way players just panic trying to get away from you that you are an intimidating presence whose difference in a fight can’t be measured by ESO statistics or an add-on.

I play magicka, can you offer some tips for survival?
  • Your stamina pool is your life. I would only use Witchmother’s Brew if you are going to enjoy the safety of many allies around you or in combination with the new shacklebreaker set and even then, you’re stam pool will be small and in no-CP, you’re definitely going to have trouble blocking, breaking free, and survival in general. I generally recommend Purple Tri-Stat food.
  • I’m impatient as the next person getting from point A to point B, but sprinting consumes stamina and you don’t have a lot of it.
  • It’s probably a good idea to always have your shield up before you take damage as opposed to after.
  • If your health is below 60%, you are in danger of being killed outright, all it takes is one “cc” (crowd control) effect plus an ultimate.
  • Slot generic stamina potions on your consumable wheel (I’m assuming you don’t want to spend expensive “tri-stat” potions). Be ready and willing to switch from your magicka potions to the green juice because you will die quickly and horribly in you run out of stamina.
  • Your best DPS skills – ground based DoTs – do not translate well into PvP because I will either move out of them or out-heal them. I might slot one but that’s it.
  • Please don’t stand out in the open and heavy lightning attack another player in a competitive situation. It’s good Vs. PvE mobs but that’s just about it. If you need resources, that’s one thing, but as a low sustain DPS attack, it’s utterly ineffective and will entice aggressive opponents to attack “easy” prey.
  • Sword and shield is a “stam” weapon set, but is very effective on templars “back bar” (press block and cast Ritual and Breath of Life if in trouble) and Dragonknight “front bar” (press block instead of “weaving” light attacks if under pressure. Templar “healers” might consider sword and shield “front bar” for their class based heals to go with restoration “back bar”.
  • Dual swords I think is an advanced technique. Staffs were buffed (as were light attacks) and you don’t gain ultimate unless you light attack, which can be inconvenient as a Magicka ranged players using two swords.
  • Attacks that deal damage and heal you at the same time are very efficient.
  • What’s going to get you killed the most is lack of mobility. If you are a PvE vampire slot Mist Form (it’s not meant to be spammed, just use it once to get out of trouble and find Line of sight). If you aren’t a PvE vampire, it’s not necessary to become one. If you are getting chased down, mist form wouldn’t have saved you, trust me. Just be cognizant about willfully entering dangerous zones and be mindful of the possibility of retreat so you can do so before it’s too late. Nightblade and Sorcerers have options here, but they are by no means foolproof (and nor should they be). Sometimes you’re just going to get overwhelmed. I mean you can try and struggle to escape with your pitiful stamina pool, but I generally find it more satisfying to be aggressive and try to take one person down with me.

I play stamina, how about some tips for me?
  • OK, but these are all pretty much from the perspective of an opponent
  • You can survive without a magicka pool, but that limited pool is best saved for opportune moments.
  • Bow back bar is natural. Always have poison injection on your target
  • Are you a NB? You cloak to reposition, rather than escape. Also Incapacitating Strike is money.
  • Are you a sorcerer? Surge gives you ridiculous healing, play aggressively
  • Are you a DK? Igneous shield gives you major mending. Use Leap attack aggressively against opponents under 50% health.
  • Are you a Templar? Jabs is a strong spammable but you need to compliment that with DoTs (I think Blood Craze is best). Use Dawnbreaker (preferably Smiting) as your ultimate.
  • I would use dubious camlorn throne since magicka is a luxury as opposed to necessity.
  • If your health is below 60%, you are in danger of getting killed outright. Dodge away from your opponent and vigor/rally (preferably with amps like igneous shield or cloak). Note: this is why the Eternal Hunt set is so darn effective.
  • You are best played cravenly. If you smell blood, pounce because you have the mobility and burst damage to secure a quick kill. If you fail an attack, use your mobility to withdraw and wait for another opening.
  • If are just looking to get AP and kills and don’t have an aversion to dying, a primary “bow” build can be very effective in massive battles. Understand the less room there is to hide among allies, this spec is vulnerable to aggressive players.
  • Although stamina players are not associated with healing, you must heal yourself to sustain Vs. competent opponents. Rally makes the Two-hander a natural, however blood craze and Bloodlust do make dual wield a legitimate option. You might not have vigor – it does not take that long to get and as soon as you do immediately slot it.

