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The Official College of Bards thread...

A ballad to the master of merchants, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

High King Emeric, was an elven-half king
Of him the bards do gladly sing;
The last whose realm was fair and free,
Between Cyrodiil and the sea.

His sword was long, his lance was keen
His shining crown afar was seen;
The countless stars of Aetherial field,
Were mirrored in his silver shield.

But long ago he rode away,
And where he dweleth, none can say
For into darkness fell his star
In Coldharbour, where the shadows are.


If you have a request for a wee song, post in here and I'll make you one :)[/b]

The Elderscroll of Chim, transcribed by the tower 2E 580, translated into the common tongue by Vorcil of the Dagger:

[the text is signed "Mora" in red ink]

And such woe, to feel out of place, out of time
Life itself a tide of star light; an ornamental veil

Unseemingly placed by a schizophrenic and uninspired godhead
From within divine meditation, darkness reveals light, silence gathers the word

Eyes bleached by universal vestiment, reshaping the edge of thought
Enquiring his mantling of dying, is life; only to return II.

Heaven the window, revealing an utmost revelation of the cosmos
to expose our forebears, we become forerunners

Sentinels of earthbound celestialism, protecting the motif of obscured reality
Caring not to overstay this welcome, burning bright the hearth of the mind’s eye

Is it possible for you to see the poetry of my soul behind such closed doors?
A contagious hope, withering

Wandering, a prince harboring some sane secret I am, lest my disguise be revealed.

I write songs and poems based on people's posts in the forums or based on TES universe.
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  • Vorcil
    The fabled traveler, by Vorcil of the Dagger:


    Beyond the Red Mountain, far for thee
    There lay an ancient elven tree;
    Elvenroot that some may say,
    Where Bosmer gather at dawn each day.

    They whisper to the trees at night,
    Their allies in each and every fight;
    A traveler, true and brave and strong
    Did come far just to learn their ancient song.

    The ancient they circled round, to dance and sing
    Before the runes encircled began to glow and ring;
    The ground then vibrated and the stars grew bright,
    And the traveller then watched the haunting sight.

    From the shadow stepped forth the darkest of beasts,
    And hellish flame flickered from underneath;
    And from behind the stars approached the traveler that night
    To challenge the demon of the Red Mountain’s blight.

    His face grew dim, the lights did pale
    Yet none shall know ode of this tale.
    Edited by Vorcil on 7 December 2015 03:57
  • Vorcil
    CoyoteNZ wrote: »
    I hear the next DLC is the thieves guild, so I last night I made myself a (Kahjiit) sneak thief.

    Now I'm trying to decide which pet (from currently available) is best for a sneak thief.

    Now I know some people believe a pet is no good, as it is noisy and gives you away. Not me, the art of thief is distraction. You want to quickly check that cupboard when nobody is looking, you want to rub against somebody and pick their pockets for an item they obviously don't want anymore while they are distracted.

    What better distraction than a pet, be it big, be is noisy, or just really cute, all these act as distractions which an honest Kahjiit just looking for some items nobody really wants anymore.

    So, what pet would you recommend?
    Which pet for a sneak-thief, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    There once was an assailant, of canine decent,
    out from down-under, his question did he vent;
    A thief I am, sneaked goods do I stow,
    I implore my curiosity to which pet I should show

    Blades and merchants came from all round,
    to respond to this thief, in response to his sound;
    many to take, animals for thee,
    some that will warn you, some that will pee

    Pray to the gods, yet none will respond,
    of a pet best fit for you to grow fond,
    Yet the best pet for sneak thieves, may not sound fun
    yet the answer for you my friend, to thieve, is just none.
    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 19:00
  • Vorcil
    Bfish22090 wrote: »
    I log into my account on ESO through the website.
    Go to the page to buy crowns and it redirects me to the steam page
    Then it displays an error "unable to process your request something went wrong"

    I search for it on steam and cannot find the crown packs so what am I supposed to do?

