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Plunder Skull Timer for the Witches Festival (plus cooldown data)

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What is the Plunder Skull Timer and what does it do?

This simple addon displays the amount of time that has elapsed since the last time you looted a Plunder Skull.

Since the Plunder Skulls from the Witches Festival appear have an internal drop cooldown, it's useful to see how long it's been since your last loot.

How do I use this addon?

Just install the addon! The timer will automatically appear when you loot a Plunder Skull, and the timer will automatically reset when you loot another Plunder Skull. If you haven't looted a Plunder Skull in a long time (over 15 minutes), the timer will automatically stop and hide itself.

Once the timer appears, you can reposition it by using your mouse to drag it around.

You can manually hide the timer by double-clicking on it.

You can disable the auto-hide feature (so that the timer will run indefinitely) by typing the /pstautohide command into chat.

How long is the cooldown on Plunder Skulls?

Based on my testing, the cooldown is exactly 3 minutes for bosses in group dungeons. I think it's safe to assume that the same cooldown applies to other instanced content, such as trials and arenas. It's been reported that public dungeon bosses also share the same 3-minute cooldown. Reports on the forums suggest that the cooldown is higher for overland and delve bosses, but I have not tested this to confirm nor do I know what their cooldowns are.
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