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Almost Home


Krist looked around, wondering what trouble he would get into today. It was a nice clear warm day, not something they experienced too often in Skyrim. There were only so many weeks of warm weather, and Nords, especially young ones like Krist, knew how to spend them. The clear lake on the outskirts of Whiterun was where he would surely find Jorn and Yryl. He was 15 winters old, and they all had the bravery and vigor of any youth that age.
Krist could hear the splashing and laughter as he came to the end of the path that lead to their best swimming spot. Many of farm community youths came here, where they could take a running jump into the cold water.

Krist didn't bother to look, he just ran and leaped. He felt the cold water cover him, a stark contrast the warm air. He swam under for a moment, letting his body get used to the water. He did not have on a shirt or shoes, only the old britches that his mother always told him made him look like a beggar. They were comfortable, and just like he liked them.
Krist came to the surface and looked around, expecting to see Jorn and Yryl. Oddly they were not there. He could have mistaken their voices for coming from the lake.
He surely just missed them.
Krist swam about for a moment then climbed out. It was a great day.

Krist followed the path back toward the farm. He could hear his friends chatting away ahead of him, though he could not make out what they were saying. Jorn was probably bragging on how much stronger he was, Yryl probably scoffing at him as she always did. The funny part was that while Jorn was stronger than her, she would whip him in a wrestling match if he pushed her too hard. That always left the big teen mad, but he always got over it. Jorn swore he took it easy on her because she was just a girl, leaving Krist and Yryl laughing.
Krist picked up his pace a bit, until he saw old farmer Lutas plowing the field. Krist stopped and waved, drawing a wave back from his friend. Lutas was 70 winters or more, but plowed that field better than men half his age. Krist's father Bram always said that Lutas just came from good stock.

Freshly baked apple pie caught Krist's nose at this time, and it sure smelled to be coming from the direction of his house. If he did not hurry, Jorn and Yryl would get first cut. He gave a smile and a final wave to farmer Lutas, and ran off toward his house.

Krist came up on the old farm house. He could see his daddy's wagon was ready for fishing. The lines hung out, the bait squirming. He could hear the laughing from inside the house, and sure enough, the smell of the pie drifting out. Krist walked up to the door, and began to push it open.......

The big warrior had the other young man pushed up to the wall. An angry look of hate across his face, the one he learned to make when he was about to kill.
"Sir, sorry, I was told to come wake you up," the young recruit said, even as Krist's angry face began to soften back into the friendly face that everyone knew of the big man from Whiterun Hold.
Krist let him go, and nodded.
You didn't apologize here. You didn't show any weakness. This was Ebonheart.
"Another of those portals opened sir, they told me come get you," the young man said.
"Sorry, I was just....," Krist began, but the young man had already hurried out.
"I was almost home."


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  • Krist

    Dark Anchors are enormous interplanar machines that Molag Bal has created to merge Tamriel with his own Daedric Plane of Coldharbour. The purpose of the Anchors are to pull Tamriel into Coldharbour, thus merging the two realms together into a single, nightmarish hellscape.
    -ESO Wiki

    Krist rode up on the anchor, the fighter's guild having heard of it and asking him to investigate. Apparently some others were there, but Krist did not know them by name. Most looked strong and ready, and apparently had a plan. The fighter's guild were being kept very busy, and Krist would have to depend on others for help, or as folks he could help. He couldn't say he was pleased to be in Morrowind, so near the Ash Mountain, but he was asked to come, and here he was.

    Krist eyed the anchor, a gateway between Coldharbour and Tamriel, or as some speculated, a means to merge the two. This was all beyond Krist's knowledge of Oblivion, but not beyond his knowledge of war. This was war. It came to Tamriel many times. This one seemed to start with the Akavir, lead by Ada'Soom, which seemed to quickly meld into the Three Banners War. Krist fought for the empire, until it fell apart into chaos. Seeing the evil for what it was, he headed home to Skyrim, only to find it in chaos as well.

    It was no wonder that Molag Bal felt it was his time. Krist wondered, only on whim, if Molag Bal would not be a better steward.

