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Official Discussion Thread for "That's a Wrap on 2016!"

  • SlayerSyrena
    I agree that 2016 was an amazing year for ESO. I don't know how you guys get enough sleep with the amount you do for this game (2 new DLC's, new dungeons, One Tamriel, 2 free holiday festivals, etc ..)!

    Anyways, I really enjoyed all the new content in 2016 and thanks for the free festivals, those were fantastic!
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  • Kagetenchu
    In my opinion 1T was a great move. DLC was quite interesting too.
    I remember when there was a 1 million $ to win and I couldn't participate becouse I'm from the other country.
    I said back then "Ok, maybe I'm feeling like a poor argonian in a Dark Elfs' party" but ok. Game is great and it's just a lottery.
    Now, prices in crown store are so high, that I can't afford them. Not everyone earning money in $.

    Other country in couldn't participate because I loved in the wrong state.
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