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Spaceship in ESO (video) [Homestead]

Due to Carpeter-001 was created on PTS server ( ) now he cant defend my home. Still i needed some guardian. Here in my house i created him - Carpetium Stinger. 300 carpets were used on him and 200+ other furniture and he still in development.

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  • paulsimonps
  • GrigorijMalahevich
    good job brother :)
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Ooo, nice! :smiley: What are the engines made from?
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  • Elara_Northwind
    OMG, that is just.... Beautiful! Wow! It's absolutely amazing! I am speechless! :blush:
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  • Cadbury
    Wow! I love this! :o
    Very creative.
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  • Glaiceana
    So awesome! Ingenious use of the khajiit carpet and the wedding thing :D Love the skyshards for lazers too! Well done, this is actually amazing!! I would definitely love to visit you to see it in person :)
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  • MarkusLiberty
    Well done! That looks amazing
    *Special Snowflake*

  • DannyLV702
    Sir, you are the future :o
  • FlaviusPK
    What the... amazing stuff man!!! I guess that's the best I've seen so far in the eso housing creations.
  • Artemiisia
    looool OMG thats insane work
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  • Ahzek
    Ridiculously amazing.
    Jo'Khaljor the bestest stam sorc (out of all 3) EU.

  • CatchMeTrolling
    What in aetherius
  • Myrrah
    0.0 woooooooow
  • BigBragg
    Ancient Aliens: The Dwemer Files
    Cadwell, I seem to have run out of forks to give.
  • Rouven
    Awesome Flying Carpet Armada!
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  • EldritchPenguin
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  • ynimma
    Wonderful! :)
    Powered by skyshards! ESO Dangerous :)
  • Quigster
    Is it just me, or does that thing somewhat resemble a Covenant Dropship?
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  • Kram8ion
    Wow awesome does look a bit like a hover skidoo or something Flash Gordon :)
    Kramm stam man kittyblade

  • Own
    nice job man
  • OmniDo
    I love it when the community creates more interesting content on their own than Zenimax does, considering the tools they gave us to use are gimped versions of their own in-house tools.

    Great job, and awesome creativity! :smiley:
  • MrsMakeumRage
    If any of you is on the Xbox 1 na server I am currently recruiting for my housing showcase guild! Just comment your gt and I'll send you an invite!
  • The_Lex

    Seriously, though, you did an amazing job!
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  • Stormshaper
    UNBELIEVABLE! I am just in awe of the scale and cleverness.
  • xynode
    Was talking in my discord about Homestead and some of the cool things people have made and i was reminded of this and HAD to post it in the chat. This is absolutely stunning, creativity at it's best indeed!
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