    "That's Imperial armor," a large Nord warrior said, hefting his axe to his shoulder.
    "It's my armor," is all Krist said, looking at the lay of the valley that the anchor appeared over. Different Daedra swarmed about it, but seemed to not venture far from it.
    "It's Imperial, and I am saying you be a coward and not fit to be here helpin' us," the Nord said, walking closer.
    "There is enough glory to go around," Krist replied, hardly giving the big man much attention.
    "Do we have a plan of attack," Krist asked, but felt the head of the big axe on his chest, pushing against him.
    Krist looked to see the big Nord holding his axe against his chest plate, pushing him back.
    "I says your not fit," the Nord said, a sneer on his face now, and an apparent dislike for the Empire.

    Krist drew his sword quickly, knocking the heavy axe head downward. He quickly kicked the shaft of the axe, knocking it out of the hands of the apparently untrained warrior. Krist finished with his sword point to the throat of the big man.
    "I am Nord," Krist said, removing his helmet and showing his long pale blonde hair. "My father would have cut your head off, my mother would have stuffed your skull with chicken dung to make a statement just before putting it on a pike to be displayed in our front yard for all of the neighbors to see. I was trained by the Empire to be a bit more civilized and patient. However, you threaten me again and I will kill you."
    The warrior nodded, backing away.

    "As I was asking, do we have a plan of attack?" Krist said, looking around at the others.
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    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
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  • Krist
    The Nord laid dead, his eyes turned upward toward the heavens, his chest obviously crushed. In fact, many of those that came to help destroy the Coldharbour Gate were dead now, with only the most seasoned of fighters and one sorcerer remaining.
    "Keep them back a little longer," the sorcerer declared, working on releasing the final anchor holding Molag Bal's portal to Nirn.
    Krist watched as two Redguards dispatched some lesser Daedra, but stayed close to the sorcerer. The two Redguards seemed to work well together, and were probably comrades of sorts. Krist had bloodied his own sword over and over defending the mage, and refused to let the man get killed, now that they were so close.
    He would stay near the sorcerer.
    A large creature seemed to drop from the portal, landing hard by Krist and the mage, knocking them both back. The knight was dazed but for a moment, and looking around, saw that the sorcerer would be okay. The creature was looking about as well, probably a bit dazed from it's own ordeal of passing through. It stood near 8 feet tall, was large, pink, and very fleshy. It had spiked metal attached to it's great fists that hung almost to the ground.
    The Daedra's squinty eyes fell on the sorcerer.
    It was sent on a mission.
    "Break that anchor," Krist called to the sorcerer as he grabbed his sword back up. He did not wait for a reply.

    Krist rushed the creature, dodging it's long powerful swings. He jabbed his Imperial sword deep into it's flesh, but gained only a roar of anger from the creature. The large beast stomped the ground, creating a shock wave that knocked Krist back. He would have kept his balance had he not tripped over one of the dead. It was only sheer luck that a shield lay within his grasp, and he hefted it up to block the spikes that would crush him.
    Even though the shield held, the force from the blow beat down on Krist all the same. He rolled away from the pounding, and lifted the shield to his arm. Krist chanced a glance to the sorcerer, who was now having to defend himself against some scamps that were trying to surround him. The way the mage was striking with his staff and not with magic, Krist could only assume he was running out.
    Krist could feel the man's pain, as he was running out of strength and energy as well.
    The knight ducked another swing, letting the shield take the glancing blow, and emerged behind the creature. He drove his sword deep into it's back. That apparently did something, as the creature stumbled, knocking Krist off balance and down to a knee. Krist was planning to regain his foot and strike again when he felt weight on his shoulder, and saw a blur of a shadow cross over his head. One of the Redguards used him as a springboard, and was now on the shoulders of the large Daedra. Krist looked to the sorcerer, but the other Redguard was now defending him, slicing the scamps to pieces with his curved sword.
    Krist drove his sword again and again into the back of the beast, while the Redguard began slicing it's head open, chopping over and over. The Redguard suddenly leaped from the beast's shoulders, and both he and Krist backed away.
    The creature hit the ground, apparently dead.
    With a smile, the Redguard nodded to Krist, then ran to help his comrade and the mage. It was unnecessary, as the sorcerer was releasing the final anchor. A loud sound deafened the area as dust and blood and things Krist did not wish to think about in the battle area began to spin about in a vortex that the closing portal created.
    Worse still were the great chains and spikes that anchored the portal. They began to spin about as well, crushing anything they hit. Krist layed flat to the ground, covering his own head. He could see nothing now, as the sound of the wind and chains and the anchor became almost unbearable.

    Then silence.

