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A Sorcerer's suggestion: Dual Wand concept.

All over the forums in several posts, threads, & discussions it has been made well & sound to those who follow the issue that Stam, for obvious reasons, out competes magic in PvP. With radiant threads still in existence I want to make clear that i'm representing magic as whole & don't want that non-sense here as invalidation or resistance to the plead that I make for the game changing balance that one can only hope to come in such a big release such as One Tamrial.

While parts of my imagining can be replaced the main portion of the suggestion is simple. The introduction of a one handed wand (perhaps relic scrolls to be more loreful,) & a separate Duel or Dual Wand skill tree & its addition to the sword & bored passives(which don't really recognize the held weapon. mace, wand, sword, ect.)
In it's plain practical sense what this allows for is fair & relative set combinations, more diverse-full attribute weapon scalings, & alleviative magical weapon attack weaving that makes for more effective sustain. This would remove the starving tart that Dual wield magica users face as casters. A neglect to some of the games primitive mechanic that cause magic to fall further & further back when faced against stam opponents. Effective stam opponents take advantage of dual enchants, set pieces, extra weapon damage, ontop of damage weaving to make uncomparable DPS bursts & sustain. The addition of duel or dual wands in this plain text could be nothing but fair & balancing. As I'll try to maintain in the elaboration of this suggestion. (Remember I'm not on the design team.)
To insure this adds a sense of sorcery to the gameplay while incorporating something new. The second concept foundation of this skill tree is to incorporate it with AoE & Buff, De-buff based active skills. With this play style's move pallet not needing to much separate damage as magic users have class based abilitys for damage. As mentioned earlier tho the bulk of its purpose is to allow for more appropriate damage scaling's while still having effectiveness with a weapon.
Like Two handed staffs these following wand suggestions have elemental variations that modify, apply, & exploit the Chilled, burning, concussed effects.
Basic attack's: All elemental wands produce medium attacks modeled after the basic Flame, Frost, & shock attacks from Skyrim. Mimicking the same effect, combining to become a stronger attacks when used in conjunction with another duel or dual wand. With a 5% chance (here's were I start guessing #'s) to apply an elemental effect for each weapon used. Making the range of the attack 15m which is quite short in game & only about 3x larger then basic attack range for melee users (5m).