    Also the reason why I'm trying to buy crowns is I previously spent 5k crowns to increase mount speed

    There were rollbacks and the crowns I spent did not increase my riding speed, but were removed from my account.

    Who do I have to contact to solve both of these issues because they're very aggravating?

    How to attain the Crown, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Light a candle made with the earwax of a native Cyrodillic, Colovian hill troll (this substance is often traded amongst the Traders of Elsywer) and twine made from the mane of any Khajiit.

    Burn the candle whilst reciting chapter eight of the Mysterium Pelarxies:

    "Brilliance of Pelagius himself,
    That awful Breton pissed himself,
    Although the conversin' was enthrallin'
    These acursed crowns from pockets falling

    Please dear dark ones, light and tall,
    I beg you with thy ancient call;
    Refill my stack, and fix my pack,
    For lust, of greed and thrall."

    Repeat this over and over again until the candle's flame turns green, at which point you must cease your chant and say the words "Then I said, that's not my wife! That's a Nirnroot!"

    Now depending on your circumstances, your problem will no longer matter, as you will have a much bigger problem now (especially if your wife is of Nordic decent)

    May you never walk upon the soft white snow changed yellow.
    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 18:59
  • Vorcil
    The Guildmaster, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    My name is Vorcil, an Imperial bard.
    Devourer of feasts, and eater of lard.
    Hailing from Ironwood, Long is my stride;
    Mender of wounds, and hunter of hide.

    If you need a ballad, this loremaster you should come;
    and for a small fee, I shall write you a song.

    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 18:59
  • Vorcil
    That Imperial wench, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Lilac on white gold, towered her mane,
    Wrought forth her noble steed, riding to fame,
    Imperial beauty, my heart she has torn,
    her love all but cruelty, as lost as forsworn.

    I never sent for love,
    as I never had a heart to mend.
    For just before the start of raid,
    I could always see the end.

    I wait for you to open up,
    to give yourself to me,
    But nothing’s ever gonna give,
    I’ll never set you free

    And just before winter’s end,
    moonlight will fall for all to see
    For the true quest, of any lover, is to tame the wild fiend.
    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 18:59
  • Vorcil
    The fair maiden, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    There once was a maiden from Old Daggerfall
    Whose beauty compared to none at all;
    Throughout the covenant all would know
    Of her demeanour and radiant glow.

    Not a man who passed her could withstand
    the urge to take the maiden’s hand;
    Suitors came from near and far,
    But she could care less for who they are.

    For the one she once loved was lost and gone
    And thus ends the fabled fair maiden’s song
    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 18:58
  • Vorcil
    My feet hurt, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Serpents on cold sands, wild and free,
    Withering through fine grains, shiny and sleek;
    Leyawiin to High Rock, to Seyda Neen,
    Lost and wandering, holding no key.

    No lands to harvest, no wife to hold,
    for within heart, is eternal winter cold;
    My blade is the only, honest and true,
    Merchants and ship captains, heartless less boon.

    Worried I am, to travel so far,
    travelling through Morrow, lost many a Guar;
    Searching for something, to fulfill thee,
    that's when I died, got hit by a tree.
    Edited by Vorcil on 7 December 2015 03:12
  • Vorcil
    Breidr wrote: »
    As I do whenever I start a new game, I've been doing some reading in my off-time, in the break room at work, when I'm supposed to be sleeping, like you do.
    I've played Nords in the other two ES games I've played [Morrowind and Skyrim] but I never bothered to look into the lore surrounding the game. Having recently discovered that Norse surnames are actually rare,, I thought about making another Nord that "fits" better.

    From what I can see they use "clan names" which are usually hyphenated. Is there a set list of names, or can I use some liberty to make my own?

    In terms of a class, I just clicked Dragon Knight because of looks, but I'm starting to dig more into Templars as well. For a Nord "fighter" type character, how would these classes mesh into the fabric? Dragon Knights seem pretty straight forward, but the Templar gives off the Paladin/Crusader vibe that seems off for a Nord, at least to me.

