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Which ESO activity do you spend the most time on each week

I kind of wonder what sort of activities users on the forums spend their time on. Is this representative of the entire player base? I wish we could have multiple choice poll selections, but since we can't, just list your top activity.
Edited by silvereyes on August 31, 2016 5:43PM

Which ESO activity do you spend the most time on each week 125 votes

KikazaruMeilinkamertustaShareekixsaxsollninjaguymanThelonOwnVyle_ByteStovahkiinasneakybananaEirellaFirerock2IsbilenRecremenAaronBouldinTakes-No-PrisonerPurifedBladezVaoh 40 votes
wayfarerxNewBlacksmurfHjelmerinaKhaos_Banevyndral13preub18_ESOThePaleItaliannine9sixEdgemoorDagoth_RacAsysDinsjreQUEZ420DimentizaVida_BlackTandorPBpsyUrQuanjcacereswcode65536ClockworkArc 42 votes
TotalitarianDiviniusPheefsBlackguardBobElsonsoGraydonlillybitAfkNinjaJahneeORunefangBrokensocketNeoSeeker909 12 votes
Fat_Cat45AcrolasAlex_LexRobbmrpEternalEther 5 votes
Farming / Fishing
tritonyLettigallFruitmassFortheloveofKristMerkzM8BananaGrumpStumpTherwindspud1639Sarecros 10 votes
Grinding / Leveling
k9mousejeremiah911Mcgelie1Rohamad_Ali 4 votes
Trading / Selling / Shopping
silvereyesSaucy_JackPadhraighVerbalinkontinenzPandorii 5 votes
Guild Management
SheezabeastLegolessZolexi 3 votes
Theory Crafting / Builds
hrothbernGreenSoup2HoTAsmaelElrond87 4 votes
Addon Development
  • clayandaudrey_ESO
    Forums. That is all. Forums.
    Edited by clayandaudrey_ESO on August 31, 2016 5:48PM
  • silvereyes
    Trading / Selling / Shopping
    Forums. That is all. Forums.

    Heh. Looks like I forgot that option, lool.
  • ClockworkArc
    You should maybe add options for 4-man Dungeons, Trials, vMA, Cyro, IC, and/or town capture .

    PvP and PvE are always going to be the top picks.
  • silvereyes
    Trading / Selling / Shopping
    You should maybe add options for 4-man Dungeons, Trials, vMA, Cyro, IC, and/or town capture .

    PvP and PvE are always going to be the top picks.

    It's the nature of all forums polls that 1 minute after you post the poll, there will be better questions suggested. :) Too bad we can't edit the options or our votes.
  • Khaos_Bane
    4 Man dungeons basically.
  • UrQuan
    I just picked PVE because my actual PVE activities that I spend the most time on vary from week to week. Sometimes it's mostly questing, sometimes it's mostly group dungeon runs, sometimes it's mostly crafting (not usually, but it has been known to happen), etc.
    Caius Drusus Imperial DK (DC)
    Bragg Ironhand Orc Temp (DC)
    Neesha Stalks-Shadows Argonian NB (EP)
    Falidir Altmer Sorcr (AD)
    J'zharka Khajiit NB (AD)
    Isabeau Runeseer Breton Sorc (DC)
    Fevassa Dunmer DK (EP)
    Manut Redguard Temp (AD)
    Tylera the Summoner Altmer Sorc (EP)
    Svari Snake-Blood Nord DK (AD)
    Ashlyn D'Elyse Breton NB (EP)
    Filindria Bosmer Temp (DC)
    Vigbjorn the Wanderer Nord Warden (EP)
    Hrokki Winterborn Breton Warden (DC)
    Basks-in-the-Sunshine Argonian Temp
    Someone stole my sweetroll
  • Lightninvash
    waiting on load screens
    Lvl 50 Altmer Templar Magicka Healer
    Lvl 42 Imperial DK Stamina DPS WW
    Lvl 50 Altmer Sorc Magicka DPS/Healer
    Lvl 13 Imperial Templar Hybrid Tank
    Lvl 21 Altmer NB Magicka DPS
    Lvl 11 Bosmer NB Stamina RP
    Lvl 10 Altmer DK Magicka Tank
    Lvl 10 Imperial Sorc Stamina Hybrid DPS
    342CP :Þ
    Aldmeri Dominion
    xbox one NA server

