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Panacea and morphs, is it bad or Im missing something?

Im trying out Panacea on my healer and see how it goes, morphed it to Life Giver to try it abit. But I kinda fail to see that its good too easy..
Compared to Rite of Practice that heal ALL each second for 4/6sec.
Compared for me, 5206HP*4/sec/6sec too 5684HP*1/sec/5sec
Automatically cast Regeneration, Blessing of Protection and Steadfast Ward (guessed and hoped it was with each heal but what I can see its just when I activet ultimate?)
Other morph maybe better, 30% Crit dmg for 5sec. But sound so short.
I cant see how Panacea is even worth it if you are templar, do I miss anything or im right?^^
  • WhiteMage
    It's a super amazing ult to save your [SNIP] in PvP. It's 5 whole seconds to recollect myself no matter who or what my opponent is.
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    The generally amicable yet sporadically salty magplar that may or may not have 1vXed you in Sotha Sil. Who knows?
  • Palefang
    Well, actually it is very good for small groups (3 players for example). You heal everyone (Life giver is enough for 3ppl) + give them a little boost (combat prayer), a little HoT (mutagen) that you don't even need to slot. AND you can do what you want at the same time (dps / tank / regenerate magicka through heavy attacks...).
    I use it with friends to complete vet dungeon in groups of 2 or 3 with friends, it's exactly what we need.

    But indeed, when it comes to huges groups (trials), templar ultimate is waaaaaay better. For the 4 group ppl, I'm not sure yet. Being able to cast 3 more spells (not channeling the Ult) is a thing and adding combat prayer boost without having to slot it is good too.
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  • Brutusmax1mus
    Pancea is great for duels bc you can cast and keep pressuring while healing up. That's priceless time right there.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    When I first saw the ulti on pts I was hyped about it. Then I noticed that it only targets one player so I didn't even bother wasting a skill point on live.
  • SolarCat02
    I wasn't excited about it when I first saw it, but I have been playing with it and I really see the value when healing for my usual guild dungeon partners.

    We have been running the "new" veteran dungeons, the ones scaled up from normal. (For the record, with this particular group, they don't feel like veteran dungeons, even with Hardmode on the final boss, even with one of our dps learning the mechanics and only having 14k health. Just to keep perspective.) With this cheap ultimate I have been able to spend the majority of my time on my dps bar for the majority of the dungeon, and only heal half the time on the final Hardmode boss.

    Will I use this for Trials? Absolutely not. But it makes healing four man dungeons with good groups even easier, and it's the cheapest ultimate I have so it will also be on my bar for the final boss in Cradle of Shadows.
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  • Vaoh
    It's not a Bad Ult for when you gotta go swimming through slaughterfish. Besides that it's not really worth it though :/
  • coolermh
    The Resto staff should have been an aoe rez
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