    I mainly came here to get information on how the classes "fit" into the universe and how I can flesh out my character more, rather than just being a "Nord Dragon Knight."

    A Nord with no name, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Echoing whispers lost in cavern,
    'pon my travel throughout the north,
    sitting in a tavern wondering,
    did stumbling knight come forth.

    He perched down short, right next to me,
    his cheeks were red with glow,
    soulless, lost, and naught of glee,
    he then began to moan:

    "I've been through Elswyer with a Nord with no name,
    It felt good to be out of the snow;
    In the tundra you can remember your name,
    Not quick to remember, but slow."

    Pitty did I feel for him, to the eight did I pray,
    he wrought out tales of battles born, for many beasts did he slay;
    his deeds were lost in due time, little was his fame,
    for at his birth, parents laughed with mirth, for son without a name.
    Edited by Vorcil on 6 December 2015 19:27
  • Vorcil
    jircris11 wrote: »
    As the title says my new character is a female khajiit werewolf. I use to main AD but i moved to DC (NA) and have been trying to make connections there. she is not overly fond of males (due to some experiences in AD before she defected) but will speak to them as needed. She is a werewolf but has some control over it unless she fails to use her form once weekly. She is a Templar, and enjoys spending time helping those in need be it healing or defending but when she changes her more vicious side is shown. Looking for friends/adventure companions to start. will see where it goes from there. ign @jircris11

    Cat Dog, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Howling at Moonlight, calls of my own,
    Never will my allegiance, belong to Altmeri Throne.
    Left the Isles of gold, through the tallest of trees,
    You can't hold this cat down, she'll always be free.

    Accustomed to climates, weather so hot,
    the company preferred, to keep is males not.
    Out to the northern seas, sitting in glens,
    Mending those wounded, looking for friends.

    Sands always shifting, nice to others I am,
    Clan mother solo, alone do I stand.
    For when dual moon shadows glow, through blackened sky twice,
    I'll have to learn to harden heart, and never chase mice.

  • Vorcil
    Ladamia wrote: »
    Starting up a guild in the next week. Unconfirmed yet, but you may have to join another guild in order to join. There will be a friendly atmosphere and varied adventures. And as a bonus, we will have a start-up event Christmas Eve!! If interested, send a message ingame or over PSN to Ladamia.

    Calling all shriven, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Beginning is hard, together is strong,
    calling all warriors, life will last long.
    Laden with burdens, lost of all hope,
    Put us together, our life thread like rope.

    Weaving through time span, rapids of life,
    Wheel keeps turning, forward through strife.
    Never will I sore, light on my feet,
    Put us together, a band of Khajiit.

    Running the harbours, lost, hard and cold,
    Souless together, once Elder has told;
    When the fires burn brightly, and night grows soft,
    Aim'adal'l targets, this godhead knows not.

  • Vorcil
    Shelgon wrote: »
    this is my new wallpaper

    Art thou enchafed? By Vorcil, of the Dagger.

    Once thither a Khajiit,
    whose hatred of sand knew feet;
    all love was lost, all forlorn,
    to loathe Alik'r had he sworn.

    Rising Inkseeds from the desert,
    Khajiitish hair and tail, feathered.
    Gatekeeper and master of Acrobatic shop,
    Sentient jewels and Dwemer hops.

    Rising from each dawn til late dusk,
    five cold stars, mapping you must;
    searching the Tundra, look for grail,
    flesh and bone and Ayleidic hail.

    Edited by Vorcil on 8 December 2015 00:43
  • Vorcil
    Are you lurking? By Vorcil of the Dagger,

    Disciple of eT'Ada, reader of time,
    the horned fallen shadow, of gates of the nine.

    Peerer of Mundus, holes in the sky,
    falling through shadow, eye holes to spy.

    Awaken my children, long has it been
    glazened this sweetroll, long shall it sheen.

    Listen to Godhead, yes shall I may,
    inkless my feather, endless his reign.
  • Vorcil
    The Towerless Lord, by Vorcil

    Many an ode has this one written,
    no one replies, my heart has been smitten;
    Poetic writings, each word will climb,
    three six then seven, gods want it to rhyme.