OK, I’m in Cyrodiil, what should I do?
Two options here. You can join a “pug” group (they will advertise in Zone, respond to them rather than type “lfg”. It is best to have TeamSpeak, usual requirements are too listen, you don’t have to talk). If you are new (and even if you aren’t), stay on Crown (I recommend the Extermintus add-on if available). This approach does guarantee the safety of numbers and the people you meet can offer valuable advice and may become one of your best ESO friends.

Or you can “zerg surf.” What this means is you follow a gaggle of friendlies from place to place – you will see crossed swords on the map and usually people tend to drift toward the nearest enemy objective. I found this option to be more appealing when I first started out, but that’s just me because I tend to be independent and liked the option to go and do what I thought would be the most fun.

Try both, see what works for you.

Either way, you are just looking to get in some large scale fights where you can get your feet wet in the PvP experience without some 5 Star Grand Overlord in your face who is going to paste you in about 2 seconds. Getting a sense of what works, what doesn’t, the ebb and flow of PvP combat, that sort of thing.

Should I buy/use siege?
You probably will get a lot of advice to do so because they are very effective against playesr and a fire ballista bolt loosed from a recruit does the same damage as one from a Grand Overlord. I would, however, advise caution and in no way rely on siege. It is going to be expensive for someone just starting out and I can tell you right now, you are going to get yourself killed if you do it wrong.

If you join a “pug” group it will be expected you use a PLAIN OLD ballista (they will be labeled “Pact”, “Dominion” or “Covenant”) to siege down enemy keeps, so buy some if you are going this route. Place it down as close to your allies as you can, aim for the WALL – not the postern door or house (exception: the very front “gate” door does take damage), and GET OFF after you fire. You get off to heal/shield yourself (you likely will be hit by enemy counter siege and to make yourself a less appealing target for “gankers”). Get back on and fire once the ballista has reloaded.
If you go the lone route, I might buy 1 or 2 to use just to help if that’s needed.

If you want to attack players with siege, then you should buy Fire ballistas (and only that for now). Yes, other siege is good vs. players, but they require specific situations to be effective so let experienced players do that. Your fire ballista is great against players and enemy siege equipment. Here’s the catch, it’s not as easy as it looks.
  • If you try to use siege in an open field battle, it only works in a stalemate situation. If your alliance is winning, the enemy will be pushed out of range. If your alliance is losing, then enemy players will kill you and then burn your siege.
  • If you are alone in an open field battle, you are a prime target for gankers.
  • So best for keep defense. Place it on the ramparts and target enemy siege with a lot of players around. See the damage numbers and be excited. Then enemy fire trebuchets counter-fire and you’re now taking a 6-8K fire DoT, in addition to the up-front damage. Siege can work and you can get good AP from it, just expect the counter-fire and be prepared to get off, heal yourself, and buy more fire ballistas.

So buy a few, but don’t go crazy until you get some experience.
Please don’t waste your AP on Alliance war Forward Camps. More experienced players will have that covered.

I’m defending a castle, what should I do?
If you are a healer, please keep the people on siege alive. If you want to put down a fire ballista, have at it. If you have a ranged attack, go ahead and pew-pew from the ramparts, just know that if you are targeted by the enemy and fall under 60% health, you are in danger of dying. Note: Do NOT stand on the grate above the front door. If you get CCed on it, you will fall down.