    Krist looked about to see the two Redguard heading away, one was assisting the other. They never looked back.
    He saw the sorcerer laying still on the ground, a few yards from where one of the anchors had been. Krist got up easy, feeling the aches and pains from the battle now. He limped over to the sorcerer to help him up, and tell him what a great job he did saving the day.
    The sorcerer was staring to the sky, no emotion on his face.
    A closer look revealed that he was dead, apparently crushed by the flailing anchors that he released.
    Krist sat down, catching his breath, taking a moment to rest. He looked about at the bodies strewn, then he looked to the only other two survivors. One was helping the other onto their horse, but was having trouble. Krist thought to get up and assist, but his own wounds and fatigue would not allow it.
    Finally, the Redguards were both mounted, though the injured one leaned heavy over his saddle. Krist watched as they rode over the hill.

    Krist would rest for a moment longer, then find his own steed. This battle was over.
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  • Krist

    She watched as he came in, always looking tired, always carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. This time was no different, even as he shook the soaking rain off of his cloak. As always,. his eyes scanned the inn and it's occupants. Hadassa was not sure why he was so cautious. He was quiet and almost seemed shy. However, he was always respectful. You did not bring this big guy his food and not receive a thank you ma'm and a bit of gold for your troubles.

    Hadassa watched him stroll across the floor, hardly anyone taking much notice, even though he was clearly a large man. He seemed to be able to not draw attention to himself, as if he spent much of his life doing just that. Hadassa'a eyes flowed down to the sword that was always at his side. He was a warrior, and she knew he was a member of the Fighter's Guild. She heard rumors of how he helped to close a couple of those gates that formed around the land, but not much more was said of him. His name was Krist, and was obviously a Nord, like she was.

    "Hadassa, you gonna work or you gonna serve," the inn owner called, drawing a smile from Hadassa.
    "Right on it boss," she said, and got back to filling plates and mugs.

    Hadassa had served a few patrons, laughing and joking with them as she always did. Sometimes twirling away from them if they became too fresh with her. She was not a bar wench, after all. Mournhold had enough of those, and enough brothels, and enough street walkers, if one wished. Dunmer men were not as prejudiced with their females as they tended to act, a Nord woman was a catch, with their creamy skin and blue eyes, or so she was told. However, she rarely had any real trouble. They had come to know her, and most appreciated her enough that they would not allow any others to harm her.

    As the crowd grew thin, and the night's patron either left or went to their rooms, Hadassa saw the large warrior, still sitting near the fire where he had apparently dried off. His eyes flowed to the door when it opened, and she suspected he was looking to see if the rain had stopped. It had.

    "Nasty night," Hadassa said, a smile on her face.
    Krist turned his blue eyes to her's, and nodded.
    "I suppose it is," he offered, as well as a forced smile.
    "I have some warm cider if you like," she said, heading to get it before he could even answer. Hadassa poured two cups, and returned, handing Krist one.
    "Thank you ma'm," Krist said, accepting the cider. He sipped it gently.
    "Hadassa, you can call me Hadassa. And you are Krist." She said, taking a sip of her own cider while sitting down across from him.
    "Mrs. Hadassa," Krist began, but she shook her head.
    "Hadassa, just Hadassa."
    "Yes ma'm. Hadassa, did you need something?"
    Hadassa was not sure how to answer that. That was a question she was not expecting.
    "The cider was very good ma'm," Krist said, drinking it down. "I must be going, I have an early morning."
    Hadassa just smiled and nodded, hoping she did not offend him. She watched as he put down another coin to pay for the cider, and she did not bother telling him it was on her. She sipped her own cider as she watched him leave. Some would have accepted that the man just wanted to be left alone, but Hadassa was never put off that easy. A smiled crossed her pretty face, as she got up and began to clean.
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  • Krist

    "Daddy, got another one coming in," Leah said, looking out the window that faced the mud road coming into their little village. It wasn't much of a place, but it was, at one time, a good community where Nords could settle.

    Jodun walked to the widow and looked over his daughter's shoulders. The rider was a tall man with broad shoulders, and he had a hood covering his face, with a cloak protecting him from the stinging rain coming down. He was apparently a Nord as well. Most people here were, among the few that remained. Judging by the armor and gear the man was probably another outlaw coming to find out if Big Red needed another sword.

    Red had moved into town only a few weeks before. The Tribune did not see the village as a priority during this time of war, even though only a couple of years ago this rag tag group of criminals would never be allowed to set up shop.

