(EP) The White Rabbit Knights (PVX Guild)

Welcome to The White Rabbit Knights, a PVX guild. This guild is just starting off, so it needs people who have the time and energy to help get it off the ground. This is a attempt to make a place where people can find friends, and do what they love to do in ESO. Whether that is venturing into the dark dungeons of Tamriel, gear hunting, or even facing off against other players in PVP. At the current moment we have a single member, me.

So this is not a guild with 150 members, at this time, it is a guild that you can get in on the ground floor, help shape it with your suggestions. A guild which you can get to know all the people who join, and one that is truly wanting to find a place for both seasoned and new players.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Xbox, Gamertag FlufySquirelSGT or you can post in this forum.

Thanks for reading,
  • FlufySquirelSGT
    Did I mention we have cookies?
  • Roadhouse12
    Hey interested in joining. Gamertag Roadhouse12
  • homcleric
    Hey FlufySquirelSGT,

    You seem to want to build a guild of people who share ideas and collaborate. Where people can grow together and enjoy the game. There is a lot of work involved in starting bringing up and maintaining a guild, so with that said. Have you considered joining a guild that already meets those categories?

    If you are interested send me an xbox message GT is same as forum name.
    Xbox One GT: HomCleric
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