    Indestructible determination that is incorruptible from the other side a terror to behold annihilation will be unavoidable every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible. Take a last look around while you're alive I'm an indestructible master of war!!
  • ThePaleItalian
    I picked PVE... that does include the dye station right?
    Conan, what is good in life?
    Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

    PS4 Screen Name: The_Pale_Italian
    ZweiHandler - Orc DK Tank
    Solstice StormHaven - Magika Sorc
    Oba Nobanaga - Stam NB
  • Minsc
    Loading screens and then trying to pvp
  • sluice
    Crying over vMA drops?
    PSN: sluiceqc (NA-PS4) CP: 551+
    I strictly play on Daggerfall Covenant for when it comes to PvP
    Daggerfall Covenant
    sluice - Orc Sorcerer (50)
    Anýa - Bosmer Nightblade (0..50)

    Aldmeri Dominion (PvE only)
    Arýä - Altmer Sorcerer (50)
    Marksar - Breton Templar (50)
    Maksar - Bosmer Nightblade (50)
    sluice - Imperial Dragonknight (0..50) R.I.P.

    Ebonheart Pact
    Can't-Heal-Stupid - Argonian Templar (0..50)

    (vMA) drop table and probability
  • jcaceresw
    Right now I am trying to finish the sacrament achievement on all my toons. After that I will focus on completing Orsinium ones like the dailies (dungeon and worldbosses).
  • Chew_Magna
    I don't PvP so I guess PvE covers it for me. With my work schedule (gone 14 hours out of the day) I have to allocate what I can do on what days. Work days=what pledges I can get done in a couple hours, and if it's any dlc for gold I just skip it. No time for that with the amount of incompetent players I always get grouped with. My days off is when I get to actually play the game. If the servers are actually up since Monday is my guaranteed weekday off.....
  • Loralai_907
    Depends on my day. Sometimes I'm grinding CP, sometimes I'm farming, sometimes I'm leveling a new character, sometimes I'm crafting. At least once a week I'm contemplating deleting my "healer" - again. I spend a lot of time filling my guild stores - that alone is like a second job lol.
    PC-NA - formerly, mommadani907
    Guild: AK Legion - Guild Mistress - 907 Gamers
    Guild: Ayrenn's Army - Officer
    Twitter: @ mommadani907 / Owner of 2 accounts (gasp!)

    CP 1200+
    Active characters:
    Fauna Rosewood ( Bosmer Stam DK - Master Crafter/AD)///Loralai Darknova (Drunken Zombie Bosmer Stam Sorc - PvP/AD)
    Lilith Darknova ( Dunmer Mag DK - Master Crafter - PvP/AD)///and roughly 1billion alts
  • silvereyes
    Trading / Selling / Shopping
    I picked PVE... that does include the dye station right?
    LOL. I'd put that more under crafting, although I did consider putting Dye Station as its own category. :)
  • jedtb16_ESO
    didn't vote....