    "Get away from the window," Jodun said to his daughter, as the man road up to their inn.

    The heavy boots of the stranger made the steps creek, and clomped loudly as he walked in. He pulled back his hood, the rain still dripping and making a puddle under him. He looked to the inn keeper, his blue eyes seeming to gauge the man. He then offered a smile, and a nod.

    "Hello, my name is Krist," he said simply.

    "Jodun," the inn keeper said, nodding back. "Did you need a room?"

    "I am looking for the one they call Red," Krist said, this bringing a frown to the inn keeper. Of course he was looking for Red, because Big Red needed another sword. He always wanted and needed another sword.

    "His people dont stay here. Red has taken over the old church up a ways. Way I hear he has plenty of beds," the inn keeper said, then went back to cleaning, and preparing for in case someone actually came to stay at the inn.

    Krist approached the counter, and pulled a folded scroll from under his cloak. He rolled it out in front of the inn keeper, and set it on the small bar. Jodun looked down to see a sketch of a face resembling the mean looking outlaw leader. The scar was over exaggerated, but it was apparently him. It had "Wanted" written on it, and a bounty of 500 gold.

    Jodun looked up to Krist, then back to the scroll. "That is him."

    "Send someone to him, let him know a single fighter is here to bring him in. Tell him I said he was a coward of a man, and would probably not come after me, so I would have to send word for the Tribunal guard to come meet me to gut him out of the church," Krist said.

    Jodun looked Krist over, his eyes wide. Jodun was no coward, but it was a fools errand to challenge Big Red. Red had killed many a men, one on one , in fair enough fights to make Jodun a very dangerous man.

    "Sir, he will kill you," Jodun said matter of factly. These knights did not know what they were up against when it came to the outlaw. Jodun saw others die trying to claim the reward. Red actually enjoyed meeting them.

    Krist smiled and nodded. "Just send word."
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  • Krist

    Big Red's hair shined in the sunlight. He had just bathed in the river and was in fact drying off when one of his men told him of a knight waiting for him in town. The Nord nodded, his facial scars becoming redder as his anger increased.

    Red considered sending one of his better men in to take care of the knight, but it was just as well he did it himself. Killing knights was how he became prominent among the cut throats. Red never considered himself a better swordsman than them, necessarily. However, they played by rules he chose not to play by.

    They cared about HOW they won. Red did not. Red just won.
    He was actually more cautious when it came to other cut throats.

    "What you wanna do," the dark elf asked, his red eyes not blinking.

    "He wants me bad enough, let him wait," Red replied.

    Sometimes that made the knights uneasy, and they fled the town, thinking it a trap.
    It wasn't. If Red was to keep the confidence of his men, he would have to let this play out one on one, if it must. However, he still had some tactics to use to possibly avoid the fight. It wasn't that he was scared of any man, but any fight can end in death, and the more you challenged death, the better the chances are of dying. He had already challenged death many times over, and had killed many men. First as a soldier, then as a guard. Now he ran his own rackets: strong arming, stealing, robbing, and pretty much whatever else kept him in gold.

    Red walked away from the river with just the towel wrapped around his waist. Sweet Honey, a female wood elf, would be waiting for him in his quarters at the church. He would not waste anymore time worrying about the knight. Honey could be down right deadly if he kept her waiting too long.


    Krist ate his breakfast of goose eggs and bread, having slept late that morning. He had not expected a reply from the outlaw yet. Red was a smart one, according to everything said of him.
    He would make Krist wait. Krist was okay with that, he was ready to wait and get some rest. The Fighter's Guild had been very busy of late with the Coldharbour gates opening all over. Extra sleep would not hurt the knight a bit.

