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Is a headset/mic a requirement for joining most guilds?

I played Everquest and WoW in high level guilds years ago using a headset for communication and honestly don't want to anymore. I spend most of my work day talking to people, then I get home and have more talking to do until the wife and kids are in bed, so when I l do finally log on to play in the evenings the last thing I want to think about is talking to more people. No offense, as I'm sure there are lots of really nice people playing ESO. :smile:

That said - I have an XB chat pad on my controller and would be ok with the occasional text chat.

Does my aversion to using a headset/mic eliminate me from being able to join most guilds? How important is it for just simple casual play and some random grouping?
  • Marginis
    This depends on the guild. For my guild, a chatpad is usually preferred to voice chat (as long as you use it). For competitive guilds, they usually prefer voice chat. There are also some guilds who don't care if you chat at all, like most trading guilds. Like I said, it depends. One can usually find the guild's policies in the guild MotD, on the guild website/forum thread, or by asking the guildmaster or a guild officer.

    For my guild, Magicka, it's on our forum thread Here, if you want an example of how an RP guild deals with chat.
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