Skill suggestions:
- - - -
Curse of the elements:
Suscep you opponents to the plague of the elements for 10s. Damaging them for 1500(+20% max magic) pts of elemental carnage over 6s whenever they are afflicted with Burning, chilled, or concussed. (Removing the elemental effect) Applying one of each effect for the element used.
-Warm Weather
Burning enemy's are exposed to the toils of hot Armor, increasing ability cost by 8%.
-Cold soul
Chilled enemies have their fires of war extinguished reducing weapon & spell damage by 300.
-Magnetic Armor
Concussed enemies radiate attractive static increasing incoming projectile damage by 15% & reducing passive dodge chance by 5%.
Grieving elements; Increase damage of DoTs effect by 40%.
Catastrophic elements: Increase the elemental effectiveness by 10% & effect duration by 2s. (In a gist)
- - - -
Cauldron of elements: (has cast time)
Conjure the elements into impactful storms barraging elemental effects at your opponent. (In this skill most textures for the concepts already exist in the game. one variation the elemental move may be determined off the main equiped wand if there is too much variation.)
-Ice wands
Send forth a barrage (3) of icy whirlwinds (cryomancers move in a cone,) ensnaring & chilling (apply chilled effect) enemies in their path for 10s. (0% movement speed, frost astro stomp texture under foot.)
-Lighting wands
Scorch the air to create violent storms in the wake of you enemy setting them off balance when struck & applying concussed. (texture salvageable from Hew’s bane shark teeth Grotto's boss, First mate Rodros storm move.)
-Inferno wands
Collect & heave the power of your inferno wands damaging all opponents caught in its path burning them for 586 p/s.(+20% max magic) over 6s. (texture salvageable from Angof lair, trap of the cunning.)
-Ice + Fire wands.
Embue the power of your wands into the ground to summon a aquiferial torrent from under your enemies knocking up & damaging enemies in its radius for 780 (+10% max magic) magic damage. (ground target retextured blue sorc ensnare, active possessive effect texture Nereid splash.)
-Ice + Lighting wands
Unleash the power of an unbarring storm by channeling a mortifying conduit to mundus. Concussing & slowing entrapped enemy movement speed by 8% each second for 10s. (Basicly a channeled daedric archway made of ice with the portal replaced with a channeling torrent from liquid lighting’s initial strike animation forming the center of a fixed sized hurricane.)
-Lighting + Fire wands
Unleash the secret form of insanity on your enemies, Burning them with fear (a fear) for 430 flame damage e/s for 10s.
[Every non damaging AoE could probably use a low damage tic to reveal.]
Cauldron of the apprentice; creates a 2000pt magical detonation after the casted effect ends from cast location.
Mundes Tear; Removes cast time & becomes ranged ground cast. Amplifies or adds the effects to allied magical ground AoE’s in target location + an add additional 2000 damage to their effect. (Not really sure if you can make this mechanic exist but summoning a well to have allies synergyze on would carry the same concept.)
- - - -
Elemental Infusion:
Increase the effectiveness of weapon enchants by 30% of 26s.
Krazak’s Surge; Increase the effectiveness of all enchants by 30% for 26s.
Possessed Infusion; Increase the effectiveness of weapon enchants by 50% & reduce enchantment cooldown from 4-2 seconds.
- - - -
Honed Element:
Use the elemental power of your wands to enhance your connection with mundus & sharpen your senses. Guaranteeing the hit chance of your ranged abilities for the next 10s.
Piercing Element; Adept yourself to feel things threw the very air around you. Breaking illusions & revealing to you the shadows.
Fervent Element; Empower the next damaging ability you cast by 20%.
- - - -
Blazing Glory: 1min duration passive effect.
When active, once your health reaches at or below 1HP, stay your death & become temporarily immune to all effects by thrusting your wands up into air to dissolve your body & channel the last of your soul into a devastating elemental barrage that will blanket the area in over a total of 110113 (+70% of you max magica) elemental damage accumulated in 15 randomly distributed ground attacks over 6s, the last of which targeting you & your ground location for 50% of the effects damage. (This effect takes similar posture from other mages in the game; Such as, The Mage, Hel-Ra’s group #2 boss (via order of gate locks,) Kurog’s Mom, Valaca scoria, Molag Kena, & several other mediocre unnameable necromancers who just get to be kooler than us because we don’t have this move yet. Like It utterly breaks the immersion.)
Death in Asylum; With Extra willpower withhold the effects of your channel to only target your ground location after 6s.
Daedric Pact; Rather than releasing your soul to Mundus make a Pact with Mehrune dagon, summoning a bound Archfiend Titan to your ritual location for 15s.

Passive Abilities:
-Spell Laminate: Increase that chance to apply burn, chilled, or concussed with wand effects by 10%. Also increase the duration of each effect by 5s depending on the wands equipped.
-Tyromancer: Increase the effectiveness of same type wand attacks & abilities by 15%.
-Poised Inclination: Increased spell damage by 5% for each active dual wand ability (max 15%).
-Elemental concentrate: Enemies that are inflicted with elemental effects from basic wand attacks have extra debuffs. Chilled opponent's move 4% slower. Burning enemies take an additional 500 dmg when the effect ends or is removed. Concussed enemy’s are given a 5% miss chance on all attacks.
-Elemental Haze: While channeling wand basic attacks reduce incoming damage by 10%.

Away from the classic core components there have been some rumors floating about that mention the arrival of weapon ultimates. In staying unique, balanced, & cannon to sorcerers I’ve rectified one in preparation with its release in one Tamriel that ought to serve the community fairly & unbiasedly with the careful risks & sacrifices in its use.
Ultimate ability:
Ritual of Emeric: Transform yourself into a conduit of the Elements channeling your willpower for 12s into 9 devastative Elemental Blasts across 3 area locations over 15s. Each doing 1200 elemental damage. Up to 5 allies can synergize to join the ritual to contribute up to 20% of their max stat in damage as part of the channel. [Essentially the concept of this is like a ‘spontaneous’ arcane sidge, to add a little surprise to cyrodiil & maybe even for the daring an attempt at a quick add wipe in PvE. Constructed out of literal sidge projectiles, this concept recycles trebuchet’s; Cold stone as lighting projectiles, Fire as Fire, & Ice as Ice. Just with the more formidable damage each element will strike each of the 3 locations, in some order, 5 seconds between the barrage of each element. Maybe even cover the down time with colored support flare animations to make it look like they shattered, making 9 projectiles by the time the effect ends. The configurable Nuff to this move is like that of a battering ram in the sense that it restrains 6 ppl to a limited area to work at full strength. Additionally have it lock players in the dark ritual animation, exposing them to battle, to have it drain 20% of whatever their max is to contribute to the ritual. Making that the actual contributive damage, similar to the mechanic used by the magic totems in Sanctum. The rate could also be 20% across the 12s so late comers won't contribute much to the ritual. +Aiming is like aiming an invisible treb for the caster.]
Council of Darklad’s; Successful contributors to the ritual are granted Overkill for 20s.
Emperor's War Seat; Ritual time extended to 15s & all 9 projectiles can be individually directed.

