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DoG is recruiting! Mature, social, all round amazing guild!

  • MichRX7
    Join us when One Tamriel is online!
  • Durikas75
    hey, returning from a break looking for a guild that does group PvP and dungeons\trials. I have toons in both EP and AD with 581 CP, so I'm fairly knowledgeable about the game. Above all I'm looking for an active and friendly guild, let me know if I can help the guild, thx. GT Durikas75
    Edited by Durikas75 on October 18, 2016 7:03PM
    Xbone GT Durikas75 PC in game @durikas75
  • slumy
    slumy. I'm Ebonheart and do mostly PVE, but down for whatever.
  • jarrandub17_ESO
    Invites should be sent soon
  • Stopnaggin
    Looking for a guild that runs dungeons and trials. Not one of those elites guilds either. If that's you guys send an invites GT stopnaggin
    I am already in 4 other guilds with traders so that part is not important, just looking for people to run with, as I haven't done many dungeons.
  • Skagsmasha
    Hey guys... sounds like an awesome guild.
    Another aussie for the mix??
    Can see you have a group on BAND... sweet.

    Invite pls - GT: SkagSmasha
  • Jolay
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Jolay15
  • jarrandub17_ESO
    We will get one to you soon @Jolay15
  • miketwelch
    Would love an invite, looking to start doing dungeons regularly, not rearly experienced but wanna learn.
    GT: WookieForHire09
  • DebbieG
    Soul Shriven
    found 1
    Edited by DebbieG on November 27, 2016 6:45PM
  • Houseman72478
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like an invite. I just started playing on XBox One (I was on PS4, so I'm an experienced noob) GT is Cobra 6 Delta. I play weeknights and weekends.
  • Keep_Door
    I have been looking for a new social/active guild im mainly DC with all classes stm/magicka at 50 with 518 cp recently returning (stopped playing after DB)starting a new character could probably start on Ep.

  • MichRX7
    The last two invites just got sent. Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country for work and didn't see them. Please join our band channel. Download the band app or go to band.us on your computer and search for DoG.
  • superchrisnelson
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds perfect: please invite me GT MuscledInk90
  • x1nfidel
    Hello, I'm pretty much a noob. Looking for a guild I can learn from. GT: Dureaux

    Thank you.
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