    why no... just playing it option?
    pc eu eso+

    paraphrasing soren kierkegaard.... when we look at the forum all we can do is laugh.
  • Robbmrp
    During the week crafting things takes up a lot of my time. The rest is either spent in PVE/PVP or farming for more resources.
    NA Server - Kildair
  • BigBragg
    I try to get trees to erp.
    Cadwell, I seem to have run out of forks to give.
  • Totalitarian
    Gotta quest up my alts.
    PC NA CP 531+
    Aedric Fury Sits Around Doing Nothing
    Sola Auroron Magicka Templar
    Lunaria Chimeri Magicka Dragonknight
    The Chosen of the Storm Stamina Sorcerer
    Ward-Scales Magicka Nightblade
    Sanctius Luxen Stamina Templar
    Nerwaye Auroron Magicka Sorcerer
    Warden Vyrkyl Stamina Dragonknight
    The Ninth Adventurer Stamina Nightblade
    Magna-Sola Magicka Templar
    The Celestial Lady Magicka Templar
    Read their adventures!
    The Celestial Lady
  • Asmael
    Theory Crafting / Builds
    Scouring Tamriel foundry, checking builds, making Excel spreadsheets with various data, working on rotations, searching some new gear setups, testing stuff, collecting DPS parses, calculating the perfect CP allocation, testing more rotations.

    Then PvE or PvP, depending on my mood.

    PC EU - Zahraji of the Void, aka "Kitty"
    Poke @AsmaeI (last letter is uppercase "i") and receive a meow today. Retired for Dragonhold
  • Meilinka
    I never figured out how to leave cyrodiil.
  • Therwind
    Farming / Fishing
    Every motif daily on 4 different toons. Fun Fun.
  • Tandor
    I chose PvE although that of course includes several of the other options. I have no interest in PvP, guilds, researching builds, grinding, addons, or using the trading system so those options get joint bottom place for me (along with theory crafting as I have no idea what that refers to).
  • Lokey0024
    Pvp and Quest hubs in cyrodiil once the brew kicks in.
  • Ilsabet
    It should be questing, but I tend to go on binges with things like fishing, shopping/selling, thieving, and running around gathering stuff. So really it varies from week to week.
    Ilsabet Menard - DC Breton Nightblade archer
    Linnea Heavy-Pockets - EP Nord Templar brawler
    Lollygags-Where-She-Likes - EP Argonian Templar healer
    Gurtha gra-Margaz - DC Orc Sorcerer stormflailer
    My characters and their overly elaborate backstories
    Ilsabet's Headcanon
    PC NA
  • psychotic13
    PvP primarily, I always make a new alt to level up but never get round to doing it.. and at the moment I'm researching traits, they take so long.
  • nine9six
    PvE ATM. Slowly transitioning into PvP now that the new Alts are finishing-up with Undaunted Leveling.
    Wake up, we're here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up...
    Email =/= proper 2-Factor Authentication.
  • altemriel
    1. Undaunted Pledges
    2. Skyshards
    3. Questing
    4. Cyro
    Haishi Daikodarajen, Redguard, Stamina Dragonknight, CPs around 600, Damage dealer, Huntress of Hircine
    ** Her story (click here)**

    **Her image - click here**
    ""It's one thing to see your past from present memory. It is entirely another to step through the Dragon and be yourself remembering the present in the past as the future."
    - Karstine Zeterra (2E)

    Maoimii Da, Khajiit Magicka Nightblade, CPs around 600, master enchanter, damage dealer, elder vampire shade of death
    ** Her story (click here)**
    **Her image - click here**
    "May you walk on warm sands!


    PC, EU

    **Ideas for making this game even more fun: Click here

  • NobleVulom
    PvP is always different and fun to level up in, always my go to
    @Noble.Vulom - PC / An Aussie on NA / cp600+

    Ra'hba Khajiit Nightblade (AD) DPS
    Hal'var Altmer Templar (AD) Healer
    Valdrigr Redguard Dragonknight (DC) Tank
    Atlās Bosmer Templar (AD) Tank
    Halvir Hroptr Imperial Sorcerer (DC) DPS
    Ignatìus Dunmer Dragonknight (EP) DPS
    The Harvestér Altmer Nightblade (AD) PVP
    Viktor Nikiforov Altmer Sorcerer (EP) DPS
    The Effulgence Argonian Templar (AD) PVP
    Sorcit Altmer Sorcerer (DC) PVP
    Midorima Altmer Warden (DC) DPS
  • Takes-No-Prisoner
    PvP / Theorycrafting builds

    Theorycrafting then putting the build to the test in PvP is a lot of fun for me.
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