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Drawing the line in the Crown Store

Listen Zenimax, I love this game but hiding new items behind the crates is just a horrible idea. I am fine with having old costume returning through them(done you dare add the hero costume, don't go all Call of Duty on us.) But please don't hide new items... I mean come on.
  • Vorcil
    I think it is a fantastic idea and I can not wait for what ZOS has in store for crown crates. I'm hoping they made some adjustments to the RNG and pricing of said crates (that's what the PTS is for ... testing) so don't fully discard the idea of them just yet.
  • DahliaNight
    I agree with the OP.
  • AlienSlof
    I agree with the OP too.
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  • nvsg
    has this released fpr pc? I saw a crown store update on this forum waiting for it to come on xbox swear im the only one exicted about it
  • Diabolus1989
    I agree with OP
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  • CrunchyBrownie5
    Good post op I stand with you
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  • DannyLV702
    Wow barely 6 comments and already 3 soul shrivens out of the blue lol
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  • Danikat
    If you don't like crown crates the best thing you can do (once they're released) is vote with your wallet and refuse to buy them. Even if there are things in them you would normally buy.
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  • Abeille
    Danikat wrote: »
    If you don't like crown crates the best thing you can do (once they're released) is vote with your wallet and refuse to buy them. Even if there are things in them you would normally buy.

    Especially if there are things in them you would normally buy, I'd say. Caving in because you "really, really needed that mount", but saying "but I totally don't support these boxes guys" is still supporting the boxes.
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  • Algraxa
    I have mixed feelings about this issue. I used to play SWTOR and they got greedy as hell, throwing too much junk in with the crates to make it worth while, then they decided to take the extra step and make ultra rare items without telling their player base. The drop rates on these were reflective of true greed.

    Notice I said 'used to play'...... This blatant rip off scheme sent me packing.

    ZOS, do not abuse your player base!
  • Karius_Imalthar
    So to be sardonic about crown crates... it's another way to increase profits. Some of the more unique mounts in the past have cost 4000 crowns which roughly converts to $40. So... can we expect to end up paying even more to get something we might be interested in? Also, unless something changes from the PTS, the conversion to crown gems of unwanted crown crates was terrible. I think the only thing so far that's keeping me from feeling especially angry about this is that there isn't anything i'm interested in but i'm sure it's only a matter of time before there is something I really want... and then is it ethical to have dedicated players drop $100 (assuming failed attempts, convert to crowns, repeat) just to get something they actually want? I'm still taking a wait and see approach but I can't help but feel like this is going nowhere good.
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