    Here are my writings, old not to say,
    read them all right now, turning in graves;
    Lost and alone now, Aetherial gloom,
    Mundus not smiling, impending doom.

    Towerless landscape, each one is gone,
    dragonless heart stone, arrowless throne.
    Calling the builders, crystal and stone,
    falling through star net, time to go home.
  • Vorcil
    xboxone1Q wrote: »
    When I see cows in certain towns I wonder why that hasn't happend yet. How about a cow mount? ;)

    Get a horse; by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    There once was a travelling Redguardish pack,
    carrying all owned assets upon their backs,
    stopped whilst passing me on Northern road,
    in hopes of bartering part of their load.

    Upon inspecting many a wares,
    a shiny square bell that did they share;
    several septims did I trade,
    for the little worn instrument that I had paid.

    Parted our ways, did we go
    I traveled further north, where winds do moan.
    Ringing my bell along the way,
    to keep the pang of loneliness at bay.

    One night ringing my bell, as I sat down,
    a stumbling beast did turn my frown;
    it walked the path, straight up to me
    it's matted fur, strong and chic.

    This bovine beast followed, each and every day,
    through tundra north and out the fray;
    lost we were, and cold we grew,
    decided I did, to make some stew.

    I chewed on down that soupy broth,
    bubbling gold stew with onion froth;
    no regrets and no remorse,
    much much better than guar or horse.
  • Vorcil
    Drax76 wrote: »
    Well, the Dark Brotherhood has a serious amount of history connected to Bravil, so it is possible that it'll open up to player exploration once they introduce them to the ESO player base.

    This city you speak of, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    That history you speak of doesn't exist,
    not nestled safely, colovian fist.

    No wooden walkways, no overhanging paths
    only Ayleid stonework under the stars.

    Call out to Mundus, fill you with light,
    check historical timeline, you'll find that I'm right.

    Any darkness and murder, within well written lore,
    has not a beginning, yet read I implore.

    Oh please our masters, start brothers with care,
    make the story a good one, that all may now share.

    Approach Imperial Library, to make story well true,
    don't screw it up now, or I think I'll be through.

  • Vorcil
    PrinceBoru wrote: »
    Something happened when I was riding around Wrothgar on my bear mount.
    To me it felt like riding a mechanical bull that broke off its foundation and blew out of some seedy tavern.
    This bear's gait is easy to hate.
    So I consciously stopped watching myself while on this mount.
    My focus became much more broad, like I was trying to find the hidden picture in one of those focus-trick posters.
    And then it hit me.
    I haven't really been seeing where I've been exploring, I have just been looking.
    Kind of like the whole 'you listen to it but do you hear it' saying.
    Tamriel really is breathtaking.
    The result has been very good for my bank account too.
    I'm finding everything I need and then some.
    So yeah.
    Thanks bear mount!
    You make me seasick!
    But you make me rich!

    The blind seeker, by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Orsinium fire, novarian glow,
    Dawn's Beauty has more to show;
    riding round you have been blind,
    knoweth kingdom had begun to shine.

    Forests with tall trees and rivers broad,
    many a treasure for you to hoard;
    tis breath was taken, starry heart had been shaken,
    for lost beauty of mantlelic lore.

    Riding the bloodmoon, Altmeric life boon,
    sailing to distance shores.
    Malacath's nightmare, wondering through night fair,
    will ride you upon all fours.

    Edited by Vorcil on 11 December 2015 01:23
  • Vorcil
    CodoXD wrote: »
    Hello there. i am codo i am looking for players that want to roleplay and if all of you would like to join me id be very happy to recruit you all i am on the xb1 NA server EP and we allow all players from there race made up back story's and we also like players to feel different from others by having specific jobs from collecting iron. finding jute and many more things if your a thief welcome we would like you to steal for us and get us money so we can grow haha. most importantly we want all players to respect one another in and out of the guild and were casual fun and if some players want to do pve, pvp, anything we allow it in this guild and we want players TO ROLEPLAY to make this game more of a community than it is O:) thank you and i hope you join to enjoy. my GT codoXD

    Guards, by Vorcil of the Dagger,

    The black wings of mountains cold,
    were as the scrolls foretold,
    knights and guards of flame,
    called Dragon knights by name.

