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Official Discussion Thread for "That's a Wrap on 2016!"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "That's a Wrap on 2016!" As we near the end of 2016, Game Director Matt Firor looks back on everything we've accomplished this year for ESO.
Jessica Folsom
Lead Community Manager - ZeniMax Online Studios
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  • Gedalya
    This year has been great for ESO; the expansions have been great and I've enjoyed the new content as well as the old throughout 2016 (finally became Emperor last month after trying forever so that was a nice note to end the year on). I'm looking forward to Homestead DLC and hopefully more DLC like Orsinium (crossing my fingers that we will see that in the form of Vvardenfell). Thanks for a great year ZOS!
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  • Cinbri
    Good, good. Now exact date of pts plese.
  • SirAndy
  • Blackfyre20
    I musta missed the part where further decimating PVP was mentioned
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  • Legoless
    Pandorii wrote: »
    I think we need a preview of 2017 more than we need a recap of 2016. We know what happened during 2016.
    Similar sentiment.
  • nimander99
    Mostly a good year, didn't like the cryptic we will have to wait till later in 2017 to know what's coming comment... We know what's coming, Vvardenfell, lets start hyping it!

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  • Docmandu
    Instead of piling on more stuff, how about spending some time to fix age old super annoying bugs that remain to this date.
    Also being a bit quicker with fixes to serious imbalance issues would be more than welcome.

    Current state: can't recommend to friends.
  • susmitds
    Well, Zeni accomplished to get scam crates, $45 mounts, tons of bugs etc in the game for sure. And proc sets...
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    "blah blah blah PR blah recap blah We'll talk a lot more about the amazing new things that are coming to ESO as early as we can in the new year."

    How early is early? Give me a date and I'll get excited. Because for me, 'as early as we can' would be January 2nd, or January 3rd if we assume ZOS moves holidays that fall on a Sunday to the next Monday as many companies do. But I suspect Mr. Firor means several weeks into January. I would be happy to be proven wrong, of course.
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  • Rev Rielle
    Rev Rielle
    The recap is good, enjoy it for what it is? It's disappointing to see complaints all the time about what things aren't. It's nice to have a summation of just what was done and released over the last year to realised that in mmo-terms there's been quite a lot of content added. Blogs of course will be coming soon about what's to come in the future (Matt's already said that himself, and just in this blog article again), but a few days before Christmas is not the time to be realising such.

    The Thieves Guild and One Tamriel was the highlight for me this year. I'm really looking forward to Homestead next year. Also extremely interested to see the beginning of the new main story arch in the game. Really hope there's a new oblivion realm to explore.
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  • pattyLtd
    While i have many complaints as many of us do i still love ESO enough to play it everyday and spemd too much time on this forum if i cant.

    I do think focus should be on fixing long standing issues and optimize performance no big overhauls of anything before the its fixed. Please fix pvp asap its really not even fun anymore but thats just my opinion.

    Thx for reading <3
    Edited by pattyLtd on December 22, 2016 10:48PM
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  • Abeille
    Okay thank you.

    To be 100% honest, I can't really say that I liked this year in ESO. I still recommend it to people, although I let them know about the addition of RNG Boxes because I would feel bad if I didn't warn them.

    But at least the first semester of the year was nice. Before the whole crate mess, you know. I enjoyed DB and TG, some of the new characters are really good, and it was great when people datamined Vvardenfell although you are really taking your sweet time to make an official reveal.

    On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this year a solid 3.
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  • Aerius_Sygale
    I got really excited, of all things, about the introduction of the Craft Bag and Costume Dyeing. I'm a very aesthetic gamer, gotta look good. I've unlocked the majority of dyes for Armor/Costumes. The whole Crown Crate scheme is sad, but it is what it is... Hope to see more full blown content next year, Wrothgar sized.

    But anyway, cheers ZOS and community. Happy holidays and happy new year (Soon TM) to you all, and best wishes for a successful 2017 with good, correct priorities for The Elder Scrolls Online.
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  • ChuckyPayne
    What are some of your favorite ESO memories from 2016?
    I wanted to leave the game permanently, but I realized that this calmness that comes from this game I miss it, and came back. The one tamriel update is awesome, the feeling of freedom is good.

    What are you looking forward to in 2017?
    New and bigger contents :) bigger meant we have lot of things to do, more than in 2016, I hope.

    Happy holidays and happy new year!
  • Ashtaris
    "We're sorry, the page you're looking for cannot be found". That's what I get when I click on Jessica's link. Does that sum up 2016?
    Edited by Ashtaris on December 23, 2016 5:33AM
  • Tasear
    Sigtric wrote: »
    Of course, none of this success would be possible without you, the community. We appreciate everything you do for us, from simply playing the game to livestreaming, from leading guilds to letting us know what you think. Most importantly, spreading the word about ESO to your friends.

    I am having a hard time feeling OK with recommending this game to people with the current direction of the crown store. Especially after today's Elk mount.

    Indeed why let others feel bitter about emotional investment. Is possible to sell you açcount.. I mean what do you think a 600 + CP and 2 million gold. Can I afford a fresh start? Someone recommend me game thats reasonable? Maybe finding Santa Pikachu is not a bad idea. I mean even with their questionable business practices they know the spirit of Christmas.

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  • shadoza
    I enjoyed reading the Game Director 's letter.

    I thought it wonderful to express gratitude to the employees that made it happen as well to the players that support the game.

  • UntrustedExistenz
    In my opinion 1T was a great move. DLC was quite interesting too.
    I remember when there was a 1 million $ to win and I couldn't participate becouse I'm from the other country.
    I said back then "Ok, maybe I'm feeling like a poor argonian in a Dark Elfs' party" but ok. Game is great and it's just a lottery.
    Now, prices in crown store are so high, that I can't afford them. Not everyone earning money in $.

    <PC EU>
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  • Dakrana_Thrazvoth
    Zenimax love more our money than us. :)

    The elk mount is such a nice gift with fair price for christmas. :)<3
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