Adjacent from that new implementation, this built skill line will add more to the diversity & effectiveness of magical classes, namely sorcerers, prep orientation & timing making for fairer & more engaging fight for all players to enjoy. Magical move weaving is too far restrained as is. Out of only two magical weapon trees there is only one that presents itself as useable, force pulse. A combo weave that is drastically outperformed by bow in range & damage combination. In all these years nowhere have I seen a force pulse hit a player for 16k as snipe crits can in a weave. One could even run PTS naked & find no such build.
*Uncovered dilemma, do you allow wand & melee combos? maybe just adds an elemental impact to melee attacks. Or a separate tree.
Regarding that if your legal Team gives you trouble implementing anything written here in, because © Pinja 2016, feel free to contact me via the forum or the email linked in association with the account.
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Pinja for Dual Wands.
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A Sorcerer's suggestion: Dual Wand concept. 30 votes

I like that concpet , Implement it.
RohneFearlessOne_2014RastoricEmma_OverloadApheriusbudrowGargathAcsvfFather_X_ZombieLexifer452ForsakenSinSeratopiaGabrielzavadskialephthiago 14 votes
I don't, so don't.
StraynessKemosabe2point0BurritoESOsusmitdscowsayUshi 5 votes
I'd like to see somethings modified like__.
hrothbernXargomirArchMikem 3 votes
Not Really with you because...
Espica 1 vote
Didn't really read it. dude you write to much, but...
EdziuLarianaGhettokidpsychotic13Anti_VirusWrecking_Blow_SpamWhiteMage 7 votes
  • HaruKamui
    I don't think wands has ever been in any elder scrolls game. gloves with balls of magic on the palm of the hand would be more appropriate imo because it look similar to spells in elder scrolls games.

    But, if you're gonna add this. then shouldnt there be a spell and board skill line, along with a sword and spell skill line? Would be a pain to balance though.

    Didnt really read the suggested skills and passives. but i've been wanting this since the beginning of eso so i could roleplay as my elder scrolls character (dagger + illusion magic assassin ftw!). But yeah, would be a pain to add and balance this.
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  • Waffennacht
    I read dual wand and instantly pictured a conductor.

    Orchestra eso ftw.

    Anyway, clearly adding magicka diversity is not in any immediate plans.
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  • Pinja
    Anyway, clearly adding magicka diversity is not in any immediate plans.
    Ya, I really don't understand why they'd would plan to kill off an entire half of their gameplay? Maybe they were planning to have fresh off the bus solo players be the only one's to get wood by 3/4 classes magical abilitys. To have them get to end game content & switch. As if no-one would shout them their mistake. That way you extend the explorative aspect of the game a bit in having to play both sides of a class. Thing is Cyrodiil attracts alot of ppl to the game at first, & when they ask at lvl 10 how do I play Magic Sorc in PvP, the plans going to backfire. People who have been playing the game for years are going to have to say "I dno know I just main stam nightblade." Because no experienced sorc will have that build in the game, as it's not a one is going exist in One Tamriel. Unless we implement duel wands.
    Of course this is just me theorizing for whatever reason has allowed all this current nonsense to befall on magic, in the current 'balancing' state of the game.
    It's one thing to implement something cool into the game, but these poison sets are ridicules; The PTS Stam ults are ridicules; All this evasion, HoT s'+ is ridicules, & unmatched. Complain all about shields but they have a built hard set limit to how much they can handle. In comparison to Roll dodge who can take as much of everything up to the amount of cowardice & radiant their HoTs can handle, because their to afraid to go up & bash that person? Utter nonsense.