Once the attackers break down the wall or front door, it is very risky to remain on the castle walls. If they succeed in overwhelming the breech and enter the courtyard, you are in danger of being cut off with no escape, getting killed, and not being able to participate in the fight since the only way back is to travel through all those enemies and into the inner keep. If I were new, once the wall got down to like 10%, I would pack up my siege and at least retreat toward to the courtyard by the inner door. You can always fight with your allies there if the defenders are strong enough or continue retreat to the inner if not. There is no reason an inexperienced player should be exposed on the outer walls once the enemy breaks in.

Defending the Inner Keep is what I find the most fun in the game. Just know space is rather tight so please allow experienced players to set up their siege first. Even if you are a “tank” stay away from an exposed breech as it’s going to get hit with massive siege. Wait until the attackers come in – they will eventually – and then tank/disrupt the ones who do.

I’m attacking a castle, what should I do?
I think it’s best to help defend against enemy skirmishers who try to attack the siege line. If there is no enemy threat, sure, try to pew pew the defenders on the walls, just know if you are below 60% health and get CC’d, you might die so be cautious. FOR THE LOVE OF THE EIGHT DIVINES, DO NOT STAND UNDER ENEMY OIL. I don’t care if some 5 star Grand Overlord set up a ram, do *not* be a moron and get on it if oil is coming down.

Once your side has broken into the enemy courtyard, much the same: defend against skirmishers and pew-pew or heal heal.

When the Inner in brought down, the breech is a lethal place if there is a strong defensive force inside (sometimes there isn’t and you can simply walk inside). If you are indecisive and linger there, you will be killed horribly and quickly. Either you go all the way inside and attack (with many allies) or you don’t. Before you do anything, apply a shield or cast vigor.

I can damage players but have a hard time killing them. How can they take so much damage?
Because they are experienced, knowledgeable of the mechanics, know when to play defensively, and you are most likely using inefficient DPS.

I can tell you right now a PvE rotation, even if efficient, struggles against experienced PvPers because predictable, constant damage is not that difficult to mitigate/heal though/avoid. Even if it’s high, experienced players will simply move and not subject themselves to that sort of punishment. An experienced player who drops under 50% health will “turtle” and go into a defensive focus that makes them, even as non “tanks”, difficult to kill. This is the biggest difference I notice between players who are experienced and those who aren’t. Inexperienced players default to attack rather than self-preservation.

When I first started playing, this is what stood out the most: I was amazed at how these players could survive so much incoming damage and I desperately wanted to know their “secret.” Now the roles are reversed. It’s not a secret. I wear impen gear. I value my stamina pool and use it efficiently. I use expensive potions (VR15 with 3 properties). I know my class’s strengths and weaknesses inside out. I almost always devote one armor set bonus for pure defensive purposes. I am mindful or my environment and where the enemy might be. Most of all I developed a 6th sense of danger: when I am attacked, whether by a “ganker” or a destro bomb-group, I react instinctively and correctly.

The most reliable way to kill players in not with sustained DPS, rather with unexpected burst damage that they cannot react to. A common means of doing this is to have a DoT active, CC them before they sense danger, and the hit them with your ultimate in combination with a high damaging burst. If they are still alive once the CC break, use an execute if you got it.

In short, just spamming skills will not secure kills Vs. good opponents. Players who know what they are doing are going to either be very elusive or seemingly “tank” a lot of damage when they feel threatened. It’s (a necessary) part of the game. Play intelligently and use good tactics to burst through, or better yet, avoid entirely, their strongest defenses.