    They band together each night,
    recruitment for bloody fight;
    but more importantly, respect,
    the soul shriven leader will check;
    collecting jute, thieves welcome too,
    this Dragonguard will select.

    Edited by Vorcil on 11 December 2015 05:27
  • Vorcil
    Serjustwhy wrote: »
    "All hail Her Majesty, Empress Regent Frintiviar! May her reign end early! For I grew weary of her false words. May she live happily ever after suffering vacation. May she play with pink fury bunnies. With red gleaming eyes and wicked smile for all eternity. For I spat! For she is a false Empress indeed!"

    " Hey! Hey! Wait! What are you doing with me?!" As I was suddenly being pulled by my collar. " It wasn't me! It was the statue over yonder that said it" The guard just rolled her eyes. Thinking I was truly insane. "Yea right. I heard that one before!" She exclaimed "Of you go now" "No!" I cried aloud.

    So I turned and looked at the statue. The eyes grew red. The mouth turned to silent laughter. With a sign the statue was holding. That came out of nowhere. Which read. " Mahhaaha!" While the other hand was pointing at itself. as if trying to exclaim, "That's right. Whose the most wicked statue that ever sought to bring misery? I am!"

    "No!" I exclaimed with pure misery indeed. Yet trying to fight the guard at same time. The guard stopped and looked. Where I was yelling at. The guard shook her head. Stating the fact to herself that the statue was indeed normal. Then unfortunately the guard had enough and sighed. " You come on now. Prepare for your fate. Even though I don't know what fate will bring you" "O good jolly. She sounds nice" I thought to myself sarcastically" So I just had enough and give in to whatever fate it may be.

    I thought this is it for me. Then I looked at the statue for one last time. Then the statue blinked one of it's red wicked gleaming eyes and the statue diapered if it was supposed to.

    The End

    I was playing Elder Scrolls Online In October of 2015 when I decided to post this in different website for stories. But I decided to put this here as well.
    Originally posted October 2, 2015 in (different website) (Not sure if I allowed to post the original link from different website that I posted at) Revised edition December 12, 2015

    Blasphemy, by Vorcil of the Dagger.

    Prepare for your fate,
    your head will hang from the gates,
    on sight there for all,
    Covenant reign shall be stalled.

    Never ever will you gain,
    Imperial allegiance, in self proclaimed fame;
    false kings and false voices,
    meaningless titles that you hoisted.

    Red diamonds, white skin,
    White tower, Leyawiin.
    All will be lost,
    gold sands to white frost.

    Azura will all feed,
    at loss of your greed;
    and all that is green,
    will not know of false Queen.