    Edited by Pinja on September 4, 2016 5:10AM
    Pinja for Dual Wands.
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  • FearlessOne_2014
    I like that concpet , Implement it.
    This looks good it's time Magicka based players get a Magicka version of duel wield.
  • Pinja
    [Edits]: A couple of different places i've been seeing elsewhere the idea to add elemental gauntlet's. One way I've figured to implement this in to a more loreful equipible weapon, would be to turn the wands into styleable elemental focus stones that hover above the flat back of the fist on any gauntlet. Making its cast like overcharge heavy & light attack animations, but more responsive to the switch, with single targeting effects similar to a working Harvester set.
    Edited by Pinja on September 4, 2016 7:25AM
    Pinja for Dual Wands.
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  • SanSan
    Duel or Dual?..There's a difference.
  • Pinja
    SanSan wrote: »
    Duel or Dual?..There's a difference.
    Thanks, -_-b
    Fixed it, wasn't all to bad a mistake, they're both usable.
    Edited by Pinja on September 4, 2016 7:54AM
    Pinja for Dual Wands.
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  • alephthiago
    I like that concpet , Implement it.
    Magicka swords and bows would be nice
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  • hrothbern
    I'd like to see somethings modified like__.
    MikArrior wrote: »
    I don't think wands has ever been in any elder scrolls game. gloves with balls of magic on the palm of the hand would be more appropriate imo because it look similar to spells in elder scrolls games.

    But, if you're gonna add this. then shouldnt there be a spell and board skill line, along with a sword and spell skill line? Would be a pain to balance though.

    Didnt really read the suggested skills and passives. but i've been wanting this since the beginning of eso so i could roleplay as my elder scrolls character (dagger + illusion magic assassin ftw!). But yeah, would be a pain to add and balance this.

    "......balls of magic on the palm of the hand would be more appropriate imo because it look similar to spells in elder scrolls games"

    I like the idea to have a kind of Magicka Dual Wield. But not with metal weapons.
    Mages with two wands ?
    That is not common.

    Except for Battlemages, wielding something big in Heavy Armor, a Mage, a Sorcerer, has a wooden staff or wooden wand. Or magic rings.

    Lorewise that could be solved by having two additional Mage Rings to be slotted in the weapon slots.
    Techically allowing for set combo's with 12 slots.

    And implementing that, they could be elemental Rings with all kinds of combinations and powers as OP describes.

    Back to the real topic:
    Magicka needs, like Stamina, 3 DD weapon lines, with a unique character shaped by an unique set of actives, passives and Ultimates !!!
    That has foremost to do with Magicka diversity: a comparable range of desirable choices.

    (My sorceress took a pledge to never use the Force Shock-Frags combo. Soooo lame... soooo meh)

    Whether this richness of choice, this diversity, happens by 3 Staffs, or Wands, Rings or bound weapons is of secondary importance.

    Edited by hrothbern on September 4, 2016 10:20AM
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    I swear every day to Shor that after Molag Bal has been defeated, I will hunt down the invaders and restore peace in Bleakrock and drink my mead with my friends at the market place".
  • ArchMikem
    I'd like to see somethings modified like__.
    MikArrior wrote: »
    I don't think wands has ever been in any elder scrolls game. gloves with balls of magic on the palm of the hand would be more appropriate imo because it look similar to spells in elder scrolls games.

    This. In terms of a Magicka class I want your hands to be the weapons. Spell Casting without the need of a Staff.
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  • Essiaga
    Duel wands seems a little odd. Isn't the point of the wand or staff to be a magicka conducter (through a single concentrated path). Point the wand and release. A single wand with shield could still leave the S&S line the same, with the wands light and heavy attack mimicking the destro staff.

    1 handed sword are used by magical wielders in ESO lore. i had some ideas on the potential of that line.
    It could be something like this. 1 handed weapon (wand could work) plus an off hand item. The item can be a object like a book, prayer beads, skull ... something to fill the second weapon slot for set bonuses. The off hand can do something similar to Destro and DW where what you slot alters your benefits a bit.

    Doesn't have to be damage skills. Just a few buffs such as ...
    • Minor Force (8 sec) at Magicka cost ... might need something extra to not be a DPS loss from Trap. Perhaps something like solar barage, a want-to-be burst aoe since there isn't a target.Could apply buff only when damage is done to be closer to want trap is.
    • Expedition (6 sec), w/ an additional Minor Resolve/Ward (20 sec) option at Magicka cost.
    • CC immunity (5 sec) or Snare Immunity (3 sec), w/ an additional Minor or Major Resolve/Ward option (15 seconds) at Magicka cost.
    Yeah they seem alot like other skills in the game (Lightning Form (minus the DoT) and Immovable (which i believe should have a magicka morph since Hvy is not exclusive to stam builds)).

    This line should provide the same spell damage that DW does with Passive and another weapon line Ult for Magicka builds.