Wait, you’re getting pretty specific. Can you just give a novice some useful general pointers so they can have some fun without dying so much?
  • Sure.
  • Are you a “magplar”? Use these skills liberally Purifying Light, Reflective Light, Puncturing Sweeps. Always have Extended Ritual and Channeled Focus active. Breath of Life is an awesome spell, but it’s expensive, mind your resources. Don’t list to people why say spam Jesus Beam. It’s waste of magicka using it and hoping to get a kill from it. I Reflective Light anything before Jesus Beaming it, and only use the beam for target under 30% or under pressure from multiple players.
  • Are you a magicka Sorcerer? Be selective with your targets, you have the best burst damage in the game and it’s inefficient to spread it out. Haunting Curse every 4th spell; it’s that good. Only use Crystal frag when it procs, you *really* want to hit an unaware opponent. Don’t listen to people who say spam Endless Fury mindlessly. Use it tactically against weakened opponents or those under pressure. Shield is always active if you even feel the possibility of being attacked. Mines are very good deterrents but mind the cost.
  • Are you a mDK? Hmm…I stopped playing this class about two years ago so gonna be tough for advice. You can try a ranged build with heavy attack, you’ll get AP and some kills in large fight, but what I remarked about how bow builds tend to be easy prey in small scale combat applies. The best DKs I fight use Burning Embers as both a DPS and heal, Fossilize their opponent (don’t use this Vs. a CC immune opponent, it does nothing), and Talons pretty liberally. It isn’t easy because you’ve got to be right in their face, which is why so many opt for Sword and shield front bat and block cast when under pressure.
  • Are you a magicka nightblade? If you spam cloak as your main defense you are going to be very disappointed in the class. You use shields and HoTs as your primary defense. Works best as a ranged attacker. Beware of defenders who can reflect your attacks.
  • Are you a Warden? Shalk on cooldown; don’t turn away - even when you want to retreat - if the shalk is about to trigger. Cliffracer is an annoying skill; it’s very effective if you aren’t getting attacked, but if you are and spam this, you will get rekt. Magicka players should use Harness + Vines as primary defense. Stam players, I’m not the best to ask.
  • Are you a “stam” player? It’s really hard for me to boil this down in a pithy paragraph. Scroll up and read my specific points.
  • Do not stand still. Movement breaks the rhythm of people who are attacking you and powerful attacks like Dizzying Swing and Puncturing Sweeps are hard to hit against moving targets.
  • You will die a lot. It’s fine, everyone did when first starting. Even brave, experienced players (i.e the one who do more than stand in the rear spamming Snipes and Jesus Beams) also die regularly.
  • If you are alone in a high traffic area (i.e. the direct route from a keep to crossed swords), there is a good chance you are going to get “ganked,” and if the ganker is good, probably die outright. If the fight is worth going too, simply wait for other people to get on the horse and ride there (if nobody is going, then the fight is worth your time anyway).
  • If you see a small group of players with funny looking symbols “retreating” from anything less than double their number, they aren’t retreating, they are setting up a counter-attack.
  • Capturing Resources and Castles especially are worth large amount of AP. If the enemy captures a resource, join other players to get it back. Even if there are no enemies, it’s a free 1.5K AP
  • Do not pay the Capture/Scout quests any heed. They often ask you to go to out of the way places and you’ll get just as much AP capturing that resource right next to a well defended keep.
  • If a Castle Wall goes under 50%, it will “flag” and transit will be cut off. Transit is by far the easiest and safest way to get from place to place. If a castle is called out in zone as being under attack, make up your mind quickly and get there as fast as you can if you want to help the defense (I advise you do so if you are just waiting around).
  • The “emperor ring” sees the vast majority of action. Many DC players go east from Fort Aleswell to Bleakers and then Chalman or South to Fort Ash to Nikel to Castle Roebeck. AD players will Go North from Castle Alessia to Sejanus and then Blue Road Keep or from Castle Roebeck to Nikel to Fort Ash. EP players go from Chalman Keep to Bleakers to Fort Aleswell or south from Blue Road Keep to Sejanus to Castle Alessia. This is by far the best area to get your feet wet, find quick and constant action, other allies, etc.
  • If it’s just you and like 12 players and arrive at an enemy Castle that is strongly defended, you’re going to get wiped easily (small outpost with no outer wall is potentially another story).
  • There is a difference between panicking when being attacked and a tactical withdraw where you are actually using your skills, blocking, opportunist dodging to get away from a dangerous situation.
  • I said it once and I’ll say it again and you’ll probably ignore me. If castle defenders are pouring oil, DO NOT STAND ON THE PORCH.
  • If you play EP and “potato” to Castle Alessia Front Door and try to set up siege, you will give my agita, raise my blood pressure, and probably shorten my life by two weeks. Do not join this idiocy. If you want to skirmish the equally idiotic AD who jump off the walls, fine, but do so AWAY FROM THE APACOLYPTIC SIEGE REIGNING DOWN. If more intelligent EP are not trying to start a useful siege by the Mine or Farm, hang around the smarter people toward the bridge – eventually when the EP potatoes die, the AD will counter attack toward the bridge.
  • If you’re a “healer” or a “tank,” please scroll up to my aforementioned mentioned advice. You will get your kill 50 player achievements soon enough.
  • If you really want to get somewhere without getting “ganked” and don’t feel like waiting for others, put rapid maneuvers Alliance War ability in place of your least important skill and take it off when you feel safe (but do so before entering combat as you can’t switch skills then). Alternatively, taking a path less traveled helps (for example – want to go from Bleakers to Aleswell Farm? As soon as you exit, head North for a bit, then west (bonus, you’ll pass an Alyeid Well you can tap for temporary health) then south once you’re due north of the Farm).
  • Do not get frustrated by getting “zerged” down by numerous enemy players. It’s the reality of open world and unpredictable combat. It happens, it’s fine, it’s nothing personal against you. Just rez and have back at them!
  • Rebind your CC break to an easily accessible single button because it’s the most important thing you’re going to do. I used to use “x” and even that was too slow. Now it’s mouse wheel up and any stun gets broken pretty much immediately.
  • Note the difference between organized groups and disorgnzied masses. An organized group will run very tight and together, like a school of fish. Be SUPER cautious against them (remember what I said about people with funny symbols “retreating”) and do not get into melee with them without clear numerical superiority (I’d say at least 2:1). Never follow these groups through choke points. If they are stringing you away from a safe objective, do not pursue if friendlies break off and head back. If they turn around to attack, IMMEDIATELY dodge roll left or right and move away from any siege weapons or groups of allies. You can be more aggressive Vs. disorganized masses.
  • If you see me, say hi :smile:
  • I’m sure there is more but there’s a lot of stuff here!

