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Nos's "Molten Core" DK Build (Summerset Ready)


06/03/2018 - Updated for Summerset




All in Magicka


Health and Magicka



Champion Point Distribution:

Blue tree:

Master at Arms 44, Elemental Expert 64, Elfborn 48, Spell Erosion 28, Thaumaturge 61, Staff Expert 5


5 light/1 Medium/ 1 Heavy

3 Burning Spellweave Jewelry - Arcane with Spell Damage Enchants

5 Perfected Siroria Armor Divines with Magicka Enchants

2 Zaan Divines Armor with Magicka Enchants

1 Burning Spellweave Infused Fire staff (Fire/Prismatic Enchant) (Front Bar)

1 Infused vMA Inferno staff (Spell Damage enchant) (Back Bar)

Bar Setup:

Main Bar (BSW Staff): Inner Light, Burning Embers, Engulfing Flame, Spell Symmetry, Molten Whip (Flame Lash). Ultimate - Destro Ult

Offbar (vMA Staff): Inner Light (Replace with Shield when needed), Eruption, Elemental Blockade, Rearming Trap, Flames of Oblivion. Ultimate - Standard of Might.


Pre Rotation: Spell Symmetry

Step 1: FHA>Eruption>LA>Flames of Oblivion>LA>Rearming trap>LA>Standard of Might>Bar Swap

Step 2: LA>Engulfing Flame>LA>Burning Embers>Bar Swap>LA>Elemental Blockade>Barswap

Step 3: (LA>Molten Whip) x 5>LA>Engulfing Flame>LA>Burning Embers>Bar Swap>LA>Elemental Blockade

Step 4: LA>Eruption>LA>Flames of Oblivion>LA>Rearming trap>Bar Swap>LA>Spell Symmetry>LA>Molten Whip

Repeat from Step 2.

Rotation Video:

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