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Toppling Charge in Cyrodiil bug


It happened several times today..

You attack with toppling charge and then goes directly to cyrodiil loading screen.
After 15-40 secs you reappear but just like you are standing up in the sky with no real background graphic and cant do anything.
Then after 15-40 secs the cyrodiil loading screen appear again and after a while you end up in front of one of the two cyrodiil wayshrines.

Can you please find a solution?
  • RouDeR
    Welcome to Cyrodiil gap closers ,its a casual thing since begining of time .
  • Deedleqwerty
    I stopped using two-handed weapons for this reason. Crit Rush got me killed way too many times - running around with my arms in the air, doing nothing else.
    ~Deedleqwerty [PS4] / NA / EU
    CP 1450 NA / CP 838 EU
    Aldmeri Dominion - Wardevils
    See you in Cyrodiil
  • timidobserver
    At one point they were talking about making all gap closer into teleports, but that never went anywhere.
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