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You do not qualify for this product. Morrowind


It's been like this for a while. I put in a ticket and have gotten no response. Maybe someone here can get it solved so I don't have to wait weeks for them to reply to buy it.
  • Darlgon
    Do you already own the base game? If so, you want the cheaper upgrade instead of that.
    Power level to CP160 in a week:
    Where is the end game? You just played it.
    Why don't I have 300+ skill points? Because you skipped content along the way.
    Where is new content? Sigh.
  • casparian
    You seem to own the base game already, since you've been posting here for several months. That means you want the Digital Collector's Edition upgrade, not the Digital Collector's Edition.
    7-day PVP campaign regular 2016-2019, Flawless Conqueror. MagDK/stamplar/stamwarden/mageblade. Requiem, Legend, Knights of Daggerfall. Currently retired from the wars; waiting on performance improvements.
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