Most of all have fun!

One more thing. How do I get AP?

The way offensive and defensive AP "ticks" are awarded for capturing resources and keeps has a procedure that you kind of have to follow in order to get credit.

Offensive is pretty straightforward. The AP tick comes immediately when the resource or keep changes alliance color to your own (the NPC guards spawn at the same time). So you need to be near the resource or castle to get credit - don't just walk away when the enemy guards are dead.

Defensive is a little more complicated. Defenders do not get credit for defending a resource or castle until 60 seconds after the last enemy player dies. So if enemy players keep dying, the tick timer will keep resetting. The best way to know the tick happens if by using an add-on that keeps track on XP and AP gains. ZoS awhile ago added this as a default feature in the lower right side of your screen, where it also shows loot, gear rewards. Generally defensive ticks tend be be large (they range anywhere from like 800 [1600 for double AP week] AP up to like 10,000 [20,000]), so if you see small numbers of AP popping up, odds aren't that's not a tick.

The best way I would use to judge if a tick happened if you don't have an add on is to look at what the high ranked players are doing (they'll have moons, stars, multiple boxes, etc.) If a bunch of them are just on horses around an uncontested resource or keep after a fight, they are waiting for the tick and will ride off once it registers.

You also get AP for "contributing" to the death of enemy players, either by damaging them, healing allies who damage them, and other means which are pretty complex. My advice is just fight effectively: heal allies, damage enemies, and that sort of AP will roll in naturally.

