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[XBOX ONE][NA] Looking for a Casual Trading Guild

As the title says, I'm looking for a casual-play-oriented trading guild.

I don't ever really group with people. I have no interest in PvP, Trials, Group Dungeons, or even most "end-game" content, etc. Circumstances demand I play primarily Solo, and I kinda like it that way.

That said, I need a place I can sell some of the items I find while out exploring. I come across a ton of stuff I will never use (since I don't do any end-game content), and I like to consider myself a part-time merchant.

A Guild that requires "weekly dues" is fine, but I'm not looking to shell out 10k or more per week (because I'm not one of the "hardcore" merchant types).

I have some great stuff to sell, I just don't want the game and my casual-merchant play style to seem like a second career.

If anyone has a guild that can accommodate this type of play style, then I'd love to have an invite sent my way.

GT= Vampire Nox

Thank you for your time. :)

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  • thisisScoMan
    This post gets me.

    +1 for all that.

    GT thisisScoMan
    Xbox One. NA Server
    600+ CP
    DC - 3 x Level 50
    AD - 2 x Level 50
    EP - 3 x Level 50
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