    Passives could be ...
    • x/xx/xxx Weapon and Spell Penetration
    • Reduce cost of all abilities by 1/2/3% for each 1 handed skill slotted.
    • A passive dodge chance (5-8%?) would be nice but don't want it to stack with Evasion buff. (since the skill line won't provide CC, shield, healing, etc)
    • One passive could be based on the type of off hand object you equip. (this can help off set the second enchantment/poison DW users have)
        • Book - Gives your light and heavy attacks a x% chance to increase your weapon and spell damage by xxx for x secs.
        • Skull - Gives your light and heavy attacks a x% chance to apply xxxx poison/disease to enemies.
        • Prayer Beads - Gives your light and heavy attacks a x% chance to return x% of damage as health and magicka.

      The off hand item could be made from taking an item of that set to Mages Guild and having them transmute it ...
      • Daggers, Bows, medium armor pcs, and rings could make Skulls (Which debuffs other.)
      • Swords, Destro, light armor pcs, and necklaces could make Books (Which buffs self.)
      • Maces, Shields, Resto, and heavy armor, could make Prayer Beads. (Which helps with sustain.)

      Items could be improved prior to transmuting. After transmuting Off handed items can be improved via Enchanting (requiring the same number of quality runes as it would require for improving materials for items via crafting ... or they could create another bunch of items to fill our bags.

      Ultimate could also be based on off hand item.
      Book ...
      Mystic Incantation. Reciting a passage from your book causes magicka to whirl around you grant you and x party members with in 10 meters Major Force and and increasing magicka regeneration by xxx for 6 seconds. Enemies in that radius take xxx magickal damage every x seconds.

      Skull ...
      Frightening Aura. Lift your skull into the air, evoking the spirit of the dead to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy. Cast Minor Mangle and Minor Vulnerability to enemies in a 10 meter radius for 6 seconds. Enemies in that radius also take xxx poison damage every x seconds.

      Prayer Beads ...
      Lords Blessing. Grasp your Prayer Beads tight to your heart creating an area of Protection, as you cast Major Protection to all party members with in the 10 meter AOE. Allies with in the AOE are cleansed of 2 negative effects and receive Minor Heroism buff. Enemies with in that radius are knocked off balance and take take xxx damage.

      I know the buff only won't give sorcs another option for spam-able but i don't play mSorc so I don't really have any suggestions there. They seem like ZOS planned for pet damage to be their spam-able or sustain damage. I do know the other skills are only available via vamp or stam if they are not in your class.

      Stam builds pick the skills they wish to slot, where as Magicka builds have to choose if the pros out weigh the cons to slot a skill. There needs to be better options for magicka.
    • Mojmir
      no option for "great idea,zos will ruin it somehow"
      Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
      No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
      Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
      Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
    • ForsakenSin
      I like that concpet , Implement it.
      This would be great idea also to add "slotting dual spell skill increases your Spell Damage by % and the ult giving you %5 SD "

      and what we need is passive in light Armour

      "Using 5 pieces of light Armour increased your Spell Damage by %3 per piece "

      Reason why i am asking for this its medium Armour has increased in WD and also FLAWLESS dawnbreaker increases the WD by %5 and Fighters Guild passives has while having one of it skills slotted WD is increased by %3 per skill"

      Edited by ForsakenSin on September 5, 2016 4:38AM
      "By many i am seen as a savior of the Tamriel i will not stop until every Daedra every evil there is in Tamriel is vanquish by my hands..
      However i do this for my own purpose to gain trust of mortals to worship me and to eliminate my competition i will not bend my knee to lead your army to serve you Molag Bal , i will simply just take it from you.."--- Forsaken Sin( Magica Sorc)

      Arise From Darkness Forsaken SIn
      "You have been a loyal High Elf Magica Sorc
      Conjure of Darkness, Master of Magic
      Killer of Molag Bal and Savior of Ebonheart Pact
      Until Dark Brotherhood killed you...
      but now..NOW its time to Arise From Darkness once again..."

    • Pinja
      [Edit's]: Someone pointed out that Magic still doesn't have an active skill Immovable. While I'm not too all opposed to exploring alchemy & its crafted immovable Pot's. We'd loose & make not gain if we faked being tanks, as the health on these PTS sets seem to want to turn us, comparative to the stam weapon crit damage & recovery of ale-chemical regents that we'd loose. To combat this deficit with this design,
      Remove Fervent Elements for;
      Steely Elements: Boosen the power of your body by enveloping rugged elements to harden your stance. Granting CC immunity for 8 sec's & returns the cost of block for 1s. (name can probably stay the same)
      Edited by Pinja on September 6, 2016 12:01PM
      Pinja for Dual Wands.
      Pinja's three server solutions:
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