Be sure to do all the "kill enemy" quests. You can do a total of 6 (players, templars, nightblades, wardens, sorcerers, dragonknights). You don't need to actually kill them, just contribute damage/healing when enemies die.
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    Awesome post :)
    I hope more posts on the forums trend in this positive and helpful direction.
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    I see someone got bored during the 300 person queue. Haha. Insightful as always, Joy.
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  • DocFrost72
    Excellent advice. I'm not a newb, but some of this even I needed to hear ("GET OFF THE DANG SIEGE WHEN RELOADING" is now burned into my ears xD)
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    Anyway, that's why I built this hybrid."
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    Going to post this on a large Facebook group. Great post
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    Just get achievements and leave this place, full of bloodthirsty savages.
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    Great job Joy .
  • Tryxus
    Thank you for taking the time to make this, Joy. Much appreciated
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  • Riggsy
    Riggsy's advice for pvp newbs:

    If you see someone dead and the keep/outpost is burst use a soul gem to rez them, don’t be stingy. If you see some siege sitting there unused DON’T use it, someone else is. Its empty because when youre sieging you GET OFF between shots as to not get ganked. Use fire siege against other players/siege and regular stone siege against walls. And for the love of god, if you’re sieging down a wall DON’T hit the doors unless they are the front ones.
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    Very good and accurate information. But, way too long. This needs to be cut down into bite size information. This is my opinion.
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    I think I love you.

    Nope, I do.

    Even experienced pvpers could learn from this.

    You have my heart.
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    Damn fine post @Joy_Division
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  • Faylis
    @Joy_Division Best thing i have read on these forums in a long time, Cheers!
  • VirtualElizabeth
    Great read! I am slowly making my way back into Cyrodiil after almost a year break from the game. @Joy_Division you may have this somewhere in the post but do you mind listing your favorite PVP related add ons you use? Thanks!
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    Thank you!
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    Got got past the first few words and just gave up....
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    This should be stickied somewhere if it's not already.
  • stevepdodson_ESO888
    @Joy_Division somewhere in heaven Ian Curtis sings your praises
  • VirtualElizabeth
    Got got past the first few words and just gave up....

    I read the whole thing and it's got a lot of great food for thought.
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  • MarbleQuiche
    I put forth the theory that it was your encouraging words and niceties to wet-behind-the-ear PvE players that broke the PvP servers.

    (Wow, what a post. Wish there were two awesome buttons, one for each thumb).
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    Damn boy you should write a book
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    Nice work.
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
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  • Syrusthevirus187
  • Arkvoril
    WoW. As a person that don't PvP and had some questions.........I have none now. Thank you!

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  • Taleof2Cities
    Great post, @JoyDivsion. You, good sir, get an awesome.
    Do not pay the Capture/Scout quests any heed. They often ask you to go to out of the way places and you’ll get just as much AP capturing that resource right next to a well defended keep.

    So, if I'm DC, are you saying I should drop that scout quest for Drakelowe Farm??

    : pauses to think for a few seconds :

    OK, then ...

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  • zaria
    Riggsy wrote: »
    Riggsy's advice for pvp newbs:

    If you see someone dead and the keep/outpost is burst use a soul gem to rez them, don’t be stingy. If you see some siege sitting there unused DON’T use it, someone else is. Its empty because when youre sieging you GET OFF between shots as to not get ganked. Use fire siege against other players/siege and regular stone siege against walls. And for the love of god, if you’re sieging down a wall DON’T hit the doors unless they are the front ones.
    This rez, he might rez you afterward or at least be nice enough to take an balista bolt for you.
    You even get AP for rez, however like in dugeons don't stand in stupid or get overrun wile doing it, not even then rezing Khajiit.

    Burn enemy sige equipment, you can not use it :(
    The small doors don't take damage, you have to hit the walls at the sides.
    If inexperienced hang back. Notice how you always try to hit the guys all in the front, well the enemy do the same.
    On the other hand stay with the group, you get AP for all enemies any in group hit.
    More fun I have completed kill enemy (class) while dead :)
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
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