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Getting to Skyrim (Condensed Back Story)

(Back story so far, with links to the actual posts, if any care to read. They are long reads)


When the tale began, Krist Lionheart was working with the Fighter's Guild to help destroy anchors to Cold Harbor in Morrowind. He was pulled from this mission and sent to a small village to arrest a wanted Nord bandit whose gang had taken over the old cathedral in the village. Krist was able to challenge the bandit leader, known only as Red, to a duel. Red accepted, sure that he could defeat the young knight. Krist however was able to kill Red, though almost getting himself killed in the process. Grievously wounded, Krist fled the village before Red's gang decided not to honor the fair dual. As he was leaving he could hear the screams of a woman, and assumed it was Red's lover.
Sweet Honey, Red's wood elf lover, watched as Red was killed. She was driven almost mad with grief. It was in this confusion that members of the gang decided to take over leadership. Sweet Honey was taken and sold into slavery, so she could not gain favor of others and challenge for it herself. The gang erupted into a bloody fight over who would lead.

Krist was found by Holly and her family, an aunt and uncle and two cousins that she now lived with most of her life, after the death of her parents. The family had brought Krist with them deep into Cyrodiil, where they were returning home. He was unconscious for most of the trip and had not realized he was back in Cyrodiil, with almost a month having past. They found an abandoned farm south of The Rift, and settled there, where Krist finally gained strength enough to get out of bed. Krist explained to Holly that he was actually a deserter of the Imperial Army. He and many others had left when the dead and daedra began fighting side by side with them.
The group began fixing the farm up, and things seemed peaceful for a time.
During this time Krist ran into a strange vampire hunter, an old man who hated the creatures. The two destroyed a nest of vampires close to the farm, and the old man disappeared one morning. Krist did not see him again.

While scouting the area of the farm one day, Krist came across some Daedra slavers who tried to capture him. He and Holly's young cousins were able to defeat them, and eventually the men trailed them to a camp. There was what appeared to be a child being held captive. The Daedra were defeated and the captive was freed, only to find out she was not a child, but a wood elf, a Bosmer named Belwin. What Krist did not know was that this was actually Sweet Honey, the lover of the bandit Red, who they happened to save.
Holly and Krist became lovers, as the peace on the farm went on. Belwin stayed near the farm, usually sleeping in the woods that almost surrounded it. She was torn between hate for Krist for killing Red, and feelings for the man that was obviously a good man. She found herself instead disliking Holly more and more, as her feelings for Krist grew. Belwin finally came to terms with the fact that her life as Sweet Honey was over, she was now Belwin, but a part of her still wished revenge.
One night Krist was attacked by a werewolf. He barely escaped with only a bite to his arm. The wound was superficial, and treated by Holly and her aunt. Seemingly he had no further effects.
Life went on at an uneventful pace, much like peaceful life goes, until a large army of undead passed through the farm. Krist found himself hardly able to remember anything that happened that night, all of it seeming like some kind of strange dream. He awoke very sick, with Belwin tending to him, far up in the mountains and away from the farm. She told him all was lost, but she was not sure if the others were dead or not. Belwin finally explained to Krist why he could not remember anything. He was now a werewolf, the previous bite having changed him.
Belwin and Krist made there way to Blue Road Keep for supplies, in hopes to head north to Skyrim. Things seemed to be going okay until Krist's Imperial armor was found, and he was accused of being a spy. While the Keep commander was questioning him and her soldiers were beating him, Krist turned into a werewolf. He and Belwin were able to get free, and flee the keep, even as an Imperial attack was coming. Belwin and Krist never knew what happened, and thought that the commander may well have reported them as spies and Krist as a werewolf. The fact was the keep was taken back by the Empire, and all inside were killed. There was none to report Krist and Belwin.

From there the two made their way into Skyrim, Krist and Belwin now lovers. They come across several adventures but protect one another, Belwin seeming to have lost her desire for revenge on Krist.

Krist tells his story to his new friend, Hadassa. He tells her of how he "died". Holly was still alive, and he and Belwin ran into her and her family at an inn. Krist, overcome with the moment kisses Holly, with Belwin, unknown to Krist, looking on. Hadassa realizes from the looks between Krist and Belwin that they were now lovers, and having suspected Belwin of wanting Krist before, becomes angry and leaves, telling Krist she wants nothing more to do with him or her. Krist, heartbroken and realizing Belwin lied to him about Holly and the whole night at the farm, breaks it off with Belwin. Belwin, sitting on a bench with Krist obviously heartbroken over it all, stabs Krist in the side, and leaves him there to die. Only the fact that Krist is a werewolf saves him.

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