  • Vorcil
    vanquise wrote: »
    the backstory of vanquise

    when he was just 15 he was droped of in the desert of alkir just like any redguard he had to under go his trail. with only a backpack and a shild and sword. he wanderd the desert for 2 days trying to find shelter he found a cave it was small but long enough for him to stand right up he throw a rock inside of the cave to check if there were any predetors. After wating he went in the sun was starting to go under he went in to the cave inside of the cave he saw something it shined he started digging and digging it was as if he became obsessed with it. All of a sudden he fell throw the sand he fell on his backpack that broke his fall. vanquise had no clue where he was he could not see anything because it was dark. He put his hand in to his backpack and took a torch that his dad gave him. when he lit it he saw something with little redeyes vanquise was not atletiek like most redguards he was only good with one weapon the bow but when vanquise was going to take his bow his father told him no because what are you going to do when you are out of arrows? how wil you defend your self then take this sword and shild then i said but father i dont know how to use a sword in battle. you will just have to learn then. vanquise woke up from his daydream when the being with red eyes charged at him it was a spider he drawed his sword and his shild he smashed his shild on the spider. throwing it back to a wall the spider charged again vanquise swong his sword at it. but he missed leaving him of balance the spider atacked him vanquise just dodged the attack. vanquise looked around he saw a big rock he ran at it taking it and smashing the spider as the liveblood went out of the spider his eyes stoped giving light. vanquise was very happy we survived. but he looked around he was in some abandoned city he saw ruineds of old houses. he started walking when he stumbeld over a book with the title. stormcalling for begginers.
    he took the book and started reading vanquised liked to read books as he read it was as if time was not moving anymore. when he was done he started walking again. he stepped on a part of the sand what looked as if some thing was under it. it was a journal of some on the title said journal of it was lost to time.
    vanquise started reading he read the suspect us that we where the ones the mages of our city but we are..... vanquise not unable to read the words.
    on the last page a sentace said if someone is reading this proof our them wrong find my staff please its in the tower vanquise looked around he saw a huge tower after a few minutes he was there he went up. in the tower he found a body but only its bones and a staff called..... unable to read this vanquise took the staff magic was forbidden for redguards but vanquise felt so drawed to it there was also a book next to the skeleton. the title said basic spells and a note said please
    solve the mysterie of the continate that drowed. and with his staff he set out to solve the mystrerie in tamriel

    vanquise age: 15 now 23
    hobbys: exploring, mystries solving, magic
    class: unknown pls help nightblade with magic of sorc?
    last name: pls help me cant think of anthing

    The coming of age, by Vorcil of the Dagger;

    Listen close child, and listen well,
    for I do have a tale to tell;
    there was once a young Redguard, from Alik'r,
    wandering through sands, his life did not care.

    Searching for shelter, a cave had he found,
    glittering treasure, did he fall back on the ground;
    emerged from the shadows, an Arachnidian beast,
    ancient and red eyed, looking for feast.

    Drawing his sword, an oath to his father,
    who questioned his arrows, begged sword for him to master;
    he struck out his blade, and what had emerged,
    was a bloodied black blade, giant spider had he purged.

    Stumbling around, and what he did see,
    was an abandoned dark city, carved rock nought of green;
    a menacing sight, ancient and old,
    lightening in air, Yotkudan mountain hold.

    Searching did find, a mysterious sight,
    encircled within city, Mage tower's blight;
    spent many an hour, reading spell tomes,
    did this young Redguard, found his new home.

    Edited by Vorcil on 15 December 2015 04:01
  • PrinceBoru
    All I can say is wow!
    You have a real talent!
    Fun to read and see how each are related.
    Please keep it up !
    It ain't easy being green.
  • Vorcil
    I decided I'd start writing guildnotes for people to put beside their names, these are limited by word limit, but are easy/quick to read :)

    If anyone has any requests, give me your name, race, gender and if you want some background information and I'll make a guildnote for you.


    Blades of air and sand, were no match for this mighty man
    Ascending the Shehai of first rank, deeper his blade had sank

    Not even the firstmage's power, could protect her from his power
    Left 'pon Guardians is his mark, the knight towered lord, Damark.

    Edited by Vorcil on 2 January 2016 01:28
  • Vorcil
    Daedric laughter, by Vorcil of the Dagger.

    Halted by white winds, strongless the blade,
    curator of madness, of the vault fallen spade.

    Foundations of tower, battlements tall
    spiritless leader, heroless hall.

    Cold stone 'pon fire, crystalline rim,
    Ayledic lightless, bloodied and stained.

    You best be careful, and watch your step
    when traipsing this dark realm, you may lose your head.
  • Vorcil
    [the text is signed "Mora" in red ink]

    And such woe, to feel out of place, out of time
    Life itself a tide of star light; an ornamental veil

    Unseemingly placed by a schizophrenic and uninspired godhead
    From within divine meditation, darkness reveals light, silence gathers the word

    Eyes bleached by universal vestiment, reshaping the edge of thought
    Enquiring his mantling of dying, is life; only to return II.

