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<Zombie Teddy Bears> PVE Dungeon running guild

  • ericprydz82ub17_ESO
    I tossed out invites. I'm going to hold off on inviting more people until others leave. I really don't want this to become some insanely big guild.
    -Pryda - Ebonheart Pact XB1 NA
    World first HelRa Hardmode player.
    GT: Bootleg Mix
  • Gruntz_II
    GT: gruntz ii

    Mostly online at night, central time. Willing to do the dailies on 5-6 characters when I have the time. I've been around since PC beta.
  • AtraisMachina
    Il take an inv when they come around gt=username
  • Ninjawes
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I'm interested what is your gt mine is
    Pro n0t con
  • LiteOfQureshi
    I'm interested in joining as well. I've got to 531 cp with only one mag dk as dps. Just finished a tank and currently working on a mag temp. But I feel I've still got to understand the game more and what you've started is really interesting. My gt is Lite Of Qureshi. Hit me up if you've got space.
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