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ISO active trials guild - XB1, NA, AD

Soul Shriven
Looking for an active trials guild with mature players, both game-wise and personality-wise. Non-elitist group attitude a must. (Even if I were a Flawless Conqueror, I wouldn't want to hang with people who required everyone else to be a Flawless Conqueror.) That being said, my SO and I would like to find a group to run trials on a regular basis with.

Me: ScrabbleCrush (V16 templar tank)
Him: USMCAggie0351 (V16 templar healer, V16 templar DPS, V16 NB DPS)
  • Steel_Linx43
    We are getting our trials up and running perhaps the 2 of you could headline that. If so I'll get you invites to blackhands of sithis we have 2 brother/sister guilds in The Sithis Lords and xTheDarkbrotherhoodx. My GT is Steel Linx43
  • SolarCat02
    I have sent you messages via Xbox Live about Champions of the Asylums. We are AD-based, and do everything in-game (PVE / PVP / questing / social), with a preference for dungeons.

    We are actively working towards running Trials, so not quite at the point you are looking for in that regard. (We have the quality, working on the quantity).

    I do feel the atmosphere of our guild is exactly what you are seeking, and from what you are looking for, you would both fit right in. If you are willing to take a chance on us, let me know and I will send you both invites. :)
    Why be normal when you can be better?

    Elissandra Ravenwing, Magicka Dragonknight Healer
    Lady Kalila, Stamina Templar DPS
    Stands-in-Danger, Nightblade Saptank
    Zalarah, Stamina Dragonknight DPS
  • Steel_Linx43
    We are not AD but we are cross faction invites have been sent
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