    Krist looked up from his plate at the little girl staring at him. She swatted her hand at a fly, but did not feel uncomfortable eying him, even though he noticed.
    Krist wiped his mouth with a cloth the inn keeper provided, and looked to the girl with more intent. He could not help but smile at her blond curls and big green eyes.
    "My dad owns this place," she said, as if justifying her right to stare.
    Krist nodded.
    "My daddy knows how to fight too," she said.
    Krist nodded again, and pushed his empty plate away from him.
    "I am Leah," she offered, even as Krist sucked a tooth. "Are you a killer?"
    "Leah, leave the man alone," her father said, entering the room from the kitchen area.
    "It's okay sir," Krist said, then looked to Leah.
    "I suppose, depending on what you mean by killer," Krist answered standing up.
    Leah watched the knight as he headed to the door.
    "How much is the breakfast," he asked the keeper.
    "Breakfast is included with the room, lunch you pay for."
    Krist nodded and left the inn.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
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  • Krist
    "There's a knight waitin' on me in town," Red said, as he looked to the wood elf he knew only as Sweet Honey. She probably did not even have any other name. Many that he took into his gang were either orphans or wanted people running from who they were, and what they did.
    Honey laid on the bed naked, watching the big man as he put his trousers on. They had made a makeshift room in the church of the village they were in. Weak people occupied the village, and had Red and the gang not taken it over, someone else would have. Red chose the priest's quarters for their "master bedroom", as he called it. The sun shown into it in the morning, where Honey liked to watch the dust flakes dance in the rays of light.
    "You going to kill him," she asked.
    "If he stays, I guess I have to. He sent word to call me out," the big man shrugged, then looked down to the naked elf.
    "Maybe it is time to move on anyway. The gang is getting restless here," she offered.
    Red shrugged it off.
    "Whether we leave or not, I have to kill him, so it really makes little difference."
    Honey looked at his back as he grabbed his shirt. The scars were obviously the stripes of a whip, though Red never spoke of it.
    "I suppose. More will come though," she said.
    Red nodded.
    "I will give him a chance to leave first, but if he does not, I will have to deal with him. In the meantime, get me some breakfast," he grinned, kicking the bed.
    Honey looked him over with a smirk, one of her eyebrows lifting.
    "Okay," she finally said while nodding slow.
    Red watched her as she walked out of the room, still as naked as she was in the bed. As the door closed, he heard the whoops and hollers of the gang, some men and some women, showing their amusement.
    It didn't bother Red none. She was his, and only his. It simply brought out a chuckle, as he finished dressing. One show was enough for those rowdy rats he called brethren.

    Krist walked through the village, looking the place over. It was built more in Nord style, though some dark elf influence could be seen throughout. It made for a nice mixture though. The streets were muddy from the rain the day before, obviously not built up properly.
    The people looked miserable. They eyed him, most not knowing why he was there. He offered no smiles to them. He was not there to make friends. He was not there to be their savior. It was pretty simple. There was a criminal there that he needed to bring to justice. It wasn't justice for them, nor justice for anyone, except Big Red.

    Krist heard the clank of metal as he knew he was drawing near the smith.
    "Whatcha need," the smith asked, never looking up from his work. He was bending steal, but Krist could not tell what he was making. The smithing station was an opened air covered shop. There was a small building by it that he must have done business in.
    "I need my sword sharpened," he said. "If you are too busy I can come back, or if you would allow, edge it myself."
    The smith looked up this time, his bearded face dark and grubby from his work. He was stocky man, though not very tall. He was well built from the years working his trade.
    '"You are here for the leader of the gang. I think they call him Red," the man said, not asking.
    Krist nodded, and removed his long sword from the sheath on his back.
    "I want pay first then," the man said, nodding to a clear spot on the table. "You got a back up to keep with you?"
    "I do," he said, motioning to the gladius at his side.
    "Imperial crap," the smith snorted, but nodded anyway. "20 gold to edge it."
    Krist paid him. The smith told him to return in an hour or so.
    "Do you have a provisioner here," Krist asked, looking about.
    "That way," the smith nodded to the south. "Meril's"
    "Thanks," Krist replied, and left walking towards Meril's.

    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
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  • Krist
    Krist looked to the provisioner's store, called "Meril's", apparently run by a fussy dark elf. He was serving some members of Red's gang, though they did not appear to be causing him any trouble.
    Krist stood across the road, just watching.
    A large man in leathers approached from the north of town. He had long red hair, and a scar on his face matching the one in the wanted picture. He spoke rough to his men, who apparently rushed to do his bidding. However, when he spoke to the provisioner it was with quieter tones.
    The shop owner still appeared nervous.
    Krist watched the inn keeper's little girl run up to the outlaw, who grabbed her by the arm and stopped her. Krist began to walk in that direction when he saw the man present the child with a sweet roll. The little girl grinned, spoke to him for a bit, before running off to play. Krist caught a gentle smile on the outlaws lips as he watched the child run off. He watched a moment longer, then headed back to the inn.

