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Official Discussion Thread for "Meet Your New Assistants"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Meet Your New Assistants. Check out the article to learn about the two new assistants coming to the Crown Store later this week!
Gina Bruno
Senior Community Manager
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  • Paulington
    A fair price for the amount of utility these provide, coupled with being account wide and usable by everyone in your group et cetera.

    Personally I don't think the Merchant is all that useful (needs to sell repair kits and such) but other than that she is fine.
  • Woenprom

    Next Year: Cyrodiil-only assistants just for 9999 crowns!
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  • SturgeHammer
    5000 per assistant or 5000 for both?
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  • Elsonso
    I do wish equivalent function was also available through in-game means.
  • mertusta
    Giraffon wrote: »

    1) If purchased, are the assistants available account wide?

    2) Does the banking assistant allow access to guild resources such as guild bank and guild store?

    3) Does the merchant assistant do repairs to your equipment?

    1) Yes, account wide.
    2) Not guild bank, only your own bank.
    3) Yes.

    At least, that was how did they designed back in the pts.
  • Legoless
    mertusta wrote: »
    Giraffon wrote: »
    3) Does the merchant assistant do repairs to your equipment?
    3) Yes.
    No, she doesn't offer repairs.
  • Lord_Eomer
    Way too expensive for each assistant, should be around 3000 crowns..
  • Sunver
    So, the banker guy won't offer the ability to post auctions and view listings in the guild store?(no mention of it in the article).
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  • crazmadsci
    MissBizz wrote: »

    I will be purchasing the banker. This adds a ton of convenience so the high price fits that. As well, you can share the abilities with group members.. so when you pull up your banker, all your group members can use them to access their own personal bank too. That's really nice.

    Agreed, however I still think the 5k price tag should include guild banks then I say it is worth it definitely. However it is still very steep.
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