    Heaven the window, revealing an utmost revelation of the cosmos
    to expose our forebears, we become forerunners

    Sentinels of earthbound celestialism, protecting the motif of obscured reality
    Caring not to overstay this welcome, burning bright the hearth of the mind’s eye

    Is it possible for you to see the poetry of my soul behind such closed doors?
    A contagious hope, withering

    Wandering, a prince harboring some sane secret I am, lest my disguise be revealed.
    Edited by Vorcil on 19 January 2016 03:54
  • Peel_Ya_Cap_517
    This is quite possibly the most psychotic thread on this forum
    N64 NA EP
  • Vorcil
  • Vorcil
    The Temple is broken, Artaeum; by Vorcil of the Dagger:

    Lost were his words, the last he had spoken,
    Ceporahic wisdom, for wards which were broken;

    Twisted his horrors, spirit world wrong,
    lost for seven hundred years, was this Ayleid song.

    Order was banished, demons to mire,
    conjured his dark flame, ashed from Dragon's heart fire.

    And as was foretold, the one with prestige,
    came born naught of parents, known only as Vestige.

    The eternal battle continues, flickering emberless flame,
    for the tyrant of Worms, his power will wane.

    Edited by Vorcil on 21 January 2016 00:54
  • Vorcil
    The rolling darkness begins; by Vorcil of the Dagger

    i]Found upon a dead mothpriest; a translation of his only reading.[/i

    The court that was unmade,
    foiled within eternal shade;

    For the darkness that does thicken,
    thorns of black thine does unstricken.

    Yes the words the court did spoke,
    thorned princes they did provoke;

    And the hour will come fast,
    where the Empire will end at last.

    Destruction for all of the eye's mind see,
    greatness will come for all of thee;

    and at last will the three pronged land,
    the Barbarian, Ward and Keeper will stand.

    Edited by Vorcil on 1 February 2016 02:17
  • Vorcil
    Et'Ada, Eight Aedra, Eat the Dreamer

    [Transcribed from a spore-dream of an unidentified, evaporating Moth Priest that reached zero sum.]
    The Aedroth Aka, who goes by so many names as to perhaps already suggest what I'm about to commit to memospore, is completely insane. His mind broke when his "perch from Eternity allowed the day" and we of all the Aurbis live on through its fragments, ensnared in the temporal writings and erasures of the acausal whim that he begat by saying "I AM". In the aetheric thunder of self-applause that followed (nay, rippled until convention, that is, amnesia), is it any wonder that the Time God would hate the same-twin on the other end of the aurbrilical cord, the Space God? That any Creation would become so utterly dangerous because of that singular fear of a singular word's addition: "I AM NOT"?

    That all the Interplay is one flea of assertion on a wolf of naught, and that every experience (that is, everything) born from that primal wail would cascade unto the echo-need of hologram, each slice the same except for scale, and all the magic that would need to spring forth just to hold it together at living, divine cross-purpose, support struts made from the need to exist (axial, along its two-headed fighting rays, each refusing their origin point, that is, Tower), terrestons versus chronocules, and in the end (an end that ever refuses to hold) it all becomes a lobotomized (for what is not lobal if not the dracochoreography made flesh?), reptilian (coiled), and massive map-god (holding a compass, holding a timepiece), drooling (the water from which we dragged ourselves out of to say, mirror-like, autochthonic, automatic, "WE ARE, TOO") on his countless knees, dementia given dimension, dimension dementia...

    [At this point all transcription becomes impossible, except by way of sheet music, an orchestration of which was attempted during the reign of [NUMINIT], who, along with everyone else in the symphony's radial madness, was vaporized by adjacentia. The requisite adachimelic holding-tendrils activated, preventing Imperial collapse. Imposthumously, the Amulet of Kings granted to the "Coccoon Council" that the spore-dream "et'Ada, Eight Aedra, Eat the Dreamer" be immediately stored in the one thousand and eight Cyrodilic weapons of rapture.]
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