    Red saw the knight from the corner of his eye. He was not hard to pick out. Tall, broad shouldered, long blond hair. He stood almost at attention it seemed, obviously having military training.
    Yes, Red saw all of this even while speaking to his men, to the dark elf store owner, and then to the little girl that belonged to the inn keeper.
    Red was not ready to kill the knight yet. He would let the man wait some more. In the meantime, he would go on about his business as usual. It was a tactic used to show the knight he had little concern for their kind.
    Red chanced a glance up the street at the knight. He was still walking toward the inn.
    "Need anything else," Meril asked in his nervous voice. He was always nervous.
    "I think that will cover it," Red replied, then looked to the man. "You will get your payment as always, when the pay off comes in."
    Meril did not like the deal too much, because sometimes there was no pay off. However, Red always seemed to give him a little extra when there was, to cover the more lean times. Meril just nodded nervously. He always stayed on Red's good side. The man was a killer, among many other things. However, he did not allow his men to harm the shop keepers. Meril was very appreciative of that. a
    Meril looked at the retreating form of the knight. He knew this man would be dead soon, and was happy enough not to meet him. Meeting dead men made Meril nervous, very nervous.
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    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    The knight stood on the north end of the street. On his back was a shield, on his hip was an imperial sword. He held a long sword, of imperial fashion, in his hands. His armor was also imperial, and heavy as knights usually wore. He seemed almost unhindered by it's weight though, as if he had worn it many times over. It was made of blue steel, with a lion carved and outlined in gold on the chest plate. He came ready for combat.

    "Do you have to fight him," Sweet Honey asked, as her and Red looked out over the town from the top balcony of the old church. Shadows were starting to get long, as mid day had already passed and the afternoon had set in. It was Tardes, if Red remembered correct.
    "You know I do. What has gotten into you, Honey? You have seemed on edge since this guy came into town."
    "I dont know. Nothing I guess. Something just feels strange about this guy. I can't quite place it though," she said with concern.
    "Just another knight," Red said, dismissing the idea that something was different.
    Honey checked all of the leather straps that kept Red's armor together. It was a hard leather armor, fit for movement, but strategically laced with iron for better protection. It also had inserted runes that offered him vitality, and some protection from physical harm. He had other magical armor, but he felt this set was best suited for this knight, who seemed to be less about magic or god power.
    "After he is dead, I want us to leave this place. Not the gang. Just us. You have enough wealth now that we can get out of this life," she said, braiding his long hair back out of his face.
    Red seemed to ponder the idea a moment, then nodded.
    "Not a bad plan, Sweet Honey," he offered her a smile, then a kiss. "Mishken is ready to run the gang, and he will let us leave with no problems. I will talk to him after the celebration tonight."
    "I am glad you said that Red," she patted his chest. "Now kill this knight that stands between us and our new life."
    Red grinned, then simply nodded.

    The warrior stood at the south end of the street, his long hair now braided out of his eyes. His armor was leather, but offered him good support and good mobility. It all appeared of Nord making. He carried a long serrated *** sword in his hand, with two short swords hung on his side. There were no carvings in his armor, nothing to show any kind of loyalty. His banner was the long red hair, that gave him his name.

    "Hey mister, are you leaving soon," the little girl asked from the door of his room, drawing Krist's attention away from his armor. It was polished and in good shape, but he always checked it before going into a battle.
    "Soon," Krist said, then offered something of a smile. "You are Leah, correct?"
    The little girl nodded.
    "My daddy owns this place," she said. It was something she seemed to enjoy reminding people of.
    "Your daddy is a good man, " Krist said.
    "Why you doing that," she asked, entering the room now.
    "Good to keep armor in shape. This will protect me from bad people."
    "Daddy says Red will kill you soon, I heard him tell the baker that yesterday," Leah offered.
    Krist didn't say anything at first, looking the little girl over.
    "What do you think? Do you think he will beat me, or will I beat him?"
    "He will beat you. Red always win," she shrugged. "He is nice to me too. He gives me candy and sometimes he gives me bracelets. Daddy dont let me keep them though."
    "Your daddy is smart," Krist said. Leah nodded to that, but did not know why. It just seemed right.
    Krist watched the little girl leave the room, then went back to polishing his armor.
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
  • Krist
    "Krist the Lionheart? No. Lionheart was my dog" -Krist
    "Darling, if looks were everything, I would be king of the world" -Luke
    "That place, between day and night, that purple color just before dark, that is where you will find me"- Hughe
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